Season 9 Episode 11

Vanished Memories

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • way too slow, completely unoriginal.

    This was beyond boring. Even when compared to other fillers this episode falls flat on its face, with very little to offer. Naruto up to his usual shananigans stumbles upon a boy stricken with amnesia. Amnesia, yes the disease condusive of short term memory loss. No this is not a soap opera , but it does have the makings of a daytime drama. Amnesia has been used shamelessly again and again as a means of creating drama and intriuge to a situation. I can't believe the writers are pulling this low ball technique. They must be more than desperate for ideas or being forced to keep the storyline to a minimum interest level to build anticipation nfor the upcoming season. It was a wasteful 20 something mins, to watch this episode. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone decides to skip this story arc.
  • Wow it is all about Naruto finding this mysterious stranger in the woods and bringing him to Konaha. Watch this episode and the following episode to see who this boy is and what buisness he has in Konaha?

    Naruto brings a boy from the woods. In the flashback, we can see that the boy is a friend to a person who seems to be a ninja. Even though he does nothing wrong, his friend trys to kill a small child and its dad... After the friend kills the dad, Menma(the guy Nauto finds) saves the child from his friend, but by doing so he falls of a cliff. Meanwhile Naruto wants a special ingredieant for ramen that grows in a cliff. While looking for it, he finds the injured body of Menma... Sakura takes care of Menma when Naruto brings the injured Menma to Konaha. With the Hokage\'s permission, Naruto lets Menma stay in his apartment. After few weeks, Memna is well known around Konaha for his niceness. But who is he? Not even he knows. When Menma\'s friends comes, Menma plays a flute and gives Narto unimaginable power.
  • All I have to say is this episode was INTERESTING!!

    This boy, Menma, (which is not really his name, Naruto gives him this name) has lost his memory and Naruto is helping him getting it back. Menma comes from a drak past where he destroyed villages and killed many people. He wants to start fresh in a village where no one noes abt it. See, he got his memory back, and wants no one to noe abt it. Menma has this flute that gives a person awesome power wen he plays it....=) I suggest to watch this episode if you want sumthing to keep you guessing.
  • well this episode was good looks like naruto is back on top...

    so far in the season it been only ok but this episode was about a boy named menma [ thats not his real name thats the name naruto gives him] who was once a bad guy destorying a village then at the last min. he saves a girl and then naruto finds him knock out and they all find that menma lost his memory but then he does good things for the village and he gains his memory back but everyone eles think his memory is still lost and menma tries to be a good person well i think he is a good person in my view and trying to run away from his past well the person told me about told me there tons of stuff on that website not just info well thank you so much for reading my reviews over all naruto rules and its making a come back
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