Season 6 Episode 12

Two Heartbeats: Kabuto's Trap

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Sakura glimpses Orochimaru behind Kabuto and drops her kunai. Fear grips her and tears stream down her face. She drops to her knees, trembling, as Orochimaru gives Kabuto the order to kill her.

Visions of Sasuke flood Sakura's mind. She remembers the night he left. When she begged him not to leave. When he told her she was annoying. When he came up behind her, whispering thank you, before knocking her out.

The memory gives her the strength to pull herself together. When Orochimaru turns to walk away, she asks where Sasuke is. Has he already taken over Sasuke's body? Kabuto explains that Sasuke was late so Orochimaru transferred into another before he arrived. However, Sasuke couldn't handle the seal and died. Regardless, he's going to kill her now, so if she dies, she'll meet Sasuke in the other world. Kabuto spins a kunai on his finger with a wicked grin across his face and throws at her. Paralyzed with emotion, Sakura closes her eyes and thinks of Sasuke.

Naruto bursts in front of her just in time to smack the kunai away. With a quick warning not to trust Kabuto, he picks up Sakura and moves her to safety. He then Kage Bunshins. With each of his clones behind different poles, he taunts Kabuto in various ways. Not amused, Kabuto grabs a handful of kunai and hurls them in all directions at the clones. When he's virtually out of kunai, the clones rush him.

Kabuto retaliates with Katon: Kasumi Engo no Jutsu (Fire spell: Mist covering technique) blowing wind through the candle flames and setting the group of clones on fire. They jump up and down in pain before disappearing, giving Naruto a brief opportunity to form Rasengan and smash it into Kabuto's abdomen. The hit sends him flying backwards through several poles before slamming into the back wall.

He then quizzes Kabuto. If he and Orochimaru are here, Sasuke must be here too. Kabuto laughs when Naruto's body refuses to move. When he looks closer, he realizes that Kabuto attached an unbreakable chakra string between his own heart and Naruto's. Now their hearts are bound together. If Kabuto's heart beats faster, Naruto's does as well. If he dies, Naruto also will. Kabuto then reaches into his own chest and rips out his beating heart, holding it so Naruto and Sakura can see.

Kabuto gives the heart a squeeze and Naruto collapses in pain. Sakura lunges at Kabuto in frustration, but he reminds her that if she kills him, Naruto will die as well. She pulls a kunai and tries to saw through the string, but it won't break. According to Kabuto, even Tsunade wouldn't be able to tear through it.

Suddenly, Sasame runs towards Sakura and hands her a talisman. If she attaches the talisman to the kunai, she'll be able to cut through the string. It works, but Naruto falls backwards, unconscious. Sakura thinks he's dead and falls on top of him, crying. Then she hears Naruto's heart beating faster. When she looks up, his face his bright red.

After regaining composure, Naruto explains that after he fell into the pit, it began filling with water. He and Gamakichi frantically searched the ceiling for the trigger but without luck. Above them, Sasame saw a pool of water rising from the floor and stepped on the trigger, inadvertently freeing Naruto and the frog. Sasame also knew about the chakra string because it's a Fuuma clan technique.

And Kabuto would have gotten away with it if not for those pesky kids. Naruto walks over and rips off his mask, revealing none other than... Kagerou! Orochimaru revived her to face off against Konoha one last time while he and Kabuto got the heck out. Sasame asks where Arashi is. Kagerou looks over at a nearby door before dying.

Cautiously, Naruto walks over to the door with the girls close behind. They open slowly and Orochimaru walks out. He then pulls off his mask - it's Arashi but in a monstrously hideous form. To create one super powered Fuuma clansman, Orochimaru combined Arashi, Kamikiri, and Jigumo into one body.

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