Season 3 Episode 7

Unforgivable! A Total Lack of Respect!!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 09, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Jiraiya and Naruto catch up to Tsunade, whereupon she learns that Konoha wants her to be the 5th Hokage. She refuses the title, angering Naruto, who mistakes her for being a weakling. Naruto learns first-hand how strong she really is. Naruto decides now is the time to try out the Rasengan, only he hasn't perfected it yet.moreless

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  • Boobs!

    I usually have a thing against long episodes about two parties having a conversation, but this really is an exception. While much of it relates to Jiraiya and Tsunade catching up on old times, Jiraiya made a huge proposal that will make Tsunade the fifth Hokage. This took everyone by shock, especially Naruto. Tsunade quickly declines the position though and insults the title. Part of what makes a good episode is the things that you don't really concentrate on. The card game that Tsunade and Jiraiya were playing is an example; slowly Tsunade revealed to herself the cards in her hand and one by one it seems she was close to a full house, but one card spoiled the whole thing. Things like these that you usually catch on a second watch is what gives animes replay value.moreless
  • Naruto and Jiraya find Tsunade

    Jiraiya and Naruto head for the castle that has been demolished. They find out that a giant snake wrecked the building like it was nothing. Jiraiya knows that it was Orochimaru's doing. Orochimaru has made an offer to Tsunade to bring her little brother and her love back to life, but in order to do so Kabuto tells her they will need to bring two human sacrifices. Orochimaru and Kabuto leave and Tsunade looks as if she might be contemplating the offer. Jiraiya and Naruto get to the castle too late. Jiraiya decides to stop at a tavern to get something to eat and get information when he spots Tsunade.....moreless
  • Tsunade rejects the offer of being the 5th Hokage. Naruto underestimates Tsunade's strength.

    Tsunade rejects the offer of being the 5th Hokage. She was obviously having a hard time of agreeing to be Hokage because she had been offered a big deal from Orochimaru and she was still considering it and besides, she wasn't interested in the title anyways. Naruto then underestimates her strength. and then learns about it the hard way. Naruto shouldn't have spoken in the first place. It was obvious that Naruto was going to say something so impulsive and dumb but I didn't think it would be something that bad that Tsunade would fight with him. It was a good episode because we see how Tsunade is taking the situation of taking Orochimaru's deal or being Hokage.moreless
  • Me and my BFF played film dub for this one. We called it "Unforgivable! You Stole My Beer!" Details inside.

    This was one of the many episodes me and my best friend played film dub for. I was Naruto, Tsunade, and Kabuto and she was Jiraiya, Shi zune, and Orochimaru. Anyway, Tsunade is pretending to think over Orochimaru's proposal (a marriage proposal in our film dub version ^_^) in a bar, when Jiraiya and Naruto walk in. The Pervy Sage tells her that Konoha wants her to be the new Hokage. Tsunade declines, saying that only a fool would want such a job. This outrages Naruto. He tries to beat her up, yelling that being offered the job of Hokage is an honor. Tsunade asks Naruto to take this outside, and she beats him up with one finger, and Jiraiya calls her a show off. Naruto prepares to use his Rasengan and attack Lady Tsunade.moreless
  • Unforgiveable! A total lack of respect!

    Naruto Finally gets a hang of what all this training has been readied him at a momement when he needs it the most

    n a r u t o u z u m a k i = r a s e n g a n

    y o d a m i n e = r a s e n g a n j a r a i y a = r a s e n g a n

    sorry I am new to this site i need to figure out how to get points :/moreless

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    • Tsunade: One of the legendary Sannin taking on a snotty nosed Genin... I ought to be ashamed of myself.
      Naruto: Who you callin' snotty?!
      (Tsunade holds up one finger)
      Jiraiya: Oh stop trying to show off.
      Tsunade: You see this? It's all I'm going to need to take you down.

    • Tsunade: You're slipping, Jiraiya. This apprentice isn't at all like the last one. He's a fool. With a big mouth. Funny looking too.
      Naruto: Oh yeah!
      Jiraiya: Well, to be fair, it would be hard for anyone to measure up to that standard. The Fourth Hokage showed all the signs of becoming the greatest ninja in generations: brimming with talent and natural abilities, brilliant, popular ,and to top it off, nearly as handsome as his teacher.

    • Naruto: (Thinking) That is Tsunade? An old lady, right, Pervy Sage, I should have known.

    • Jiraiya: In the meantime, we'll get a bite to eat in here.
      Naruto: Huh? Hey, what are you talking about?! It's a tavern!
      Jiraiya: Yeah, so what?
      Naruto: You trying to be a bad influence on me? Hello, I'm underage!
      Jiraiya: You idiot. Nobody is making you do anything, all right. Just have a snack and stay out of the grown-ups way.

    • Orochimaru: (Bites his finger causing it to bleed) It's true I may be a little weak right now, however... (Laughs) Our good friend here has her own weaknesses, doesn't she?
      Shizune: (Thinking) Of course, he's one of the Sannin like Lady Tsunade, so he knows.
      Orochimaru: I see you haven't lost it yet, have you? Your fear of blood.
      Kabuto: (Thinking) Hemophobia.

    • Tsunade: (To Jiraiya) Your new apprentice seems to be ruder, stupider, and uglier than the previous one.
      Jiraiya: It's hard for anyone to beat the Fourth in those fields. His capabilities as a ninja were unrivaled in history. He was talented with techniques, incredibly smart, and popular. He was also handsome, like me.

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: Hokage is garbage. Only a fool would want to become the Hokage.

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: But even the Fourth Hokage died young. He died for the Village. Lives are different from money. Only a fool would sacrifice his life easily.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Anyone who makes fun of the Fourth or the old man...I don't care if it is a girl...deserves a punch in the face!

      ~Japanese version

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