Season 3 Episode 15

Tsunade's Warning: Ninja No More!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 28, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Surprisingly mature.

    One of the better and more emotional episodes ever since Lee's past in his fight against Gaara, and that was literally fifty episodes ago! There were just so many great sequences here, the first being with Konohamaru getting bitter about cleaning up the third's office and still refusing to believe that he is truly gone. The second was Shikamaru's talk with his dad about wome, which I can sometimes agree on, very relatable. The third is the small scene when Sakura is hugging Sasuke and Naruto all of a sudden feels distant, and the last is Lee being told it is either do or die with his surgery. It was sad hearing Lee being forced a decision, especially after all the hard word he has put into gaining his speed and strength. Though what was truly the most effective scene was Naruto being considerate and letting Sakura pour her feelings to Sasuke. It lasted only five seconds but it told an hour worth of things with just those five seconds. Truly great episode.
  • A somber moment for Rock Lee

    This show starts with Kiba and Akamaru jumping thru the trees and Akamaru is marking his territory with Kiba egging him on to do it. This in turn disturbs Shino who is trying to collect more bugs. Hinata shows up and Shino reassures her that she will find her unique strenth one day. While in the village, Iruka's class is interrupted again due to the arrival of the Fifth Hokage (Tsunade). Konohamaru is upset with the fact they are moving out the Third Hokage's (his grandfather) stuff. After a run in with Tsunade and then Naruto he learns that Tsunade is going to be the Fifth Hokage and this really upsets him. Tsunade goes to the hospital with Naruto and heals Sasuke and Kakashi. She then tells Naruto to go see Iruka after seeing the shape Lee is in. She tell Guy and Lee that Lee's injuries are too severe for her to heal him. He would require a dangerous surgery that only has a 50% chance of being successful. He could die in the process. The scene ends with Lee not saying a word and hobbling down the hallway...
  • In my favorite episode of Naruto, a couple of characters have to face an inner demon when Tsunade arrives.

    First of all, I would like to say that although this is my favorite episode of Naruto, I do not like Tsunade in this episode. You will find out later. Naruto, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Tsunade's assistant (I know her name), and Ton-Ton are in Konoha. Konohamaru does not want to accept the fact that a new Hokage is replacing his grandfather (person 1 with an inner demon). Later, we see Tsunade and Naruto in the hospital while Tsunade has to heal Sasuke, Kakashi, and Lee in that order. Sasuke and Kakashi heal, but there is one problem: Tsunade can't heal Lee (you now know why I didn't like Tsunade in that episode. Maybe it's due to the fact that I am a Rock Lee fan girl). Tsunade wants Lee to give up being a shinobi because the surgery has a 50% success rate and if Tsunade fails, Lee will die (both Lee and his sensei have inner demons as well). How will these 3 people face their inner demons? Well, we'll have to keep watching the show!
  • Tsunade finally comes to Konoha

    This is the episode where Lady Tsunade finally comes home to Konohagakure to become the 5th Hokage, the first female one. Well, knowing Tsunade, she dreads work, kinda like the female version of Shikamaru..... Anyway, Tsunade gets fed up with all the important stuff she has to do and leaves everything to S h i z u n e and her other helpers. Instead, she goes to the hospital and heals Kakashi and Sasuke, who's minds had been turned off and they went into comas due to Itachi's Tsukuyomi. Sakura, who had been with Sasuke everyday while he was asleep, hugged him. Naruto got jealous, seeing the one he loved with his rival. Then Tsunade goes to visit Lee, and discovers the injuries Gaara did to his spine was too much for her. She tells him to stop being a shinobi and chose a different path because there is only a 50% chance that he'll survive the operation.
  • Well it's a start.

    Meh, so many fillers have got me drunkily asking for more and better aepisodes of Naruto, and with today's episode I guess it was a start. Next week's will looks bad already. On the episode itself, I've got to say Sasuke looks very different without his headband. And Sakura, I swear she's got to be that one stupid over emotional girl in the story that blows everything out of proportaion and makes the story feel cheesy. But really it was good for the most part. I just hope Konohamaru doesn't turn into a emo person, we have enough already.
    Only playing, but he's going through some pretty rough crap for a kid. He'll turn out good though. Have fun waiting for my next review.
  • Emo episode?

    When I said emo in the summary I didn't mean goth emo, I meant emotional. I don't feel sorry for Konohamaru sorry he's just an annoying brat but it was a little sad seeing him like that. ( Tsunade still pawns all ). It was so cool when Sakura went all huggy wuggy on Sasuke ( yay Sasuke and Sakura ). I feel sorry for Kakashi and Tsunade's mean insult about him and how he looked but at least he was healed. Too bad for Lee, I felt sorry for him ( manga reference ). So it was a great episode not too superb but still great.
  • Tsunade is the new hokage will Komahamaru accept her as the new hokage?

    Everyone is excited that Tsunade is back.However Komahamaru,isn't happy that his grandfather stuff was being packed away and also that an new hokage is coming.He doesn't accept the fact that the old lady aka Tsunade is the new hokage.Something that he doesn't want to believed.Naruto takes Tsunade to the hospital,so she can heal Sasuke and Kakashi.Even Rock Lee,however she tells Rock Lee,that he should give up on being an shinobi.Gai isn't too happy about the descusion that Tsunade suggest.Neither is Rock Lee.Which made him left the room.