Season 3 Episode 16

The Will of Fire Still Burns

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 04, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Iruka is teaching class when another shinobi runs in and whispers a message to him. Iruka dismisses the class. Udon and Moegi are relieved to be out of class, but something is bugging Konohamaru. Konohamaru notices two ninjas taking stuff out of his grandfather's office. He yells at them to put it back, but they tell him that they must make room for the new Hokage. Konohamaru charges up the stairs and into the building when he runs into Tsunade. A brief and funny exchange between them takes place and Tsunades assistant tells her that it's time to meet the elders. They leave and as Konohamaru is standing there, Naruto runs into him. Naruto asks Konohamaru where Tsunade went and tells him that she is the next Hokage. Naruto then takes off after her and Konohamaru stands there in disbelief.

After a short meeting with the elders, Tsunade is leaving the building with her assistant when Naruto stops her. He reminds her that she needs to heal Sasuke, Kakashi, and Rock Lee. They go to Sasuke's room where Sakura has been watching him. Tsunade brings Sasuke out of his coma. Then they go and see Kakashi where she helps him too. Then it's time for her to see Rock Lee. She looks at Lee and tells Naruto he needs to leave and meet with Iruka. She then tells Lee and Gai that Lee's condition will prohibit him from ever becoming a shinobi. She tells them that the surgery has a 50% chance of success and 50% chance of death.

Naruto find Iruka and they have a short discussion. Sakura finds Lee on a bridge and gives him some flowers and tells him that he will be better, but she doesn't know the severity of his injuries. Tsunade does some research on the teams of genin and she comes across Lee's team. Later she sees a dejected Lee on the bridge and decides she must do something to improve his chances.

Meanwhile, Konohamaru has blockaded himself in Tsunade's new office (his grandfather's office) and refuses to let any one in and has it booby trapped. Naruto tries to get in and is stopped every time. Tsunade walks past Naruto and effortlessly evades the traps and gets a book right by Konohamaru. It is a book on cell regeneration. Konohamaru realizes that there is nothing he can do. He and Naruto pay a visit to the grave and then as they walk back through town, they overhear a conversation between Tsunade and Shizune about Rock Lee. Konohamaru realizes that she is the choice for Hokage and that no one will forget his grandfather.

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