Season 6 Episode 12

Two Heartbeats: Kabuto's Trap

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Kind of sad how much Orochimaru has used the Fuuma clan.

    Although this episode was pretty average and the action, while nothing over the top, was average as well, it was kind of emotional to say the least. At first I thought that was really Kabuto, but it was Kagerou who was presumably dead from the previous episode. The whole sequence between Kagerou tying his own heart with Naruto's was a little bit intense, not something I'd expect from a filler. What was more surprising was how it followed up; the string was unbreakable, but can be severed with a talisman that only the Fuuma clan possesses. That really made me go "Oh dang so that means..."
  • Holy cow! Did they really show that?

    Sakura is facing Kabuto and Orochimaru. Sakura demands to know what happened to Sasuke. Orochimaru tells Kabuto to tell her then leaves. Kabuto tells Sakura that Sasuke died and that she would soon join him. She feels that now she has no usefulness and is about to get hit with Kabuto's kunai when Naruto blocks the kunai with his own. He tells Sakura not to believe Kabuto and uses his shadow clones to attack Kabuto. Kabuto jumps and uses a fire style jutsu to get rid of the clones, but Naruto is behind him with his Rasengan and uses it on Kabuto. Things are looking up when....
  • First words that come to mind "did I just see what i saw?"

    Wowwww... this episod had a lot of action, plot twists and voilencr to make it a great one. At the begining of American aired episode there was a parental advisory warninig. I figured Naruto couldn't possibly be airing an uncut episode could they? I along with a milloin other viewers were in for a shock. Kabuto being on deaths door cathing the bad end of a Rasengan then rips his heart out of his chest thats STILL BEATING and connects it to Narutos using chakra strings. What a (literall} heart wrenching climax and a sad ending all in all i give this episode a 9 out of 10
  • Oooooooh, SCARY!!!!!

    Well, Sakura tried to take Kabuto on her own... You can imagine how that turned out. *rolls eyes* Anyway, so Naruto had to come and save her. AGAIN! OMG, she always says that she'll change, but will she really? I seriously doubt it. Anyway, Sakura dodges some bullets from Kabuto, and he tells her that her beloved boyfriend Sasuke is dead. LOL, you should've seen Sakura's face! It was freakin' hysterical! Ahem, I'm sorry, that was rude. Anyway, Naruto shows up and saves her sorry butt and he takes on Kabuto, and there's fighting, yatta, yatta, yatta. Basically, it was your basic Naruto filler episode. So Naruto uses the Rasengan to knock the air out of him, then Kabuto reaches into his own chest and pulls out his heart. And Naruto discovers that Kabuto attached strings to Naruto's heart, combining his and Kabuto's! Kabuto says he will commit suicide, and Naruto will die with him! And Sakura is standing by, acting totally useless, until Sasame shows up and cuts the strings. And Kabuto rips his face off, only to reveal that he is that one chick named Kagerou, who is supposed to be dead. Then she dies, and the three continue to the next room to see Arashi.
  • What an episode!I never expected something this graphic!

    This episode was great!At first it is pretty normal with the fighting and all,but after the rasengen I couldn't blink!When Kabuto's voice changed,I knew it was about to get good.Then when he reached into his chest,I was so surprised when he ripped out his own heart,arteries and vains still attached.I hadn't seen the parental warning and had no idea that this great show could show this on cartoon network,even with the parental warning.I really hope there are more of these in the future.I know this isn't in the manga but it was a "grade A" episode and should have aired on Valentines day!
  • Dude... that was creepy!

    This episode is probably the creepiest episode of Naruto there will ever be. It even had a "Parental Discretion is Advised" thing! At least they didn't have to edit any of it then. In the episodes, Kabuto fights Naruto and gets annoyed with the shadow clones. Naruto hits Kabuto in the stomach with Rasengan and he flies into a wall. But when Naruto attacked him, he bound him in pure chakra strings, so Naruto can't move. Their hearts are connected, and Kabuto takes out his own heart squeezes it, hurting Naruto as well. Sasame gives Sakura a tag to put on her kunai so it can cut through chakra. She frees Naruto. It is revealed that Kabuto isn't really Kabuto at all... it's Kagerou in disguise. Kagerou dies after telling Sasame not to find her cousin because he's very different from before. Overall, a great episode.
  • ok this was like horror but was good episode..

    Ok..this was like a horror show but was still good one naruto did his shadow clone jutsu and was appearing behind the pillars..and kabuto was getting irritated so whoosh! out came like 8 kunias..and then went bam bam bam! until he was down to one..but then really it was a poser pretending to be him..oh and before naruto fought had flashback when sasuke said thanks to her..cus kabuto told her that he was dead to make her weak at that moment..anyway..when naruto defeats kabuto..he somehow wrapped cord around him going into his heart.. which is really sad..when sakura tries and couldnt..and then the girl comes and gives sakura piece of paper on there and told her to wrap it around her kunia which she did and sliced through the cord..disconnecting kabuto and naruto..oh yeah lol which really surprised me was when kabuto grabbed his heart right out of him and i was like ewwww. lol but otherwise this was a good episode, despite the ehh grotesque part..but otherwise it was really good^-^
  • That was horror...

    I felt like this episode was straight from a horror film. As I watched it on my laptop my hand was covering my mouth the entire time... it was so creepy. I almost thought that Kabuto really was taking his heart out... and when Naruto was dieing and you actually got to see the heart, wow, that was disgusting and scary. They would've all died if Sasame didn't show up. That was so freaky. And in the end it was that girl. Or boy. Or thing. And then they meet Arashi, or so it seems. Creepy! I am wondering where Jiraiya was the entire time. Well, off to the next episode! *shivers*
  • It was pretty creepy. It had that horror movie feel.

    Wow I never thought Naruto could get that weird. Although it was a little fillerish, it was scary. I mean you dont all ways see someone pull their heart out or have two heads come out their body. But i guess the action was decent. Saseme isnt that bad of a character after all
  • A fight with Naruto and Kabuto. Sakura has flashbacks about Sasuke leaving.

    this episode was scary. The reason why is because Kabuto used this kind of glowing blue chain and trapped Naruto in it. Then Kabuto took his own heart out. It was so nasty! Sakura thought that Naruto was dead and started to sob on him, that made Naruto red and blush. Sakura called him an idiot (like always). In this episode, Sakura seems to have more respect for Naruto. I would like to see this episode again.
  • This episode was pretty good. Action, suspense, turnovers, revelations, everything. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

    This episode showed the battle with "Kabuto" which involved more than two people, as you might have thought. When you'll see the episode, you'll understand why I put those quotation marks.... Orochimaru makes a slight entrance, nothing big. Sasame comes and saves Naruto. Sakura, who thought Naruto was dead, is relieved to see that he isn't. But what was very interesting was the end, after the credits, when Sakura says she always relied on Naruto before, but that she is tired of that. She wants to change all of that and asks Naruto to help her. Seems interesting, huh?? I'm in a hurry to see Episode 141, as usual. Gotta wait Wednesday... *sigh*