Season 9 Episode 17

The Ultimate Weapon Reborn

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

We begin with the Shitenshounin leader, who has reached a dead end, but convinces Gaara that it's the other way around.
Further away, Hinata spots the two of them through Byakugan, Neji is unable to feel the presence of the other Shitenshounin members, but Shino believes that it isn't likely that Shikamaru and the others were able to defeat them or bring the match to a stalemate. It's possible, however, that the fights were only distractions.
Sakura is healing Lee while Ino laments on how she could have been a bigger help, but wasn't. When Lee comes to, he is at first forbidden to head off by Sakura, but he is, as he says, part of the "Return the Favor squad,"
Though Gaara already knows it, the Shitenshounin leader points out that Gaara has already used up a lot of his sand that was infused with his chakra. All the same, Gaara still believes he can win in a one on one battle. The leader drops Matsuri and raises his blade, calling forth Mugen Kougai (Infinite Armor), which is the name of the armor that Suikon had. He then calls upon Garian Tou and Hishou Souken (Garian Sword and Searing Short Swords- the weapon that blue haired kid and Kyaku had). He sends forth a great whirlwind towards Gaara, who sinks into the ground and reappears, but the leader uses Garian Tou and is able to graze Gaara's right shoulder. What the leader wants to see Gaara do is use Shukaku's chakra. Meanwhile, Naruto finally arrives to see Gaara fending off Garian Tou with a pair of kunai. Naruto is able to free Matsuri from her prison. He challenges the leader, who replies by using Kujaku Senpuu (Peacock Whirlwind) to blow Naruto back.
The leader declares that Konoha's rule over the Five Shinobi Nations will soon come to an end. If the weapons from Takumi Village are combined, there won't be a need for shinobi anymore. Turns out that Takumi Village is responsible for the weapons supplied to nations, but due to growing tension and fear that the weapons would be freely passed out, Takumi Village was raided. The Five Shinobi Nations forgot about Takumi and never paid them back for their hard work, instead, Takumi had to literally beg for assistance. As Naruto is blown back, the leader prepares to finish him off with the dragon sword when a barrier of sand shields Naruto, though the sand was made by mixing minerals with Gaara's sand. Gaara is quickly contained by a large barrier as the sand shield disintegrates from around Naruto.
Back in Konoha, Tsunade relays everything to Kakashi, as well as what the ultimate weapon is: the Revival of Seimei. This would explain why the mausoleum was raided awhile ago. As Kakashi heads off, Tsunade assigns him one more person: a certain white haired Sannin.
Before the barrier around Gaara can close entirely, he throws Matsuri her jouhyou and calls upon the third eye. The optic never is connected and the eye itself activates. The Shitenshounin leader forms a few seals as an immense amount of chakra surrounds the barrier Gaara is held within in. He collapses and clutches his head in pain as his chakra leaves him while a bolt of chakra strikes a part of the mountain, obliterating it to reveal a coffin. It opens to reveal a very decrepit who the leader addresses as Seimei-sama and has come to offer his body as a container for him. His body disappears and is absorbed and the corpse of Seimei, now looking refreshed, steps out and reveals that he is the founder of Takumi Village. He combines with the weapons and begins speaking of how Gaara's energy flow is mixed with another. Seimei has an infinite amount of chakra ready for Shukaku. Despite Naruto's efforts, he cannot lay a hand on Seimei. Naruto then jumps over Seimei and does a genius move: tries breaking the metal barrier with a kunai. Seimei uses Senmoufuu (Whirling Method) to blow Naruto back, but he's back on the offensive and tries getting through the metal barrier...with his bare hands. Gaara is beginning to lose it.
Elsewhere, Hinata, Neji, Shino, Temari, Shikamaru, Lee, Ino, and Sakura arrive and hear from Neji and Hinata about where the battle currently is. Temari reminds Shikamaru that if Gaara were to lose consequences, all hell could break loose.
Naruto is blown back by flames, but he's not done yet. He attempts to dig underground, but unlike his battle with Neji long ago, there's no Kyuubi chakra to help him out. Seimei uses Gokuhou (Way of Karmic Suffering) to send Naruto into the mountain. Gaara's chakra is absorbed by Mugen Kougai. He calls this a declaration of war on the Five Great Shinobi Nations, but Naruto isn't accepting this and basically calls it a pack of bull. From a distance, Matsuri wonders how Naruto, in his current physical condition, can still fight. Seimei asks Naruto why he would fight so much for a monster like Gaara, and instead of giving him a drawn out speech, Naruto simply says that Gaara is his "precious comrade." As Seimei prepares to finish Naruto off with that three headed dragon sword, the three heads are trapped and withheld by Matsuri's jouhyou. She finally understands what Gaara was talking about- even though weapons took the lives of her parents, they can also be used for the protection of others. Despite her best efforts, she's quickly disposed of.
"It's already started," Seimei declares as the arm of Shukaku bursts through the metal barrier.
Though Naruto is glad to see Gaara is alive, he realizes that this isn't the Gaara he's come to know.