Season 7 Episode 11

Too Late For Help

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 10, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • More of the mystery of the Cursed Warrior comes to light.

    In this episode, we learn that it was not Komei who was involved with the Cursed Warrior, but Lord Moso was the one behind it all. Moso used Komei's trained ninja to do the dirty work for him so that he wouldn't be suspected of doing any of it, and get one step closer to assassinate Sagi, and become new feudal lord of the Land Of Birds! Meanwhile, Naruto learns about the things to do the entire Cursed Warrior scenario, but gets caught by Sagi, and sends him to the dungeon! Naruto tries to get out, however, the Cursed Warrior comes in to kill Naruto, and guess who it is? Lord Sagi. After trying to convince him that vengeance is wrong, Sagi gives Naruto the death penalty! Is this the end of Naruto? Hopefully not! A 10 out of 10.