Season 2 Episode 26

Ultimate Defense: Zero Blind Spot!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 18, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Neji teaches Naruto a lesson about the Hyuuga family...during the frikkin fight.

    It is Naruto vs. Neji, shadow replication vs. the byukugan. Neji underestimated Naruto's skills, but even with a cleverly thought up plan, Neji's advanced ninja techniques that are on par with jounin level techniques overwhelm Naruto. The entire Hyuuga family is taken by storm when they see him perform the divination wind. For some reason Neji decides to tell Naruto about his family history and how fate decides everything.

    The episode opened up with what seemed like a promising battle, and then Neji had to tell a story. I hate it when things like this happen; after two people duke it out for a while, one of them decides to tell them about their sorrowful past and the battle ends with that person changing his views on life completely. Sure I guess Neji's story is pretty sad, but he should be pounding Naruto into the ground, not telling his frikkin past.
  • Neji is unstoppable

    First it looked like Neji was going to defeat Naruto and win the battle. However Naruto thought of a move that fooled Neji. Then Neji Hyuga does the heavenly spin. Now tenten is cheering for him. HIashi says that the heavenly spin was only taught to the main heir, but he learned it through simple observation. Neji is incredible. HIs attacks are more dynamic and he seemed unstoppable. Also that 64 palms heavenly attack was really a true power. Naruto just stood there. It was incredible. Hiashi even said that Neji was talented. He will surpass the hyuga's. naruto hang in there.
  • Neji's technique's are on defense.

    First it looked like Neji was going to defeat Naruto and win the battle. However Naruto thought of a move that fooled Neji. Then Neji Hyuga does the heavenly spin. Now tenten is cheering for him. HIashi says that the heavenly spin was only taught to the main heir, but he learned it through simple observation. Neji is incredible. HIs attacks are more dynamic and he seemed unstoppable. Also that 64 palms heavenly attack was really a true power. Naruto just stood there. It was incredible. Hiashi even said that Neji was talented. He will surpass the hyuga's. naruto hang in there.
  • Here comes Part 4 of my 5-Part Review Special!....

    Announcer: Welcome back, everyone! This is the Naruto Top Five Countdown, where the top five Naruto Episodes from seasons 1 thru 5 are counted down. At number 2 is another Flashback Episode. Only this time, Naruto finds himself battling against the formidable Neji Hyuga, who uses gentle fist-style taijutsu and a powerful spinning chakra shield which seems to thwart Naruto's every attack! Then, Neji reveals a curse mark on his forehead. He then reveals how he got it aannndddd.....He mentions the Cloud Shinobi for the first time! To find out what happened between the Cloud Shinobi and Neji's family, watch this episode either on the You Tube site or check it out in its raw Japanese Version on the Naruto TV site. This episode is from Season 3...It is episode number 8: Ultimate Defense: Zero Blind Spot! We will be right back after these commercial messages and...When we return, we will reveal our choice for the number 1 episode thus far...So, don't touch that dial!
  • Naruto learns the history of Neji's clan.

    Naruto uses multiple shadow clones to attack Neji. Neji thinks he knows which clone is the real Naruto and charges at the one that has stayed back and not attacked. But this Naruto is a clone too. The real Naruto and a clone come at Neji from above and Naruto hits Neji but it seems like there is some kind of shield protecting Neji. Naruto is thrown back and his last clone disappears. Neji then uses his Sixty Four Palms attack to close all sixty four of Naruto's chakra points. Naruto still gets up to Neji's amazement. They have a short conversation and Neji tells Naruto his clan's history...
  • Neji Vs Naruto Continues.

    Neji attacks a shadow clone Naruto thinking it was the real Naruto. The real Naruto then attacks him but fails. Neji is very skillful and clever. Neji then explains the history of the Hyuga clan and the Head and Branch family. He also speaks about his hatred that he has on the Head Hyuga family and about his dead father. Neji also says that ones destiny can't be changed. His childhood is not the best and I agree with Neji that ones destiny can't be changed. Overall, this episode went very well. I learned more about the Hyuga family and more about Neji.
  • A sad episode that shows us why Neji hates the main branch.

    This was a great episode. It was very sad but it was also very informative. Neji showed Naruto the cruel curse mark that controls him and the branch family. To me it would seem that they are no better than Orochimaru. They force the branch family to fight for them and act as servents while they have their rich life style. Also Naruto tries to convince Neji that his way of thinking is wrong. That nobodys destiney is written in stone and that it can be changed with hard work and determination. Overall this episode was very well balanced and worth watching again.
  • Neji's father's sacrifice: His life

    Naruto and Neji are still going at it. Naruto makes more shadow clones to sneak up on Neji. But before striking a punch, Neji uses a super powerful attack. He blocks Naruto's chakra points, similar to what he did to Hinata a month before. Naruto can't fight any longer, but simply won't be beaten down. Then Neji tells the history of the Hyuga Clan. The first borns are a part of the main branch, second and after that go to the side branch. Neji and Hinata's fathers were twin brothers, Hinata's being only a little older. Once when Hinata was 3, she was kidnapped by the head Cloud Ninja. Her father killed the kidnapper, and the Cloud Ninja's village was very angry and demanded that Lord Hiashi be killed. Hiashi's twin brother, and Neji's father, Hizashi, went in his place. Neji has hated the main branch ever since. Neji goes on and says destiny is sealed at birth. No one can change it.
  • Hyuuga Neji hated the head family because of a past experience.

    Naruto's attacks did nothing on Neji whatsoever, since Neji had discovered a Hyuuga main family kekkei genkai jutsu called the Hakke shou Kaiten, and it was revealed that he had chakra all over him that protects him from any physical attacks, and his Byakugan helps him in his battles as well, being able to see 360 degrees around (but he has a blind spot as explained in episode 116). Finally, Neji uses the Hakke rokujuu yonshou to block Naruto's tenketsus, causing him to be unable to stand up again.
    Neji had always believed in fate. There is not much fighting in this episode; mostly Neji talking about his past, the first time he met his heiress cousin Hyuuga Hinata-sama, and how his father died for the sake of the main family. He also revealed the cursed seal of the caged bird on his forehead, which he had always kept hidden under his forehead protector. But Naruto did not want to lose to Neji either; the chakra of the Kyuubi led him to being able to stand up once more.
  • 7.3
    These episodes are the reason i watch this show. They were so tight. It was good cartoon network showed the whole Naruto Neji Fight in one night. I hate having to wait. It didnt really matter though because i had read the episodes in th manga so i knew what ws happening. Anyway i must write 10 words minimum so to get to it i must waffle on. If any of you guys liked the episode, you should go and review it. This will help the whole community. 11 words left, now seven, now four, now three, and 100.
  • Part action. Part introspection. Neji demonstrates the Kekkei genkai Byakugan in it's purest form.

    The episode gets split into two central parts. First half is action, a continuation of the Chunin Exam battle between Neji and Naruto. Neji's Gentle Fist technique gives him the upper hand on Naruto's Shadow Clones and brute force Taijutsu. Naruto appears to be done when hit by the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms technique, sealing all of his chakra points.

    As Naruto struggles to recover, Neji explains why it is useless to struggle against an seemingly inevitable defeat. This series of flashbacks gives insight into Neji and the Hyuuga clan. We see how Neji's pure ideals of duty and honor and corrupted by his view of the Clan's Cursed Mark Jutsu and heritage of hatred.

    I liked the introspection even more than the action. You feel for Hizashi as he struggles with the realization that his son Neji will be relegated to a role beneath his abilities due to the Clan's traditions. For Hiashi as he sees how talented Neji is, and how much he is consumed with hate. This is a neat way of doing multiple character development, and leads well into the next episode.
  • wow this episode was great and ...

    showed why neji is like this. this episode was about still naruto vs. neji and in the fight it tells why he hates the main house hold in his family neji hates the main family so much because for 2 things really one the main family gives the other family marks to hurt there brains if they do any thing bad to the main family and 2 and because neji hates the family because his father died when hinata dad had to not his father but you see in other episode you find out neji dad choose to take hinata dad place because it was the only thing the neji dad every choose on his own free will so it was really good now look for my other reviews i am trying to write one for every episode tell me if you agree or not and over all naruto rules
  • The truth about Neji and his hate for the main branch

    The fight continues and Neji proves to be unbeatable for Naruto to beat.Naruto begin to give Neji the sneak attacked.Altough still Neji is unstoppedable.But than Neji begin to reveal the truth about Hyuuga clan.Even to tell about his father who was twin to Hinata's father.He was telling that the child of the main branch once they become 3 they will become heir to be leader of the main branch.Which was Hinata of course.Meanwhile Hinata begin to cough up blood.So than suddenly the anubi begin to help out.Neji reveal that his father took his uncle place to be gone.So he tooked his blame on Hinata's father.Naruto begin to tell Neji,that all the time that he was using his anger aganist Hinata.Which ment nothing.

    Yeah pretty interesting story about Neji and it was pretty sad.
  • good episode

    This episode was my least favorite of the three episodes between the fight of naruto and neji. Basically i didn't like this episode as much because most of the show was just neji talking about his past. Though i think that's dissapointing, it's also interesting too. Neji talks about his past and the seal he has on his forehead. After all those flashbacks the show ends and the music goes on. Well this was a good episode and to watch the ending of the ferocious battle, you have to watch the next episode. Well hope you enjoy the fight as much as i did.
  • Part 2 of the epic battle between Naruto and Neji

    This episode starts off with Iruka wondering on how Naruto is doing. Then we go into the battle with Naruto's clones attacking. Neji blocks their attacks and goes after the one who has not been attacking at all because he thinks that is the real Naruto. To his surprise it was a clone and when he turns around Naruto and a kage bunshin rush in for an attack. Neji with his guard down uses his Hakkesho Kaiten to parry Naruto's attack. Naruto attacks again with more clones but are all sent flying by Neji's Kaiten. Then Neji uses his Hakke Rokujuyon Sho and closes all of Naruto's chakra holes. Hyuuga Hiashi then states that a branch family member will surpass a head family member. After Naruto struggles to stand Neji tells him why he hates the head family. They sealed his fate and murdered his father.
  • Naruto and Neji fight and Naruto gives Neji the works

    This was one of the best episodes i seen of naruto.We got to learn more about the hyuuga clan and more about Neji\'s life and Naruto showed almost everybody what he is made of.

    He learned how to control the 9 tailed fox and he is able to use the red chakra and remember when kakashi said that sasuke couldnt even beat Neji well Naruto sure can! And i cant wait till Part 2 and Kakashi Gaiden where they talk about Kakashi\'s life that should be real intersesting.But yea this was one of the best fights i seen because naruto has became really strong
  • we learn more about the huuyga clan

    The fight bewteen Neji and Naruto has stopped so Neji talks about his clan. His clan is the huuyga there are two houses of the clan the main and branch the branch house is crused with a seal on there foreheads that can kill there brain cells if they disobey the main house or tell the secrets of the huuyga clan to anybody else. Neji says it was fate that he was in the branch house and that the main branch killed his father and that's way he hates they. Then the battle resumes and Naruto gets the upper hand but soon Neji sees his plan and injures him badly and then the episode ends.
  • yah, we get to learn about the Hyugaa clan!...An Anime King review!

    In this episode we get to learn about the great Hyugaa Clan. When Neji is fighting Naruto he explained the problem between him and Hinata. It is all about one side of a family (head) killed a member of the other side (branch). But Hinata did not do it but Neji still wants Hinata dead though. Also he was talking about other villages. I am curious...This has been an Anime King review.