Season 9 Episode 6

The Weight of the Prized Artifact!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Kiba and Naruto being assigned to protect a expensive treasure known as Kagerou. They head to a construction site where many workers are lifting an enormous safe. Naruto, as usual, disrespectfully insults their client when he calls Kiba and himself 'kids'. At that moment, the safe collapses on its beams and starts to tip over. The client yells at Kiba and Naruto, and tells them to risk their lives. Naruto and Kiba successfully stop the falling safe, but only for a few moments. The client then removes a smaller safe from the larger one, and runs off. Kiba and Naruto at this point are unable to hold up the large safe any longer and let it drop; almost crushing them. Kiba and Naruto, both in a rage, yell at their client for putting their lives at risk. To this, the client responds by saying that a Ninja must put their missions before the safety of their lives.

They continue to move on towards their destination on foot. While moving through a rough part of city (supposedly a western town) the client brings notice to himself by clinging to the safe with dear life. They are confronted and asked to hand over the safe. The client is first to run off and Naruto is left to fight on his own. Kiba and the client move on and are soon chased by another group of bandits. Kiba handles this one and client runs off. During a cut scene it shows the client having tea at a rest stop. While the lady and he talk she notices two fights down in the city and remarks on how another war had started. Not caring what was happening the client basically says "what a shame". Naruto and Kiba returns badly bruised and scolds the client for running off. The client seeming not interested says that this is what ninja do. They die if necessary. Meanwhile a bird is spying on them in a tree. The birds fall off into a cave and there we can see three bandits sitting around. The leader as it seems reports that they have finally found what they were looking for and put their plan into action.

Naruto, Kiba and the client are walking down a path when smoke bombs are thrown at them and explode. Naruto and Kiba try to fight off the bandits, including Akamaru using Dynamic Marking, but the bandits get to the client and steal the Kagerou. Upset, Naruto, Kiba and the client follow the bandits to their hideout using the scent Akamaru left on them.

At the mouth of the cave, the client sets off the alarms and alerts the bandits to their presence. The bandit's leader tries to escape with the Kagerous, leaving the others to hold the ninja off. Naruto tells the client to chase after him while he and Kiba deal with the other bandits. The client manages to put up a fight with the bandit's leader, and the bandit leader, distressed, provokes an earthquake in the cave with a device. He is killed in the shaking, the Kagerou is smashed and ultimately the client falls off a cliff, only just managing to cling on at the last second. He is then rescued by Naruto.

It is revealed later that the real treasure that Naruto and Kiba were supposed to protect was the man himself, and not the Kagerou. The Kagerou was in fact made by the client. The episode ends with the client walking off into the distance laughing that he'll just make a better treasure next time
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