Season 9 Episode 11

Vanished Memories

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a village going up in flames. Citizens who are not being hacked to pieces are fleeing for their lives, among them a man who only gets so far before he's hit with a kunai. Before the man who threw the kunai and his accomplice, a young boy with blonde hair, can finish him off, the man's daughter, Fuki, stands in front of him and defends him, but she is kicked away. The father pleads that his daughter is spared, but he is killed. Just as the daughter is about to be finished off, the blonde throws a kunai at the man with the sword and he collapses. The boy gives the daughter her father's necklace, but the ground beneath her suddenly collapses. The blonde saves her, but not before the ground beneath HIM collapses as he plummets into the sea.
We now enter Konoha where Naruto is trying to pick out legendary fermented bamboo shoots, which he heard at the ramen shop will supposedly enhance the taste. Naruto successfully grabs the shoots, but goes plummeting into the water anyway where he finds the unconscious blonde.
At Konoha's hospital, Sakura (who has now donned nurse gear) looks out a window before freaking out when she comes face to face with Naruto. Naruto shows her the blonde, which Sakura thinks is a drowned corpse.
(A bit of a note made: Sakura uses the word dozaemon, which means drowned corpse. Naruto thinks that is the man's name.)
Sakura tells Naruto that it's a KONOHA hospital, so of course she can't admit outsiders, but Naruto leaves anyway.
He presents the bamboo to the ramen shop owner, but it will take 3-4 weeks to make fermented shoots. It doesn't matter, as Sakura finds him anyway.
The blonde is sitting on a bed while an attendant uses Jigyaku no Jutsu (Time Reversal Technique), which will allow him to search the man's memory by going into his subconscious. Basically, it's reverse hypnotism, but the man cannot remember anything.
Sakura explains that all the boy had was an ocarina. She gives Naruto a release form stating that anything the boy does will be Naruto's responsibility.
While the boy stares at his ocarina, a bolt of lightning hits a section of the hospital, starting a fire. The boy walks towards the fire, but stops and falls when he begins hearing agonizing voices of the past in his head. Sakura does not see him and he does not answer when she yells if anyone is still inside. She tells Tsunade and Shizune that, for the most part, everyone it outside except for the young boy. More than that, a woman approaches them, telling them that her baby is still inside.
Inside, the boy hears the child crying and grabs it. He plays a short tune on his ocarine before jumping through a window. Naruto attempts to rescue him through use of Kage Bunshins, but the boy falls on the clones anyway.
The next day, Naruto and Sakura relay the boy's situation to Tsunade, but Shizune intervenes, stating that any outsider shouldn't be allowed in the village without knowing their identity. Naruto offers to treat Tsunade to ramen with the fermented bamboo shoots, but through this offer, Tsunade learns that Naruto was looking for the bamboo after returning from a mission, which is how he came upon the boy in the first place. Ergo, the entire matter is a result of him getting sidetracked after a mission. Anyway, since the boy DID rescue one of the children, he is allowed to stay in the village.
At the ramen shop, Naruto introduces himself to the boy, who Naruto chooses to name Menma (which means fermented bamboo shoots). The shoots, however, have not been added to the ramen, which Naruto promises he and Menma will have once it has been added.
Naruto brings Menma to his place, which has definitely seen better days. The next morning, Naruto awakens to see that his room is now in tip top condition, cleaned from top to bottom because Menma couldn't sleep. Naruto freaks, however, when he sees Menma hanging his laundry outside...not to mention his boxers.
As the two walk through the streets of Konoha, Naruto takes Menma to a shop (Sweet Chestnuts) that sells the Wind Country's specialty, the "Sand Dumpling," the Water Country's "Unicorn Nectar," and Earth Country's "Rock Mochi." This is done in the hopes that Menma's home village had a specialty that he would be able to remember. Menma tells Naruto not to worry about his memory, since he doesn't know when it will return anyway. Besides, Naruto already has his assignment: cleaning the faces on the Hokage mountain.
Before they can progress, Menma sees an elderly woman struggling with some bags. He offers to carry her bags, but when they arrive at her home, the weeds are growing in great numbers, and they haven't been dealt with because the woman's hip has been hurting. Naruto and Menma get the job done, only to discover that other people's lawns need work as well.
Tsunade is surprised to see that gifts are given by the villagers that Naruto and Menma assisted.
While cleaning the stone faces of the Hokages, Naruto is a bit surprised at Menma's generosity, but Menma states that he wants to live his life properly and not have anymore regrets. Anymore? Naruto asks Menma if he was able to remember anything, but Menma states that he doesn't. A bit of blood falls into Naruto's hand as a jounin falls tumbles towards them. Something is happening in the village and a flurry of weapons stream towards Naruto and Menma, who rush off.
Naruto rushes into the forest, having to avoid a large flurry of weapons and exploding notes. Menma plays his ocarina and Naruto suddenly feels great power surging throughout his body. He rockets forward after the attacker (who bares a similarity to Orochimaru) and throws a kunai at his back. Unfortunately, it was only a substitute through Kawarimi no Jutsu.
Menma approaches Naruto, who, after realizing the power he gained from the flute, asks- "What on Earth are you?"
Next time- While on the way to a mission with Neji and Tenten, Naruto stumbles across a village with inhabitants in fear of enemies. Once Menma's past becomes clear, the final battle will raise the curtain!
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