Season 9 Episode 6

The Weight of the Prized Artifact!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Naruto and Kiba are given a mission to deliver the Beauty of Nature to a destination, but their client routinely gives them trouble.

    Dub Review: Terrible, awful thing to watch. Not just because this adventure is derivative, but also because it is annoying. Their client has a half dozen flashbacks to something he said at the beginning of the episode. The audience is forced to sit through these and question why they must suffer. It isn't that we've already forgotten what he had said, as these episodes are only twenty minutes long. Not to mention that when a mere civilian simply tackles the leader enemy ninja and beats him unconscious, you have to wonder if there was any point in having Naruto and Kiba along. They complain at how he constantly mistreats and gets them into trouble and are right to do so. \

    And in the end, when all the lessons are learned, we find that it was all just a mockery of what we watched. The client learns a lesson independant of the heroes, and their mission (which they failed again) was trivial in the first place. Most of these one-shots have teetered between genuinely funny to annoying, but this one picked a side and we all suffer as a cause.
  • Did this really only get a 6 rating?

    Dude, did this really only get a rating of 6? I thought it was great! This episode is about how Naruto and Kiba have to escort an ignorant client and his precious tea cup to a place. Seriously, this client is a total jerk. He has absolutely no regard for Naruto or Kiba's safety, and treats them like pawns. It's totally annoying. Well anyway, the priceless tea cup gets shattered, and everyone's like OMG!!! And then the client's like oh, no biggie, I'll just make another one. And then everyone is like WHAT?!? Turns out the client is a famous artist or something. :P
  • Definitely a filler episode.

    This was by far one of the worst naruto episodes in existence. There was barely any action and the plot, if you can even call it that was terrible. This episode shouldn't have made it to air. Hopefully there's not more train wreck episodes like this in the future and i can forget that this episode ever happened but that's may gonna be hard to do.

    When will writers realize that filler doesn't have to be bad if you put a little thought in it. The filler arc before this episode was better than this junk. The writers should do more filler arcs they are usually better quality.
  • Naruto and Kiba have to protect their next client named Shin'emon, as well as a priceless teacup called "The Beauties of Nature".

    Lady Tsunade has assigned Naruto and Kiba to their next mission, which is escort their client named Shin'emon, and protect a priceless teacup called "The Beauties of Nature" while it's brought to where it belongs. However, when Naruto and Kiba meet Shin'emon, they dislike him almost immediately. Apparently, he thinks that it's normal for shinobi to dies during missions, and is carefree, not caring if Naruto and Kiba get beat up, which happens plenty of times along the way.

    They get more and more upset with their client the longer the mission drags on, but when a group of thugs manage to steal The Beauties of Nature, Naruto, Kiba and Shin'emon have to work together to get it back. But things aren't looking good, as their lives, as well as The Beauties of Nature, become endangered in the process. What will eventually become of the group? Watch the episode all the way through to find out!

    An okay filler episode, but I can definitely say that it wasn't the greatest, and it was pretty unoriginal. The same basic scenario has already happened in several Naruto fillers before, and it was also kind of boring. But it was still alright, and it at least had some action in it.
  • The episode basically is of Naruto and Kiba protecting this great treasure. The treasure is a bowl or something but it turns out at the end that the treasure is the person who asked for the mission to be carried out by Konoha shinobis.

    Well this episode could not have been any lamer than the past fillers. But one more filler to go. (I hope)I honestly didn\'t see the need for this episode. At least Tsunade should have also send a third member to make it a little more interesting(maybe Hinata). I truly believe that the Kakashi Gaiden is next.
  • come on this episode was bad if this was not my favorite tv show of all time i would give it a 5 ....

    the episodes have been really bad this season come on naruto lovers the guy was the treasure not the ball and naruto and kiba wanted to beat up the guy i did not care for it at all what this show need it something big like suskue [ sorry if the spelling bad] coming back to the show now that would be good i said i would give you update and the update is just its going down hill fast now look the episodes this seaseon are written very poorly mabey we hope it will get better but naruto lovers like me there just no lie its very bad other episode were better then great but i worst then ok over all this season is bad
  • Naruto and Kiba are hired to protect a national treasure which they believed was the \"Kachou Fuugetsu\". But the treasure was the artist, Shin\'emon.

    Poor filler. Storyline is not consistent and full of loopholes. Very irregular and disconnected. The writers are obviously running out of ideas for this filler. This guy, Shin\'emon claims to be the treasure, but frequent events in the episode show that he is convinced that the Kachou Fuugetsu is the real treasure. Morever, this episode is very devoid of action and nail-biting adventure. The only thing that was almost worth mentioning was the smoke-bomb fight scene, and that was not even a proper fight! Ending is also poorly arranged and anti-climatic. I just wish that the writers would continue with the main storyline instead of churning out fillers like(cringe) this.
  • naruto and kiba have to protect national treasure. they get attacked. They fight back. The treasure is stolen. They try to get it back. They fight in cave. national trasure falls off cliff and breaks. It ends up the guy with it is the nation treaure.

    This was the crappiest filler ever!!! This entire plot was done like three times already. But this may be a good sign too. The guy making the fillers must be getting out of ideas or is trying to make a transition back in to the the story line. Or this may be a bad sign too. The guy might be jsut running out of ideas and is starting to redo plots and stuff and can not think of and new ideas for these episodes. I hope it is the first one where the guy is going to get back on to the story line.
  • This is the first time i've reviewed an episode simply 'cause i simply hated it, ive always had something good to say about most of the Naruto filler arcs as some had merit, but this...

    As my summary says, this episode has really no redeeming factors, another D rank mission guarding some guy who no one cares about; some cliched fight scene with naruto using his shadow clone technique (Oh THATS original!) to fight off a bunch of bandits who just so happen to want the treasure for some nameless reason and at the end it gives a really, and i mean REALLY, lame attempt at giving the story some kind of moral twist with the whole \'nothing is more important than life\' gab, and the twist being a lame \"Oh so HE was the treasure all along! Shock, awe, amaze!\" this is the first time I\'ve ever really said this about a series i\'ve enjoyed so much in the past; It\'s really starting to bore me now...
  • This has to be one of the worst Naruto episodes ever. It's about some dude who has a treasure box who needs protection.

    It's about some dude who has a treasure box who needs protection. People are after him because of the treasure he's holding, so they have some Konoha village ninjas (Naruto and Kiba) protect the treasure. They go through some village and encounter some weakling "ninjas" that take the treasure from the guy. The find him and his goons. Naruto and Kiba beat up his goons and the guy that originally held the "treasure" beats up the dude who took it, but falls into a pit along with the "treasure". Naruto saves him, but the "treasure" shatters with the fall. In the end, the guy was the real treasure because he's the one who created the treasure that he held. Just watch the episode, but beware it can cause severe boredom.
  • Again... I feel like my summaries are the same... another instalment of the infamous Naruto fillers... Naruto and Kiba are ordered by Tsunade to assist a man with a weird name to help guard an elusive treasure... so original.

    What the heck is there to write about? No action... no comedy...

    Some pathetic drama here and there...

    But seriously... this was an attempt at... something?

    Again, Naruto anime credibility on the line, yadda, yadda...

    Jeez... for God's sake...

    Put Part II on anime

    I need to write more to get to 100 words! Geez... 50 to go...

    OK... This is a good piece of advice. Why don't you read the manga? It's good. Duh. I'm sorry, I have nothing to write.
  • This episode was a funny episode. Naruto and Kiba had to protect a priceless treasure. They never realized that the treasure was the person they were with. They fought weak enemies but the natural treasure was a pain to them but it was funny.

    This episode started off with the Fifth giving naruto his orders to protect a priceless tea cup. It could buy mountains. Well Kiba joined him on the trip and it was a trip in deed. FIrst off kiba and naruto risk their lives just to keep a giant safe from falling. THe person supposely with the cup jumped on naruto\'s head and collected the mini safe (contained tea cup). WEll their journey began, the person insulted kiba and naruto all through the episode. They wanted to kick his butt many times. But when it came down to it, nothing is worth a human\'s life. In the end the treasure was the person that was rude to naruto and kiba. He was a potter. Kiba and naruto were left dumbfounded as he left.