Season 7 Episode 11

Too Late For Help

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 10, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Tenten: Kakashi-sensei, Naruto's in big trouble!
      Neji: We have to find him quickly and mount a rescue mission.
      Kakashi: We can't do that.
      Neji: What?
      Kakashi: Sorry, your mission's over.
      Neji: But sensei!
      Kakashi: You'll do nothing beyond your mission.

    • Tenten: So creepy... These are all the tombs of the past feudal lords, right?
      Neji: Yes, this one is the tomb of Lord Oowashi. (Neji uses his Byakugan to see inside the tomb) What is that?!
      Tenten: Wha-What is it, Neji? Are you seeing something?
      Neji: I sense something poisonous inside Lord Oowashi's body. Was he assassinated?

    • Sagi: Now that you know everything you do, we cannot let you survive! You have trespassed on the land of the feudal palace, and the punishment for that is death!
      Naruto: Huh? You're kiddin' me?!

    • Naruto: Sagi? You were the other Cursed Warrior? But why?
      Sagi: They say only a ghost can accomplish true vengeance, but that is nothing more than a dirty lie! This watch had been handed down from generation to generation of feudal lords. It was supposed to be passed on from father to son, but no more. The moment my father perished, the watch stopped ticking. It's as it felt the true pain of death. The only reason I continue this shameless life is to get my revenge.

    • Gamatatsu: Big brother, aren't we going to help him?
      Gamakichi: If we tried anything, that big guy would slice us in two.
      Gamatatsu: That doesn't sound like fun.

    • Gamatatsu: Wow, a lord lives there?
      Gamakichi: That would explain why it's so fancy.
      Naruto: That secret tunnel we found leads here?
      (They hear a splash and go check it out)
      Naruto: What the heck was that spashing?
      (They see a woman bathing)
      Gamakichi: Woo hoo! You got a pretty nice view from here!

    • (Naruto opens up a trapdoor in the floor)
      Gamakichi: What's down there?
      Gamatatsu: It's so big. I wonder if a gigantic worm built all this? Or maybe an enormous mole?

    • Gamakichi: Let's move out, Gamatatsu.
      Gamatatsu: Come on big brother, Gamakichi. It's so nice and cool and relaxing.
      Gamakichi: (Hops over to Gamatatsu) Ah, what are you talkin' about? This place should be hot and humid. (A gust of cool air comes out from the ground) You're right for once, little bro'. That is a nice moist breeze.
      Gamatatsu: See, doesn't it make you want to take a nap?

    • Naruto: Of course. If someone flew these under the cover of night, a Cursed Warrior hanging off a black kite would look like he's flying. And just like that, the mystery of the levitating warrior is solved.

    • Gamatatsu: Big bro', Gamakichi, what do you think this is? (Pulls down large black kite and falls on him) Oh oh. Who turned out the lights? Is it night already? (Yawns) Good night then. (Naruto lifts the kite off of him) Rise and shine.

    • Naruto: Why is a toad trying to jump up to that branch?
      Gamakichi: What's that moron up to?

    • Gamatatsu: Oh, haven't seen you in a while. You have a snack for me?
      Naruto: Are you kidding me? Why is it you guys?
      Gamakichi: Dad's busy, so I guess you're stuck with us.

    • Neji: Hold it! I'm still leader of this team.
      Naruto: (Growls) Yeah, and what does that have to do with it?
      Neji: The team is not yet finished with the Cursed Warrior. Tenten and I will study this from a different angle.
      Tenten: What? But you just said the mission's over.
      Neji: Naruto, you do have a valid point. The whole matter was resolved much too quickly.

    • Gamatatsu: Hey, if we meet a giant mole, how do you think we're supposed to greet him?

    • Naruto: Hey, you guys have a better sense of smell than humans, don't ya?
      Gamakichi: What'd we look like? Puppies or something?

    • Naruto: Living life to seek revenge is no life at all.

    • Gamatatsu: Gamakichi-niichan! I wonder what this is... (Pulls on a string and a kite falls down on top of him) Waa, it's dark, it's night! Good night...

      ~Japanese version

    • Sagi: I wouldn't expect you to understand the heart of somebody who has had everything taken from them!
      Naruto: How would I know that?! But, at least I know that it's a mistake to continue living just for revenge.

      ~Japanese version

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