Season 9 Episode 10

To Each His Own Path

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Yet another filler arc that's way better than the rest

    This episode was a good ending to the shinobazu arc, in this the Ex-shinobazu (sorry i forgot his name) rescued Akio from the fire for the second time and Neruto, Lee, Sakura, Ex-shinobazu dude, and Akio's big bro (forgot his name also) save Akio and the other kids and defeat the shinobazu people ^_^ i like it a lot exept for at the end because they were stuck in the forest with no one to guide them and nobody was coming to save them so it was a cliffhanger and in 213 it didn't say anything about what happened so bye!
  • Good episode,but

    But when is Sasuke going to show up again?
    I am dying to know what happens to him since her went to the dark side. (wow, Star wars rip off)
    I feel bad that he chose another path, I feel bad for Sakura. Maybe she stills loves him.

    I haven't been following the series entirely ,but I hope Orochimaru is dead or something.
    But if Sasuke still has that cursed seal...can't Sakura break it? (Or did she already do that?...O_- )
    In episode 33 or 31 (I think)she stopped him by hugging him in a way, what if She kisses him?
    Will it break the curse or something?
  • well sorry my review is late this episode was about....

    todoroki bother getting kid nap the by the other members of the bad guys and naruto gantetsu and todorkoi saving todoroki bother then todorkoi lets gantetsu him go and they dont not finnish the mission it was above ok i guess now this is a very special review because i am going to tell you have you can watch naruto and tell you a little about myself because mabey you can see the episode of my point of view well this is how i see naruto frist you go on then you tpye in naruto episode [ then the episode number you want] then click on search or what some body told me [ i would tell who it was but i cant because i am not sure if she or he would want me to because it has some thing to do with the law] you go on www.naruto then you can see episodes and get a ton of naruto info its really cool i would say any naruto lover should go on now about me frist of thank you for reading my reviews and 2 the the rumor i told you about i got it wrong its really a speacil now about me i am a girl frist off i know right now everybody is wow right now if you did not get my icon and i hate it when girls cant naruto over all thanks for reading my reviews
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