Season 7 Episode 11

Too Late For Help

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 10, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • What is this I don't even

    All I really have to say to this episode is what? This story isn't really confusing, but it's dragging the hell out of things. No excitement is really being built up for the now revealed mysterious ghost. It's going far beyond than it should, sort of like the Raiga arc. Though the highlight of this episode is the far amusing and natural comedian, Gamatatsu! Everything he does is just so amusing, and he always happens to be doing the wrong and right things at the wrong and right time. An awesome character, he really needs his own spinoff. Or better yet, dedicate most of the filler to Gamtatsu.
  • I knew it!!!

    Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Go me! Go me! I so totally knew it was Sagi behind that mask! Woot woot! Party over here! Woot woot! Party over there! ^_^ Pardon me, I've just come back from an SRC Bowling Party with my pals. :P OK, OK, so Tenten and Neji tell Naruto that they're going home, and that the mission is over. He refuses to believe this, so Naruto does some snooping on the Cursed Warrior, and after attempting to summon Gamabunta, and actually summoning his sons, Gamakichi and Gamatatsu instead, is captured by Lord Sagi's soldiers, thrown into the dungeon, and sentenced to die. When he's in the dungeon, the Cursed Warrior attacks him, but Naruto wins and tears his mask off, only to find out that it's actually Lord Sagi behind the mask. SHABAM! I so knew it! Anyway Neji and Tenten find out about Naruto's sentence, and are very worried. They form a plan to rescue him, but Kakashi pops up and tells them that their duty is to Konoha, and they must leave Naruto behind. The two (LOVE BIRDS!!!!!) are reluctant, but they go with Kakashi back home. Only they DON'T go home!!! BHWAHAHA!!!!! 200 words!
  • Naruto investigates the ghost.

    Even though Koumei has confessed and everything seems to fit. Neji and Naruto feel that something is still amiss. Naruto goes off on his own to investigate the ghost. Shishima discovers that Mousou is behind the assassination attempt on lord Sagi when he sees the ninja with Mousou. He is wounded but is able to get away by falling into water and using a bamboo tube to breath. Naruto stumbles onto several things that explain what caused the ghost to fly and how he appeared at the temple with the help of the two frogs that he summoned. But as he is investigating around lord Sagi's house, he is caught and is sentenced to death....
  • More of the mystery of the Cursed Warrior comes to light.

    In this episode, we learn that it was not Komei who was involved with the Cursed Warrior, but Lord Moso was the one behind it all. Moso used Komei's trained ninja to do the dirty work for him so that he wouldn't be suspected of doing any of it, and get one step closer to assassinate Sagi, and become new feudal lord of the Land Of Birds! Meanwhile, Naruto learns about the things to do the entire Cursed Warrior scenario, but gets caught by Sagi, and sends him to the dungeon! Naruto tries to get out, however, the Cursed Warrior comes in to kill Naruto, and guess who it is? Lord Sagi. After trying to convince him that vengeance is wrong, Sagi gives Naruto the death penalty! Is this the end of Naruto? Hopefully not! A 10 out of 10.
  • Suspenseful!

    This episode has so much twist and turn and suspense and plot and all of that stuff. Woah. This had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I watched it. Sagi is evil... pure evil! He pretty much ordered his master person to kill his best friend! Oh my gosh! And then Sagi tries to kill Naruto, and then Tenten and Neji get surrounded and everything! I did not expect any of this to happen, I am in a state of complete and other shock. This was so exciting, it didn't have the best action from the other two, but the suspense and drama kept me going the entire time and I never meant it so much when I say that I cannot wait to see the next epiosde!
  • It may be filler, but the twists of this episode keep your interest more than a filler episode should.

    At first I was thinking of skipping the whole ghost filler arc because I can't say the previous episodes were exciting or anything. After watching this episode I am glad I stuck with it. It's no longer a simple mission, there is information and plot twists that complicate the mission, making it easier to watch this part of the filler. Not to mention it ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger, with Kakashi saying something completely out of character. Definately watch the whole "Naruto/Neji/Tenten Ghost" filler arc. I haven't seen the conclusion to the full arc but I'm sure it will be a good one.
  • A little bit more info on this case.

    For a retarded frog Gamatatsu didnt do that bad of a job. Sagi seems to be upset about his fathers death, going all around posing as a ghost. Know he wants Naruto out of his country. But the real reason his father died was of poison. But who would do such a thing? When the cause seems to get deeper, kakashi shows up telling Neji "dont do things beyond your mission"