Season 9 Episode 17

The Ultimate Weapon Reborn

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Gaara vs Jesus battle continues

    I hate fillers and i cannot believe this is the final filler I am so happ anyway to continue the review I must sa this every filler episode i review I take half points off because they suck and because i am mean well that changes because Gaara/ Jesus fight is pretty good but still I must say this

    All fillers suck this episode sucked this season sucked all fillers suck
  • The episode begins with Gaara chasing the Takumi Village Ninja. And Naruto tries to help Gaara.

    This episode is definitely not above 9 although my favorite character Gaara is in it.The episode begins with Gaara chasing the Takumi Village Ninja. The Takumi Village Ninja attacks Gaara but Gaara can't attack back because his sand was washed away during the past episode. As they fight, Naruto comes and helps but he is too late because Gaara was put into a metal spherical cage. At that time, the Takumi Village Ninja sacrificed his life for the resurrection of some sort of ancestor. This was cool, Naruto just watched and looked terrified. Do you know what's weird, Naruto tried to help Gaara out but failed. He did not use any ninjutsu, taijutsu and some ninja stuff just mere physical strength and those kunai and other ninja tools. Then the Ancestor was finally revived. Naruto attacks him but didn't even get to touch him. Then episode ends with Gaara getting out of the cage but turned into a viscous monster the Shukaku.
  • Episode 219 has aired in Japan. The filler continues, the Artisan ninja have maneuvered Gaara into place, what does their sinister plan entail?… Episode 219 is titled The Resurrected Ultimate Weapon. That’s right, fight Gaara.

    Episode 218 has aired in Japan. The filler continues, the Leaf are here to help, but is Gaara in trouble?… Episode 218 is titled The Sealed Sand, Suiko’s Counterattack.

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    Ready to go

    You can view my comments and discuss this latest episode in our forums! Click here to view the discussion! Caution, there are spoilers present! If you are a new user and have yet to register to post on the forum, click here. 80 kunai thrown » What’s Ahead for the Anime Posted by: Shikamaru @ 8:33 am on 1/24/2007 New titles above. Two episodes scheduled for the 15th and one the next week. These mark the beginning of Shippuuden and the start of new episode numbering. From the titles it sounds like they’re rearranging and stretching those first few chapters out over a couple of episodes. It also seems like we’ll be getting Kakashi Gaiden at some later point.
  • During this episode Gaara and Naruto confront the Artisan ninja but then the Artisan ninja activates the Ultimate Weapon: reviving Seimei. Seimei starts taking Gaara's chakra which makes him turn partly into Shukaku. Then Gaara escapes from his barrier.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. I just feel sorry for Gaara because he has to turn into Shukaku even though Gaara is good now. I like the fact that Matsuri became brave and tried to help out Naruto in saving Gaara. I also like the fact that Naruto called Gaara his important comrade. I'm sooooo happy that Gaara is not bad anymore! I love Gaara to death and I hope it all works out in the end for him. I also hope that in the next episode Gaara is still on the good side even though he turned into Shukaku.
  • This episode is the conclusion of a secret mission that the Leaf Genin were asked to embark upon....

    Shikamaru has named this mission: Return the Favor. He is referring to the Hidden Sand Village. They seem to have run into a small problem. Well, maybe not so small. It seems as though there exists a ninja village that smiths ninja tools and supplies them to just about every ninja village! But they seem rather upset. Okay, VERY upset! They want to get revenge on all the shinobi villages, because why? They weren't thankful for the ninja tools that the Hidden Takumi Village made for them!? Geez! And they're even going so far as to resurrect the founder of their own village who died over 100 years ago!! What!? They're going to actually USE their own founder as a weapon!? Gosh!! They must really be angry over this issue!!
  • Gaara the Ultimate Weapon!

    In this episode, the fight between the final one of the 4 Artisans, it seems Gaara is at a big disadvantage, already low on chakra and unable to make sand anymore. Even going so far as to need his ninja tools! And now the founder of the Artisans has been revived and he wants Gaara! No, he wants our special Tanuki that we know and love: Shukaku! Wait till you see what happens to him, and how Naruto tries to rescue him, sacrificing his nails like a dog scraping at a door heh.

    The Big Bad of this seems pretty ticked at the world for abusing his village, and not even paying gratitude in a big way? Having to be revived from slumber for revenge, how unsightly as now he plans to use Gaara for it. Hmm, like Orochimaru eh? Who wanted to use Shukaku to destroy the Leaf. But this guy, plans to use Shukaku to destroy all 5 nations. Pretty interesting way to go, but we know Tsunade wouldn't let this happen again.

    All in all, I liked this episode and it had some serious play to it. It was meant as the sub-climax of the play, the climax before the true turning point of the play. The quality of the episode animation isn't as great as the rest of the Arc, but it still makes up for it as it was exciting and kept me wanting to see the end of this scuffle.
  • BARK!!!!

    start from the beggining i love present and doggie and i thought this episode was surprisingly funny actually i change my mind it was more than funny it was hillarious let us all have a grand festival like May went to and watch this episode a million times over and over until we fall through a hole this episode number is episode number one hundred and o--- on- one. Hee... Hee... Hee... let us clap our hands for joy and sing a song to show this episode how much we thinnk it is funny to watch..
    . ... . .