Season 7 Episode 11

Too Late For Help

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 10, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto, Neji, and Tenten report to Mousou on their mission and he tells them that their mission is now complete. Naruto starts to complain, but Neji stops him. As they are packing up, Neji tells Naruto to go ahead and investigate the ghost while he and Tenten handle the investigation their own way. Shishima is puzzled as to why they would keep up the investigation when everything seems to have been solved. He goes to Mousou's house to tell him what the Leaf Ninja are doing when he stumbles upon a meeting. It seems at first that Mousou is talking to no one until Shishima looks to the ceiling and sees the ninja that tried to assassinate lord Sagi. He makes a sound and the ninjas attack. They wound Shishima and he runs away with the ninjas not far behind.

Meanwhile, Naruto continues his investigation. He talks to some people and then returns to the site where they fought the ghost twice. He summons the two small frogs, Gamatatsu and Gamakichi, to help. As they talk, Gamatatsu tries to jump up into a tree and pulls down a large black kite. Naruto realizes this must be how the ghost was able to fly. Then they go inside the temple. They don't see anything and are about to leave when Gamatatsu says that it feels cool inside when it should be hot. Naruto pokes the ground with his kunai knife and finds a trapdoor.

Shishima runs through some bamboo plants and tries to lose his pursuers. He gets to the edge of a river and falls in. The ninjas get to the water's edge and don't see Shishima and assumed that he has drowned. But Shishima has used a piece of bamboo to breath through while staying underwater.

Naruto comes out of the other side of the tunnel at the feudal lord's house. As he and the two frogs are looking around, Gamatatsu sets off an alarm and Naruto is caught. Lord Sagi shows up and tells Naruto that the penalty for trespassing is death and Naruto is taken away.

Neji and Tenten are investigating the tomb of the last feudal lord when Neji uses his Byakugan and sees that the feudal lord had been poisoned. Neji then sees that they have been surrounded by the royal guards. The guards tell them they must leave at once and that Naruto has been caught and is going to be put to death. Neji and Tenten get away and run into Kakashi in the woods. Neji wants to go back and rescue Naruto, but Kakashi tells them that they must return to the Leaf Village.

As Naruto is in his cell wrapped up in a straight jacket preventing him from using his arms and hands, he hears someone coming. Gamakichi and Gamatatsu are in the cell with Naruto, but can't help him. The person opens the cell door and Naruto sees that he is The Cursed Warrior ghost. The ghost attacks Naruto again and again, but Naruto is able to dodge the attacks. After several close calls that cut into the straight jacket, Naruto is able to break free. Naruto punches the ghost and the mask breaks and the ghost is knocked to the cell door. It's lord Sagi! Sagi tells Naruto that since he knows too much he will be executed immediately.