Season 6 Episode 14

The Three Villains from the Maximum Security Prison

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Bridging the next filler arc.

    This episode opened up pretty damn good. First we get to see a bunch of old characters that we haven't seen for a while in Neji, Hinata, Shino, Rock Lee, amongst a load of others, and it's even better to see that they're all doing fine too. Then it bridges onto the next filler arc. Nothing much happened at all except it laid out the major players of this arc, particularly Mizuki who tricked Naruto into stealing the scroll in the first episode, and the idiot brothers. The two brothers are pretty interesting though; they look like typical air headed but super strong characters, but their personality is just too unique and their smiles look way too innocent.
  • First episode of the next filler arc.

    Everyone is healed from the Sasuke retrieval mission and Naruto is also healed from the mission to Orochiamru's lair. Everyone has gone back to training. Naruto can't wait to get to his training with Jiraiya, but it seems that Jiraiya has an important mission. He distracts Naruto so he can leave without Naruto tagging along since it is a mission to gather information on the Akatsuki. Meanwhile, Tsunade comes across some paperwork about the prison and finds a note. The note's handwriting matches the handwriting that was on some paperwork found at Orochimaru's hideout where he did experiments on people. Naruto overhears and...
  • Prisoners of security prison break out

    This episode was hilarious Mizuki breaks out and the two brothers are so funny all they care about is food but they would do anything for it... Remember Mizuki? He's back, and he's planning to break out of Konoha's Correctional Facility along with the help of two stupid fat brothers. However, this time Orochimaru may be pulling the strings.
    also another team encounters Mizuki, but all of them are defeated. When Ton Ton comes back to warn Tsunade, Naruto takes the initiative to find everyone with Ton Ton's help. this episode was gret someone an even start on this episode and understand the series.
  • Well, look at him...

    Well, wasn't this episode interesting. In the beginning, I thought it would be another one of those episodes were it was just some random ninja. But, there was a change of pace, when we got to see the "two" brothers and a someone you might remember. Yeah, well, it's very interesting. This episode shows "someone" from a while back a little different. Yeah, I am replacing the names in this review, so that you should go and watch it. It is very interesting. Near, the end, something bad happens to a couple of Jonin. Yhea, just watch it, and you'll understand what I am saying.
  • I like them! They're funny!

    LOL, so Naruto takes a break from the whole "Orochimaru Hysteria" and we get two complete nincompoops and an old weakling foe. Anyway, Naruto has packed his bags and he's ready to take off with Jiraiya! Unfortunately, Jiraiya can't go, because Tsunade put him on assignment to investigate the Akatsuki. However, he leads Naruto to believe that he's just going to peep on girls again so thet he won't ask to come. Hey, does anyone remember that idiot from episode 1? The guy who manipulated Naruto into stealing the Hokage's Scroll? Mizuki? No? That's OK, I didn't either. Anyway, he's in some high security jail now, along with two retards named Fujin and Raijin. Meanwhile while going through paperwork, Tsunade figures out that Orochimaru (*rolls eyes* Here we go again!) was behind the Mizuki plot. So she sends Asuma and Kurenai to settle things, and Naruto, who was eavesdropping at the time, follows them. When they get there, they are quickly defeated and Naruto has to take care of it all.
  • ^^ Funny episode but serious at same time..

    lol ok so here it is...everybody is well..and now they are training real hard to get better..but it isnt like that forever because guess who is making a new threat? Mizuki! and i was changed a bring me a towel!..anyway! then the show centers at two err idiot brothers?? if i am right..and thats where they have become really good err brothers?? with mizuki and with the two idiots brothers help, mizuki gets and the Konoha's Correctional Area, oh wow lol it was surrounded in lava..err yeah i noticed that..^-^' err anyway..naruto is all like heated because Jiraiya left him a scroll..which was a so he couldnt train..sadly..and to end it all of course..Orochimaru is up with a dirty trick up his sleeve..
  • The beggining of a new filler arc.

    First off I loved the beggining when it showed everyone training in there own special way lol. It was cool seeing Sakura, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Neji, Hiashi, Chouji, Ino, and all the others I didn't mention. When it first showed the Legendary Stupid Brothers I was like what the heck lol. I thought that guard guy was going to die or something. Also at the beggining of the arc where it first showed Tsunade I would've never imagined her doing the paperwork of a Hokage... and now this haha. I wish they would've shown how Kurenai and Asuma fought(or tried to fight). Maybe they'll show it in the next episode. I'll see for myself. So, it was a superb episode.
  • The legendary stupid brothers, and a old face returns

    I liked this episode. Everyone that went to the past mission wants to become stronger. And I Think Tenten likes lee. And the Toad Sage went on a solo mission. But things have shoke up in jail.I'm surprised how the guards let those giant brothers do what ever they please. they must be strong. And Sakura starts training to become a medical nin.