Season 7 Episode 22

The Treasure Hunt is On!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 14, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata are ordered on a special mission: A treasure hunt! There is a downside though; if they fail the mission, they have to go back to the Academy. They set off confident that the mission will be easy, but still worried about having to go back to the academy. Everything is going as well as expected until some mysterious characters show up. Can Naruto and crew find the gold, or will they have to go back to the Academy with the other little kids?moreless

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  • *sigh*

    Looks like the start of another mediocre and generic filler arc. It started off alright; Kiba and Hinata are always fun company and the thought of them working with the always clumsy Naruto sounded like it was going to be lots of fun. For the first ten minutes it gave us some average comedy with Naruto and Kiba constantly competing to see who is fit to be the leader; nothing special but it was tolerable. Then of course the unoriginal stuff comes rushing in with some stupid plot to steal the faces of the three young genins. If it wasn't for those final five minutes this episode would earn itself a score of 6, but nope, the fact that it introduced what will eventually turn out to be some dumb story arc just kills it.moreless
  • Very interisting story plot.

    WOW! This is a very interesting viller episode. Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata are sent on a special mission to a mountain region so they can find a hidded treasure. There is a very steep downside. That is if they fail the mission, they will be sent back to the ninja academy. This episode is very cool because of the very clever enemies that follow Naruto and company to the area. The face copying jutsu is a very dangerous and ilusive jutsu. I had no idea that was coming. Very cool plot twist. I cannot wait for the conclusion to this extreamely intriguing filler arc.moreless
  • one of the best naruto's yet!

    naruto is bored because he has not recieved any missions lately. then kiba says lady tsunade wants to see naruto. she sends naruto (duh) kiba and hinata on a mission to find a treasure. if they fail they have to go back to the academy. on the way kiba is always right and pwns naruto at everything. kiba goes on ahead to find the treasure because hinata is injured. everyone gets captured and they have exact clones that plan to terrorize the leaf village. there main captor is there cliant who requested the mission. i cant wait for the next episode.moreless
  • They set out for a treasure hunt.

    Naruto, Hinata and Kiba go out for a treasure hunt. The episode was silly because Naruto and Kiba always made some bets who can get there earlier. Kibe always won but then the guy who wanted them to go out on a treasure hunt wasn't really after the treasure he was after there faces. They all find themselves in a bad horrible situation when they are all tied up and the fake ones all get away. Kiba finds the treasure and even his dog can't sniff them out even if it is the fake one. I can say that the enemy is really smart.moreless
  • My mom tried to tell me what was going on, and she doesn't even watch Naruto!

    My mom thinks Naruto is an OK show, but she desn't like to watch it regularly. But I just happened to be watching this yesterday morning, and she came and watched it with me. First of all, she says, "That girl (Hinata) is blind." I gave her a look and said, "No, she's not." "Well then why are her eyes like that?" "I dunno, her whole family has those kind of eyes." Then half way through the show, she says, "Naruto's a moron." "I agree." And then when Hinata and Naruto got kidnapped and that guy made clones out of them, she said, "That girl's (Hinata's) eyes changed." "No they did not." They really didn't. So then we argued about that for awhile, but I think I would know because in September I will have watched Naruto for two years now. Mom's seen about 3 episodes, and knows Naruto and Sasuke's names. Anyway, Isaribi is still nowhere in sight, and Tsunade has another mission for Naruto. She teams him up with Hinata, who is NOT blind!, Kiba, and Akamaru. But if they fail again, they have to go back to the Academy. Everytime they get paired up they fail. Simple: Don't pair them together anymore! But no one in the world of anime listens to me, except for Near, sometimes he listens to me. :P So they set off on their mission, but first they run into Iruka-sensei who sounds like he's high or something. Oh yeah, their mission is to find some guy's buried treasure or something. Kiba and Akamaru hike in the mountains where they're supposed to be going all the time, but of course Naruto thins he's the leader and Hinata follows him because she loves him, and those two always get lost while Kiba and Akamaru are always about 10 steps ahead of them. Naruo eventually leads them into a cave and it collapses on them, and Hinata ends up with a pretty nasty injury. Kiba gets ticked at both of them, and tells them that he and Akamaru will go on alone. While he is gone, the freako that hired them kidnaps Naru and Hina and makes clones of their faces. The clones go and kidnap Kiba and Akamaru and makes clones of them to. And then he leaves them in a pit. How will they manage to get out of this one? 400 words!!!!!moreless
John DeMita

John DeMita

Agari Kaisen

Guest Star

Liam O'Brien (V)

Liam O'Brien (V)

Kotetsu Hagane

Recurring Role

Richard Cansino

Richard Cansino

Izumo Kamizuki

Recurring Role

Quinton Flynn

Quinton Flynn


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Hinata injures her leg, the wound is on the right leg. When Kiba is bandaging up her leg, he is putting a bandage on the left leg.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Naruto: Aw man, how am I supposed to tell the two of you apart?
      Both Hinatas: I'm the real Hinata.
      Naruto: You kiddin' me? Even your voices sound alike. I know, I should as you a question that only the real one would know the answer to. All right, can you tell me the name of Hinata's father?
      Both Hinatas: Hiashi Hyuga.
      Naruto: That didn't work. I guess that wasn't the greatest question since I didn't know his name.

    • Kiba: See the thing is, Akamaru and I regularly train in mountains like this one. Which is why we know so much more about this kind of terrain than you.
      Naruto: Ah, shut it.

    • Naruto: Yes, I beat him! (Smells food) Somethin' smells good. Huh?
      Kiba: So ya finally made it.
      Hinata: Kiba!
      Kiba: You were takin' so much time, I figured I should cook us some grub.

    • Naruto: I'm going to make this mission such a huge success, it's going to put Grandma Tsunade to shame.
      Kiba: Yeah, there's no way I'm going back to the academy, especially not on account of your mistakes.
      Naruto: Hey, what about collective responsibility? You can't just blame me for everything.
      Kiba: Oh really? Then explain why whenever you haven't been on our team, our success rate has been pretty high.
      Naruto: Fine, then I'm going to prove to you which one of us is really a burden to this team and which one's an asset.
      Hinata: (Thinking) I hope this goes well.

    • Naruto: We'll be fine. No way we're going to fail at some dumb treasure hunting mission.
      Kiba: Just make sure you don't drag us down again.
      Naruto: Who me? If anybody's going to drag the team down, it's going to be you.
      Hinata: But if we don't succeed this time, I guess we'll have to take the same classes as these little children, won't we?
      Iruka What's up guys? Well, well, the three of you are back here again?
      Naruto: Iruka-sensei?
      Iruka: You guys must miss your old academy days, huh. You know your welcome to come back anytime you like.
      (Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata run away)
      Naruto: No way! I'm never going back again!
      Iruka: I wonder what's up with them?

    • Tsunade: I can tell I struck a nerve, haven't I?
      Kiba: That's no fair! Naruto's got the awful record, why should we have to go back to the academy?
      Tsunade: Collective responsibility is fundamental in ninja teams. Everyone takes blame to a failure. Got it?
      Naruto, Kiba, & Hinata: Yes, ma'am.

    • Naruto: That's a lot. Do you know how many Ichiraku Special Ramen I could buy with that?
      Hinata: I don't think you could eat that much ramen in your entire life.
      Naruto: Awesome!

    • Tsunade: (Narrating) My name is Tsunade, I'm the Fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Now I'm stuck with a debt that only seems to get worse. Not only that...
      Naruto: (Yells) Grandma Tsunade! (Normal voice) Come on, let me go. If there's no missions now, then why can't I go and search for Sasuke, huh?
      Kotetsu: (Holding Naruto back) You were ordered to stay and train, Naruto, that's why.
      Naruto: (Yells) Grandma Tsunade!
      Tsunade: (Narrating) There's him too.

    • Naruto: I should have been more cautious.
      Kiba: Yep. As always, it's your fault, Naruto.
      Naruto: What?!

    • Naruto: Look, we can cut straight through that hilly part there, no problem.
      Kiba: What are you, a moron? Mountain terrain isn't that easy. You can't just zip through it.

    • Tsunade: If for some reason you fail, I'm sending you three back to the academy.

    • Naruto: It sorta feels like we've been fired as ninja.
      Kiba: Don't say that, you're bumming me out.

    • (Naruto's clone blocks his goal attempt)
      Naruto clone: Sorry pal, not this time. (Disappears)
      Naruto: Of course I didn't score, I'm playing offense and defense against myself.

    • Tsunade: This Hokage thing is more headache than I thought.

    • (During preview of next episode)
      Kiba: As expected, all missions with Naruto get messed up!
      Naruto: They're heading to Konoha!
      Kiba: The how are we going to escape?
      Hinata: Um...
      Naruto: With Rasengan!
      Kiba: That's not gonna work! They'll see us!
      Hinata: I could...
      Naruto: Then with your Gatsuuga!
      Kiba: It's the same thing!
      Hinata: Please think for a second.
      Naruto: Then what are we going to do!?
      Kiba: That's why!
      Hinata: Naruto-kun!
      Kiba + Naruto: Don't stop him Hinata!
      Hinata: That's not it! I can...
      Naruto + Kiba: Oh, that's it!

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: Hasn't it increased since last month?
      Shizune: It has increased. The news of your becoming Hokage has spread far and wide. Because of that Konoha has been getting a lot of bills.
      Tsunade: The title of Hokage isn't one that can be easily taken, huh? (Thinking) My name is Tsunade. I'm the Hidden Village of Konoha's Fifth Hokage. My one worry is my never-decreasing debt. And...
      (Interrupted by Naruto)
      Naruto: Granny Tsunade!

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: If we fail, that means we'll be studying with these children, right? (Hinata, Naruto and Kiba imagine themselves in a classroom with little kids, studying together.)

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: But if you fail, you will return to the Academy! I'll have you re-roll in the Academy and redo your ninja training from square one.
      Naruto: Why us?!
      Tsunade: I was looking at the success rate of the past few months missions, and Naruto, you're especially bad! Meanwhile, Inuzuka Kiba and Hyuuga Hinata's success record is also despairingly low!

      ~Japanese version

    • Iruka: Did you suddenly become nostalgic about the Academy? Then you can return, you know?
      Naruto: I'm telling you I'll never return! (All three run away)
      Iruka: What's up with them?

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: That's right! In this situation, I should ask a question only the real one would know! All right! What's Hinata's dad's name?
      Both Hinatas: Hyuuga Hiashi.
      Naruto: Oh yeah... I don't know Hinata's dad's name.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Why our faces?!
      Evil Naruto: We're going to return to Konoha in your place and mess up your village.

      ~Japanese version

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