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Season 2 Episode 7

The Ultimate Battle: Cha!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Sakura and Ino prepare to settle the score once and for all! However, when Sakura becomes the victim of Ino's Mind-Body Switch Jutsu, will she be forced to give up the match?

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  • Great battle Ino vs. Sakura

    Ino and Sakura were friends but now they're opponents fighting for a spot to make it through to the final Chunin exam battle in the arena. Well, their memories were fun, but then who is stronger than the other? We don't know. They put their forehead protectors on their foreheads proving them fighting as equals. It's really that this time Sakura is blooming into a flower from a bud. She has finally developed into a cherry blossom. Then Ino cuts her hair but really it's a trap for Ino's mind switch to get Sakura to forefeit the match. Then Sakura breaks free and neither girl wins.moreless
  • The battle between Sakura and Ino heats up.

    Sakura and Ino charge each other and match each others hits. Neji asks if all fights between Kunoichi (female ninja) are weak like this. Tenten tells him that Sakura and Ino are fighting with kid gloves because they were once friends. The fight escalates when Ino starts to hit Sakura on the cheek, but slaps her instead. After a flashback to their childhood when they first met, the fight continues. Sakura chides Ino for having long pretty hair and Ino gets enraged and cuts her hair back and throws it at Sakura. Ino then starts to use her mind possession jutsu.....moreless
  • Pretty cool

    i have seen this episode 5 times now...this is the first episode where I first started watching Naruto so I thought that I would write a review about it. Sakura and Ino are still continuing their fight from the last episode, but now it has become serious. They both realize that neither one are little girls playing in a field of flowers. One has to beat the other. As the fighting goes on the guys up on the viewing deck are amazed at how well matched they are and at how long the fight has lasted. Even the protor is is surprised. Finally Ino stands back, cuts her hair to make a statement and throws it on the ground in front of her to Sakura. Ino starts to use her mind transfer jutsu then. Sakura taunts her saying that it can't work in such a situation. Ino says that she can only try. Ino goes for it, the guys all think she has missed, but she managed to get Sakura through her hair on the ground by using chakra. The jutsu is set and Ino starts to raise Sakura's hand when Naruto screams out at her not to quit. Sakura and Ino start to fight in Sakura's mind and Sakura eventually breaks the jutsu! They finally make one last running go for each other where they knock each other out. The match is consider a draw and neither moves on to the next round. The episode ends with Temari getting to fight TenTen...moreless
  • Sakura and Ino fight.

    Sakura and Ino are finally fighting seriously. Ino uses the jutsu in which she can switch into an opponents body. I was sure that Sakura was going to loose but when Naruto screamed out to Sakura not to loose, the inner Sakura threw Ino out. I was actually thinking now that Naruto had been useful when he was screaming, not just being annoying as usual. He actually helped. Sakura and Ino finally make their last blow at each other and they knocked each other out. They both nor lost nor won. The episode was good and I got to see how they became enemies.moreless
  • So long Inner Sakura.

    Sakura and Inos battle continues. Sakura and Ino prepare to settle the score once and for all. After ten minutes of battling the two seem to be quite even. Ino cuts her hair and throws it on the ground. Ino than prepares for her special technique. The Mind Transfer Jutsu. Sakura tells Ino that she can easily dodge her technique because she cant hit a moving target. It appears that Ino uses her Mind Transfer Jutsu but it didnt work against Sakura. But when Sakura goes to attack Ino she is trapped and all the hind signs were just an act. Ino now can use the Mind Transfer Jutsu on Sakura and make her forfeit the match. This time her technique was a success. Just when Sakura is about to forfeit Naruto yells to Sakura and Inner Sakura comes out and makes Ino leave. Each with only one hit left in them charge at each other and knock each other out resulting in a draw. Next up is Tenten vs. Temari.moreless

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