Season 8 Episode 17

The Third Super-Beast!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 06, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Right at the beginning, Tsunade is facing Naruto with the clip board, but then she is suddenly facing in such a way that Naruto can see what is on the clipboard.

  • Quotes

    • Naruto: Those tights were comfortable! And I look pretty cool in them too!
      Tenten: (Sarcastically) Yeah, I bet you did. Heh, heh.
      Neji: Yes, it's true. If Lee weren't here...
      (Shows a clip with Tenten, Neji, and Guy all wearing green jumpsuits. They all laugh)
      Tenten: To youth!
      Neji: To effort!
      Guy: And here's to the chicken that crossed the road!
      Neji and Tenten: But seriously folks...
      Guy: BAWK! BAAAWWWK!
      (End of clip)
      Tenten: I'd sure be sorry not to have Lee around.
      Neji: Yes, so would I.

    • (Flashback)
      Guy: Right! Today I'm gonna give you all a special reward.
      Neji: A reward?
      Tenten: Like what?
      Guy: Like this! (Pulls out a green jumpsuit) Ha ha ha!
      Lee: (Eyes become hearts) Aahhh!
      Guy: Your own set of tights, just like the ones I use. Designed for the ultimate comfort, ease of movement, they have outstanding ventilation, and moisture-leaking properties, making one training session an ease, and you're gonna wanna wear them all the time, oh yeah!
      Lee: (Jumping all over the place) Oh! This is so exciting! I cannot wait! Me first, sensei! Me first!
      (End flashback)

    • (The wooden dummies surround and close in to crush Gai)
      Gai: (Jumps clear and laughs) All right, so you can move, but your still earthbound. You'll never reach me up... (The wooden dummies jump up to Gai) Oh, you can jump my wooden friend? What a surprise!

    • Gai: Ah, how it brings back fond memories of my fiery youth. The hours I spent furiously pummeling dummies just like these, seems like it was only yesterday. (The wooden sparring dummies start to move) Still it's very curious to find them way up here in the middle of nowhere. I wonder who put them up here and for what dark purpose. (The wooden dummies start to attack and Gai dodges them) Hmm, so these wooden dummies are capable of attack. Nice try but you'll have to do better than that my wooden friend.

    • Tsunade: Go on, get out of here! (Hits Naruto)
      Naruto: Gah, right! (Runs out of examination room with his shirt off)
      Sakura: Naruto, get your clothes on!
      Naruto: Sorry!
      Sakura: Good grief.

    • Lee: Yagura. Do not worry, we will train... Huh? (Yagura walks past him)
      Yagura: Thanks, but I don't really think that'll be necessary. You did well considering those ankle weights, but still there's nothing special I'd want to steal from you.
      Lee: Steal from me?
      Yagura: You have no gift of your own. You're just a hard working grunt, a pale imitation of Gai-sensei.
      Lee: A what?!
      Yagura: Even Gai-sensei himself knows that. He's given up on you.
      Lee: That is a filthy lie! Gai-sensei has always said that his whole purpose as a ninja is to make sure I become a fine ninja too.

    • Naruto: Why'd you have to say his condition was grim? You made me think he was like dying or something.
      Tenten: Okay, okay, but he looked so gloomy when he came out of the hospital. What was I supposed to think? I just assumed...
      Naruto: No wonder he's feeling down. Having to coach some trainee who's not even in the academy.
      Neji: Lee's coaching a trainee?
      Tenten: That's right. Some new guy who's only been training for a week.
      Naruto: He's good. You should have seen him do this move... Uh... That was it called? The... Uh...
      Tenten: The cross-block.
      Naruto: The cross-block!
      Tenten: And he pulled it off without even thinking about it. It's no wonder Lee's acting so depressed.

    • Tsunade: What you need is more rest. That means no more training. There's cumulative damage to your chakra network. You're forgetting you were so badly injured that your days as a ninja might have been over.
      Lee: I live by my own rules!
      Tsunade: Your own rules?
      Lee: Yes, and rule number one is to never forget your goal. I must work to be the best ninja I can be.

    • Tenten: Well, how did it go?
      Naruto: I'm perfectly healthy. She says I'm good to go.
      Neji: Huh, well bully for you. (Walks off)
      Naruto: What's his problem?
      Tenten: He's in one of his moods.
      Naruto: Whatever.

    • Naruto: (Tsunade is looking at a chart) Go on, Grandma Tsunade. Don't worry, you can tell me. You know I have been feeling kind of out of it lately. I've been messing up a lot of my training. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't get down more than five bowls of Ichiraku Ramen. I've got some kind of awful incurable disease don't I? Go on, let me know the worst. How much time have I got?
      Tsunade: Oh shut up, you're fine.

    • Naruto: Hey, that's Bushy-Brow's medical chart.
      Tsunade: He's overdo for a full examination. He's been avoiding it.
      Naruto: But what about...uh...
      Tsunade: (Puts the stethoscope on his forehead) You're still an idiot, that's all.

    • Naruto: What's with that?
      Lee: Seems like he isn't in a good mood.

      ~Japanese version

    • Tenten: How was it?
      Naruto: She said my health was superb.
      Neji: You can tell just by looking at you.

      ~Japanese version

    • Tenten: He must have gotten bad news. From the look of it, it must have been quite something.
      Naruto: Quite something, as in, REALLY something?
      Tenten: Yes, it must be really something.
      Naruto: (looks horrified) Really something!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Hey, Granny Tsunade...Am I so...C-Come to think of it, I have been rather sluggish these past few days, and I've been messing up techiques at a greater rate. And most important of all, I can't eat the extra serving of rice at Ichiraku Ramen. Could this mean that I have some terrible illness!? Hey, tell me! I'm prepared for it!
      Tsunade: You're fine.
      Naruto: Eh? That's Fuzzy-brow's report.
      Tsunade: He's been skipping out on his medical check-ups lately. Bring him here.
      Naruto: But what about me?
      Tsunade: You're just plain stupid. All done! Now hurry up and go!
      Naruto: Ow, ow, ow!
      Sakura: Put on your clothes, you idiot!

      ~Japanese version

    • Neji: If Lee wasn't there...
      (Spotlight with Neji, Tenten and Gai wearing spandex suits, laughing)
      Tenten: This is youth!
      Neji: I am Guts!
      Gai: I am Minami Hanatarou.
      Tenten and Neji: He's so shy, isn't he?

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: August 22nd, 2009

    • When Yagura was passing by Lee, there was a sign that had "Naruto" on it.

    • Tsunade uses fake arms to make it look like she's working. After Shizune tells her Yagura is an impostor, she pulls out cards with Neji's, Tenten's, Naruto's, and Lee's faces on them. And for some reason, Naruto's picture shows him in jail.

    • Original Episode Title: The Third Great Beast, The Greatest Rival
      Romaji Episode Title: Daisan no choukemono, saidai no Raibaru
      Kanji Episode Title: 第三の超獣 最大のライバル

    • Original Airdate: July 26, 2006

    • Gai is attacked by a large number of Kung-Fu practice posts.

    • The Yagura with Gai is a fake. The real Yagura was found injured when Gai and the fake left.

    • If Lee had not been wearing his weights when Yagura did the Intercepting Technique, his leg would have been broken.

    • In this episode we see, if only in a day dream, what Tenten and Neji would look like wearing Gai and Lee's green spandex suits.

  • Allusions

    • Gai: I am Minami Hanatarou!

      ~Japanese Version

      Minami Hanatarou is from an old Japanese comedy routine. The dub replaced the reference with the chicken that crossed the road, another enigmatic joke.