Season 6 Episode 15

Ton Ton! I'm Counting on You!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Meh.

    For the most part it was pretty boring; Mizuki is a pretty uninspiring villain and a couple of toned and bigger muscles added to him isn't going to really change things. The story so far is pretty mediocre; basically, Mizuki set up this whole prison break because he has a love crush for Orochimaru. His little melodrama with his former lover, Tsukabi, was just way too melodramatic and actually made me a bit drowsy. And other than that, just about nothing really happened in this episode. At least this episode had one big laugh; when the idiot brothers had trouble counting all of Naruto's shadow replications.
  • hi :)

    first of i didnt see alot of this episode so dont shout at me if i make a mistake. so the idiot brothers and mizuki are on the loose. they find a squad led by none other than some jonin. they take the entire squad down with relative ease. ton ton the pig somehow tells naruto of this and goes after the idiot brothers and mizuki. iruka comes also. naruto fights the brothers and iruka fights mizuki. naruto proves to be no match for his opponet and mizuki has iruka at knifepoint. kind of a suspenseful ending. plz view my profile !
  • Mizuki and the Idiot Brothers are on the loose.

    Naruto goes to the prison and finds Asuma and Kurenai are badly wounded. The medical ninja team shows up and start to work on everyone. They take everyone back to the hospital in the Leaf Village. Tsunade asks Asuma what happened and Asuma tells her that all the prisoners had been let out and Mizuki escaped with Fuujin and Raijin in the confusion. Naruto overhears and fusses at Tsunade about the fact that they're almost certain that Orochimaru is involved somehow. Tsunade stops Naruto outside the hospital. Ton Ton comes running up and Naruto knows that something has happened to Tsunade's assistant...
  • Why do I always notice these things?!?

    I have this weird ability to sense when a character is in disguise... I don't know why, but somehow I knew "S-h-i-z-u-n-e" wasn't the real one! The same thing happened in that one filler episode when she was masquerading as Tsunade. Whatever, I'll just write the stupid review. Mizuki's still loose, S-h-i-z-u-n-e and her squad take him on, they kicked their butts kicked, Tonton goes back to tell Tsunade, she sends Iruka and Pakkun and Naruto out to find them, they find "S-h-i-z-u-n-e" and it turns out to be Mizuki, and then they all take on Fujin and Raijin. It was your typical filler episode.
  • Good and Funny!

    In this episode Naruto meets some villans from the past. And I mean last year. After breaking out of jail two brothers: The Idiot Brothers, (Not the best name) are bribed by a foe of Naruto (Not saying who, it may ruin the episode incase you missed it). The episode is pretty good, but not as good as last Saturdays. The two latest episodes seems to have slowed down. There not filled with action but it can still be found in this episode. The Idiot Brothers are not the best characters, but I still find their comments funny. I suggest you still watch this episode, but some of you make not like it.
  • Naruto and Iruka goes after Mizuki and the two idiot brothers...and thats where the fun part is goint to start!

    ok..first of all..others might think it was average..ok i agree..but feels really adventurage to me..its fun..of course..and yeah it kinda annoyed me that naruto kept talking about getting sasuke back from orochimaru..and i thought Jiraiya already told him and they even went to the Rice country! yeah yeah..but he is wanting sakura to be happy that sasuke is going to be back..err anyway! once again two senseis are taken to the hospital right along with the guards..and i was like..woah..those two guys are really strong...although i will not see the next two..*sighs* sad..err anyway soon Tsunade's pig Ton Ton comes and i love the pig ^-^ she is soo cute..and kinda tells Tsunade but naruto is like in a hurry and kinda guesses and actually is right..and immediately takes off with her coming with him..and meanwhile..didnt know this until but Mizuki had a girlfriend which was Zabaki i think thats her name..comes to her place for awhile to eat err get dressed in different clothing..while she is worried mostly and tries to coax him to not go to Orochimaru but he doesnt listen..and what really got him mad was she told him even naruto risked his life to save the area..but mizuki really gets upset..thats when he is..err idk like having crazy thoughts..and laughs like he went so she is really sad and hugs him to stay..but idk really what he did but i think he knocks the air out of her..and goes later on naruto and ton ton joins with iruka and kakashi's dog..and ton ton goes back. so they are off and then they get closer and sees the fake shisune which is mizuki..and heads off..and then soon they find out they are trapped in a valley and then i thought this was funny but naruto did his multi jutsu..and the two brothers..were like lol wow this is a lot..and one of the brothers was like there wasnt enough fingers and his other was like here! and he was like ahh ur soo clever lol! ^-^ i say in some was like uh huh..but otherwise it was quite humorous..^-^
  • Not as good as other episodes.

    I mean it's a filler. But seriously, it wasn't that good. There was barely any suspense. It was the same thing. Orochimaru. Naruto goes crazy. Fight ensues. I also picked up on the fake Shi*une thing fast as well. I mean, it was a good episode overall, but really it was just average. I know I am kind of going hard on it for being a filler and everything but seriously. Now to try to fill up this space. I hope the next episode is better. I don't think too many people liked this arc that much anyway so we'll see. Off to more episodes!
  • The brother's are a few noodles short of a ramen bowl.Mizuki has a couple of new tricks up his sleeve.When he doesnt have any. :P

    I still want to see the brothers in action. Since they beat up everyone in their path I think Mizuki is a little crazy. (overstatement) But it seems he has become a better ninja tactic wise.And yet he still has the control of the brothers.Jail can do alot of things to you. Not a bad episode but it was somewhat fillerish.
  • Filler, but good filler.

    Sometimes, not all filler episodes are bad things. In the case of a show, based on an ongoing manga series, they are pretty important, allowing the manga's plot to outpace the tv series. That said, there is a lot of meat in the this episode with Naruto, Iruka-sensei, and Mizuki. Mizuki it is revealed is apparently married or involved with someone special that he wants to protect, which gives him the motivation to be Orochimaru's lapdog. Iruka-sensei is given a first-hand look at how much his former student has grown. In the Naruto-verse, this episode occurs almost a year after Naruto's graduation from the Ninja Academy. Fans have speculated that Mizuki's role was part of a larger conspiracy, either with Orochimaru or AKATSUKI. At least in the anime we're getting to see it.
  • This episode picks up where an old follower of Orochimaru has just escaped from Jail. Naruto is now obsessed with defeating Orochimaru and in order to find more information follows the trail to a trap that set for the Kyuubi. A Jailbird wants his reveng

    Naruto starts off very angry at Orochimaru for stealing Sasuke. He has lost a friend but more than this he has let Sakura down. Naruto is determined to find out any information possible. So against the wishes of Tsunade Naruto leaves with Ton-Ton on the scent of the villans. Tsunade sends Naruto's old teacher Iruka Umino to search for him and bring back the prisoners on an S Class mission. Naruto did not realize that this person he was searching for was the same one that had him steal the scrolls from the village in the very begining of the series. The reunion is touching as Mizuki dips into the relm of insane revenge. He is now an avenger seeking the head of the Kyuubi. A battle starts after Naruto is lead into a trap by Mizuki posing as Shizune. The fight begins with Naruto fighting Fuujin and Raijin. Iruka Umino fights Mizuki.

    This episode has a lot of actions but no real action. Things happen and time passes but nothing builds any plot. Wow, someone wants revenge..I think we have heard this one before. Naruto is a bullheaded as ever and leaps into a battle. This episode is just a filler to take up time. Naruto is now in a fight and it might be interesting to see how he gets out of this one being definately over powered by two brick walls and a muscle bound avenger.