Season 9 Episode 10

To Each His Own Path

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto arrives and Todoroki finds out that his brother is still alive. Naruto battles a shinobazu that is holding all the kids and Gantetsu captive. After defeating him, another shinobazu flies in and takes Akio, who knows the location of the treasure. Gantetsu confirms to Todoroki that that was his brother. Gantetsu tells everyone why he saved all the kids. Gantetsu, Naruto, Lee, and Todoroki go out to save Akio. The shinobazu torture Akio to get him to reveal the location of the treasure.
Gantetsu and the others arrive as Todoroki rushes toward the hideout of the shinobazu trying to rescue Akio. They are attacked but Rock Lee stays back to stop the attackers. Gantetsu, Naruto, and Todoroki go inside the hideout and find Akio lying on the ground unconscious. Todoroki rushes to Akio but Gantetsu stops him, getting himself caught in a trap, leaving Naruto and Todoroki battling Shuura. Shuura realizes a fire that burns the whole place while he escapes. Gantetsu tells Naruto to chase after Shuura while Todoroki remembers the incident that caused all this by looking at the fire. Naruto uses a inventive way to catch Shuura while he is in the air but it fails by him using a needle jutsu. Naruto uses the technique again and creates the Rasengan, which he uses on Shuura. Naruto defeats Shuura and steals his umbrella. Todoroki stabs himself to get over the memory of fire and manages to save both Akio and Gantetsu. All three of them manage to escape as they watch, with Lee, the hideout burn to ashes. Lee wonders what happen to Naruto but he arrives on the scene.
Gantetsu, Naruto, Lee, Akio, and Todoroki catch up to Sakura and the kids. Sakura tends to Akio's injuries. Gantetsu tells Todoroki he is ready to go to the capital but Todorioki says he will come up with a story saying Gantetsu died in the battle. All the kids are happy as well as Naruto. Todoroki tells Akio to stay with Gantetsu and the kids and he and Naruto, Sakura, and Lee go back to the village. Everything looks well except they get lost with Gantetsu leading them.