Season 3 Episode 35

The Vessel Arrives Too Late

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 01, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Shikamaru devises a plan to ambush Tayuya and Sakon and steal the barrel. All goes well, but Orochimaru grows impatient and switches bodies early to prevent himself from dying. Kimimaro, a former member of what was once the Sound Five, promises to grant his master one final wish by bringing Sasuke to him.moreless

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  • Watching Orochimaru bleed while taking a shower, so exciting!

    This episode was very story driven as Orochimaru got desperate and used his body transfer technique earlier than expected without using Sasuke as a container. It also introduced an enemy that was mentioned by Kidomaru earlier who was supposed to be Orochimaru's original vessel. Plus how the Shikamaru team retrieved Sasuke was a very impressive plan. However like every other Naruto episode, it is cluttered with filler and flashbacks that really holds the great aspects of it down, and seeing Orochimaru bleed in the shower for a good three minutes was disturbing which followed up with the entire flashback of how the Third stole the life of his arms. Would have been a good episode if this filler was not present.moreless
  • A new opponent is introduced.

    Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kiba are starting to catch the last two sound ninjas, Tayuya and Sakon. It is getting dark and Kiba and Naruto want to catch them now, but Shikamaru tells them that they must wait until sunrise because his juutsu needs more light plus they would not be able to use the advantage they now have. Then we move to where Orochimaru's hideout is. It seams that Tayuya and Sakon will arrive too late for Orochimaru to transfer himself to Sasuke. Kabuta insists that Orochimaru transfer now and goes to find a new "body". After releasing several prisoners that they have Kabuta reveals that only one will be set free, the one that is the last one standing. After the fight Orochimaru transfers to the ninja's body. We are also introduced to another powerful Sound Ninja named Kimimaro who now will go and bring Sasuke to Orochimaru.moreless
  • It was okay

    What goes down in this episode is Orochimaru, his body left useless after his failed invasion of Konoha, anxiously waits for Sasuke so that he can switch to Sasuke's body. Although he puts it off for as long as he can, hoping that the Sound Four will arrive in time, his body brings him too much pain and he is forced to switch to the body of one of his prisoners. Elsewhere, the retrieval team catches up with the Sound Four and engages them in battle. It was okay, but it needed more fighting to keep me happy. Thunder was here!!!moreless
  • The Retrival Squad finally catches up to Sakon and Tayuya

    Sasuke's former classmates and rescuers finally catch up to his kidnappers!!!!! Well, only 3 of his friends get there. Neji and Choji were left behind to fight Kidomaru and Jirobo. Tayuya and Sakon are starting to get worried. Especially since Kiba managed to steal Sasuke's coffin away from them. It was funny when they were thinking about attacking them in chibi style. Especially the part where they were stumbling around in the dark. Anyway, Kuba snatces the coffin and they start to run away, but Sakon tackles him and they fall down the cliff, and Kiba tosses the coffin to Naruto. Meanwhile, Kabuto's monitoring Kimimaro, who decides he's going to join Tayuya and Sakon.moreless
  • Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kiba try to get the barrel with Sasuke in it while the final member of the once Sound Ninja Five arrives to serve Orochimaru one last time before he dies.moreless

    Not bad. After Neji defeated the second member of the Sound Five, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kiba catch up to Tayuya and Sakon and devise a plan to take the barrel with Sasuke in it. Sakon uses the curse to catch up and Kimomaro arrives. Orochimaru finds the person who he will have to use their body since his own is too painful because of the curse the 3rd Hokage left on him. They dubbed all of Tayuya's lines into corny things, lol. Kimimaro's voice sounded a bit weird. He sounded less evil in the dub than he did in the original, but it wasn't that bad.moreless
Patrick Seitz

Patrick Seitz

Raido Namiashi


Johnny Yong Bosch

Johnny Yong Bosch

Genma Shiranui/Chosen Vessel


Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer

Sarutobi the Third Hokage


Kari Wahlgren

Kari Wahlgren


Recurring Role

Brian Beacock

Brian Beacock


Recurring Role

Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein


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    • Shikamaru: Just as I thought, they left themselves wide open. Sometimes being so sure of your own strength can be a weak spot.

    • Sakon: Hey, Tayuya, do you still think we're going to make it in time?
      Tayuya: We were told to deliver Sasuke by tomorrow or else, and I don't want to find out what "or else" means.

    • Sakon: The sun's going down and still no sign of Jirobo and Kidomaru. They must have run into more trouble than they expected.
      Tayuya: Who cares about them? It's Orochimaru I'm worried about.

    • Naruto: Don't worry about a thing. As soon as we catch up to them, all I have to do is my Shadow Clone Jutsu and the show's over.
      Shikamaru: Well that's comforting to know. All the same, we're working as a team here, right? Just stick to the plan.
      Naruto: Oh, ah, well sure.

    • Shikamaru: There's only two of them left against the three of us. I like those odds. If we play it right, the next time we meet 'em, we should be able to wrap things up once and for all.
      Naruto: I'll say. Two against three, no sweat!
      Kiba: What do you mean it's two against three?
      (Akamaru barks)
      Shikamaru: Oh, sorry about that, Akamaru. You're right, it's two against four. I like those odds even better.

    • Kimimaro: I was not meant to be the vessel. I was meant to find the vessel and bring it safely here, even at the cost of my life.

    • Orochimaru: (To the prisoner) Yes, you will be set free, and before that, I will grant you one wish.

    • Kabuto: How would you like to be released from your imprisonment?
      (Prisoners moan)
      Kabuto: Sadly, it's just one of you.

    • Naruto: Shikamaru's our leader! And if he says we wait, then we're gonna wait!

    • Shikamaru: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    • Orochimaru: Curse you old man, curse you!

    • Kimimaro: Humans... Do humans have a purpose when they are born? I have been wondering recently... Because they are born, do they have an important duty? The meaning of being born... For humans to find that is the one freedom God gave them.

      ~Japanese version

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