Season 8 Episode 24

The Top 5 Ninja Battles!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 01, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Naruto and Sakura host a review episode that details the favorite fights in the show.

    Dub Review: This episode could have been funny or interesting, but failed at both. Naruto and Sakura speak directly to the audience, as if understanding that they are in a show. That isn't a bad thing, it can be funny. However, the episode confuses this when they introduce Sasuke, Jiraiya and Orochimaru as guest stars. When this happens, Sakura and Naruto switch back into character and pretend as if a plot development important to the story of Naruto has taken place. "What? I thought we had broken character for a bit?"

    On one hand, they speak about the show. On the other, they pretend not to know of it. It's confusing and awkward and on top of how nothing funny happens in between the fights, there's no reason to watch. Naruto says something that their guest finds offensive and they strike him. Then they show bits of the next fight, then their new guest hits Naruto, rinse and repeat.

    Nothing to watch that watching those old episodes wont solve. If you felt pain with the first review episode (The one right before the Forest of Death arc) then this one will not comfort you either.
  • Naruto and Sakura show the top five ninja battles.

    Naruto and Sakura host a special concluding the 4th season and show the top five ninja battles as voted for by the Leaf Village. The first battle listed is the first time that Naruto and Sasuke fought. Sakura gets excited and punches Naruto. The next battle is the one between Choji and Jirobo. After showing some battles that didn't quite make the top five they move on to the next one. It's the battle between Kiba and Sakon/Ukon. Naruto makes a comment about Kiba and doesn't realize that Kiba is in the studio until it's too late. The next battle shown is the one between...
  • Teehee, funny! Until the ending!!!

    GAH! I thought we were taking a break from all the serious crap and searching for Sasuke stuff to have a little fun!!!!! And we were! Up until the ending, that is. OK, so Naruto and Sakura decide to break the 4th wall (or is it the 3rd wall? Or the 5th?) and host their own TV show to inform us of the Top 5 Ninja Battles. I think Sakura and Ino's battle should've been there. Or at least Kakashi and Zabuza's battle; that was WAY more epic than several of them. But anyway, the two were doing fine with the Sasuke issue until Jiraiya freaking pops up with Orochimaru like they're BUDDIES or something, and then they show Sasuke who is PMSing as much as ever, and then Naruto and Sakura are all whiny and blah, blah, blah, patooie. It was good up until that, though.
  • Horrible, unintresting, unoriginal...a terrible filler

    Ok, I'm just about tired of these fillers, and this one is one of the worst. Yeah the fight scenes were interesting when we first saw them. But c'mon,
    A whole episode of fight scenes we have already seen? This episode is not worth watching at all.
    If you have seen the episodes before, you already know the outcome, and it's basically like watching a rerun. If you haven't seen the episodes, it would be confusing and boring. I can't wait for the main arc to pick back up again, Stupid fillers like this one are beginning to turn me off of Naruto!
  • I thought this episode was fun to watch and exciting when Naruto would make fun of them and they would be right next to him an episode I loved.

    In this episode I noticed how many of the great battles there where that I hadn't watched in a while it was a great episode in my opinion very great when Orochimaru was there and sakura saw sasuke and orochimaru is all like "look you made him sad" laughable and great Neji Kiba Sasuke Orochimaru Sakura Choji and ext where all great in the episode Neji's battle makes me a little sad still because he is so hot and he was so hurt but is was fun and I loved watching it

    I liked this episode but like original episodes more not fillers but besides that it was good.

    gaaraxkiraxneji out
  • Hilarious

    I find this episode very random and hilarioius. The way Naruto and Sakura act in the show is quite random, and I found it funny when everyone attacked Naruto because of his insults. The most hilarious part to me was when Sakura and Naruto saw their other teamnmate on via sattelite when they're were suppose to just have Jiraya as a guest star. How did he get into Orochimaru's lair? Even though this episode was just spam filler, it is a great ammusement to me. I wasn't surprised at all when the number one fight was Kyuubi Naruto vs Level 2 Sasuke since it was always the most popular. Still.. Fat Dood vs Fat Dood RULES! >
  • The episode is okay the reason I liked it was because they showed all the characters in a good backround!Naruto and Sakura were kinda cute when they were smiling!

    This episode is about the company moving the episode to a different date and time!So instead of showing a regular episode they made a informative episode and the top five battles from the rescue Sasuke arc and the battle between Naruto and Sasuke at the rooftop!Naruto and Sakura were the announcers!The top 3 people appeared at the scene as a guest star at the studio!Before the show ended they showed Jariya at a enemies lair(cave).And Orochimaru was a guest star on the t.v.!After Orochimaru was interupted by Sasuke Sakura was kinda freaked out to see Sasuke with Orochimaru! Thanks-For-Reading!
  • What's worse than the Naruto Fillers? A RECAP Naruto filler. This is what it is. The Naruto Anime Organisation basically got the Japanese public to vote for the Top 5 Naruto fights.

    With no surprise, ALL the fights were from the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. All from the original manga-to-anime. This episode is abysmal full stop. Why?:

    * If you have seen all the fights, watching it again has a low suspense level and is boring.

    * If you HAVEN'T watched them, you'd have no idea what's going on and it'd be boring.

    I've seen all Naruto episodes available and I've got to say this ranks 206th out of 207th. 207th is the Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise or something. Worst episode of Season 8.

    I just can't wait for the Part II Naruto! I can't help but complain about this in all my reviews until it happens!
  • dumb, boring and not important

    the creators did not do anything but review clips of the sasuke retrival arc. They only put the parts from the main fights of everyone. The only part that was good in my opinion was when they showed sasuke again. But it didn\'t make sense because Jiraya was right next to him. So in the end I thought this episode was horrible
  • This

    this was a stupid episode. Mainly because of the ending. okay who would want to watch a clipshow about chouji kiba neji sasuke/naruto's fights Boring. At the end of the episode Sakura and Naruto talked to jiriya to interview orochimaru what ! ! this would never happen these fillers are stupid the have little value the the series of naruto now i like naruto don't get me wrong but this is a better episode that Ino Screams bid boned icha icha paridise if the fillers don't start at 209 naruto jap version is over for me thanks for your time
  • boo

    O.k nothing happened, what this was about was the 5 best battles I thought this would be good but it was boring and stupid. Oh my the end of the episode was just pure stupidity because Sakura told Ero Sennin aka Pervy Sage aka Perverted Hermit aka Jiraiya to interview Orochimaru, Orochimaru!! They were acting like the best of friends. What is up with that! But Sasuke aka Betrayer of The Leaf, was in his timeskip outfit, thanks alot studio perrot for spoilers! The fillers need to stop. This has got to part of the top 5 worst fillers
  • a stereotypical clipshow, minus the originality.

    Seeing the fight-scenes over again would have been nice if it weren't for the atrocious commentary and over-use of the Sakura-punching-Naruto-in-the-head gag. But if it were just that and the complete lack of Rock Lee scenes I might give this episode a 5. What really smote my tunic was the end, where stuff happens that never should have been conceived in the minds of anime making people. Seriously, it's awful to the point where I envy you for not having seen this episode. Do yourself a favor and never find out what happens, then never speak of this episode again.
  • Not a very good episode at all.

    Well after watching this episode I was completley bored. They left our plenty of awesome fights. And it seemed that the episode was only there to bash on Naruto. Of course they do that alot in part 1. I\'ll be glad when the fillers end(wich right now it looks like we still have to wait a while). The anime should make a good comeback in part 2, and I will finally be able to watch episodes that don\'t just sit around and talk about how stupid Naruto is.

    All in all, if you don\'t want to was 24 minutes of your life don\'t watch this episode. If you only watch the anime and are getting fed up with fillers, I reccomend reading the manga online somewhere because part 2 is way better then this.
  • Boring episode, watch the end only.

    Don't lose time watching this episode. If you can, skip to the end or do something before it arrived at that part because it's the only thing that is "worth" of seeing. You can get some information about what is happening with Jiraiya but alone that, nothing much. It's the worst filler episode of the whole series. I even can't call it a filler. Watch it, hate it and wish that the next episodes will be better, I hope, and that we will be getting closer to the main arc. Naruto is good, this episode is bad, next season should be great.
  • Ehh...

    Ok ok...i admit it was a little disappointing..but hey for it being just a top battle countdown, it was pretty interesting. I mean, they did show Orichimaru and Sasuke right? and one thing i like about "special" shows like this is that they stay in character even though they obviously know its and acting gig. lol. I pretty much agree with the top five fights too (even though I would've put the fight between Rock Lee and Gaara from the preliminary exams in there!) That fight was awesome! My baby Rock Lee got hurt...but it was awesome. Oh well...atleast the next episode is gonna be 3 in 1 so i guess its worth the let down this time.
  • watch this episode only if you cant find any paint drying to watch.

    very bad episode all around. im not as annoyed as many of the filler episodes as most people are except for when they recycle plots from previous episodes, but this pretty much sucked. why the hell would anyone want to see snippets of the \\\"best 5 fights\\\" when most people would just as soon watch the episodes over instead?

    this episode should have been an actual episode with some kind of purpose to the overal plot maybe hinting at things to come but instead it was what it was and what it was was dissappointing. heres to hoping next week will bring something new.
  • Absolutely nuthing happened. It was pretty boring to watch too. This was a bad ending to the 8th season.

    This was a absolutely boring episode. Nuthing happened. They should have putted up more excited battles. For example, the on between Gaara and Kimimaro. That was a good battle. The one between Kiba and that dude, watever his name is, was a good battle. All that in saying is that this episode was boring and had a bad ending to the 8th season. They should have made it extremely more exciting. Oh yea, the battle between Sasuke and Naruto that was the best battle EVER! That one deserved to be number on. ^____^
  • This is the season finale episode and it was a joy to watch. However...

    you could find it anti-climatic sadly. It is funny to watch and remember all the great battles shown and when you see the special guest it can be a little overrated and they ony put in this special guest for ratings and nothing more. this episode is one of those episodes that cannot follow the story in any way at all. so for all the harcore fans its best that you keep that in mind and pretend the events on this episode did not really happen. Having said that, overall its not like it was painful to watch i was entertained none the less. so it is worth watching! enjoy!
  • This is the first time I watched a Naruto episode in a long time since I decided quite early to skip all the horrible filler episodes. I regret ever watching it now though.

    What interested me into watching this episode all of sudden was probably the hopeful thinking that it might hint the end of the fillers coming up. Not to mention I would love to see some of those good old and really memorable battles (Especially Gaara VS Rock Lee) that they were going to take up. Not only did they NOT show that one battle I wanted to see but all the battles they DID show had all their best parts cut out from them except for Chouji VS Jiroubo. In other words, it was not worth it. At all. What really pissed me off though was the random insertion of Sasuke at the end. Wearing his TIME SKIP outfit. If they want to continue making horrible fillers ruining the original show, fine, but stop ruining the time skip saga by putting up stuff that never happened!