Season 9 Episode 17

The Ultimate Weapon Reborn

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Gaara the Ultimate Weapon!

    In this episode, the fight between the final one of the 4 Artisans, it seems Gaara is at a big disadvantage, already low on chakra and unable to make sand anymore. Even going so far as to need his ninja tools! And now the founder of the Artisans has been revived and he wants Gaara! No, he wants our special Tanuki that we know and love: Shukaku! Wait till you see what happens to him, and how Naruto tries to rescue him, sacrificing his nails like a dog scraping at a door heh.

    The Big Bad of this seems pretty ticked at the world for abusing his village, and not even paying gratitude in a big way? Having to be revived from slumber for revenge, how unsightly as now he plans to use Gaara for it. Hmm, like Orochimaru eh? Who wanted to use Shukaku to destroy the Leaf. But this guy, plans to use Shukaku to destroy all 5 nations. Pretty interesting way to go, but we know Tsunade wouldn't let this happen again.

    All in all, I liked this episode and it had some serious play to it. It was meant as the sub-climax of the play, the climax before the true turning point of the play. The quality of the episode animation isn't as great as the rest of the Arc, but it still makes up for it as it was exciting and kept me wanting to see the end of this scuffle.
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