Season 3 Episode 44

Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 29, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Kimimaro seems to have the upper hand, but realizes that his time is growing short. Knowing he has to end it soon, he pulls out his spinal column and grabs hold of Gaara. Gaara protects himself and forms a giant Shukaku-like shield. Kimimaro uses the thickest bone in his body like a spear and attacks. The ultimate attack against the ultimate shield, who will win the battle?moreless

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  • Bone vs. Sand with a lot of flashbacks.

    The conclusion to one of the best villains doesn't end the way it started; we see a lot of the same flashbacks we've seen in previous episodes. There were some original material, like the instance that was off camera when Orochimaru killed the Kazekage, but this episode was cluttered with a lot of flashback filler. The reason why there wasn't anymore points docked was primarily for a handful of things, there were still some fight scenes between Kimimaro and Gaara, Kimimaro is just a badass character and his flashbacks unlike others can be endured, and it linked the way to another awesome fight that some people consider it to be the best in the anime, Naruto vs. Sasuke.moreless
  • w0000t bye dude your ded

    As the fight countinues Kimimaro seems to have the upperhand, but also realizes his time is growing short. Knowing he has to end it soon, he uses his ultimate attack. Gaara protects himself with sand and then forms a giant Shukaku like shield his ultimate deffence. Kimimaro than attacks. Garras shield holds against Kimamaros attack and than Garra sends Kimimaro under the ground. Gaara thinks he has won but Kimimaro appears and attacks Gaara however before he hits Gaara he falls to his desease and dies. Eleswhere Naruto finally reaches Sasuke. A good episode because we see how strong Kimimaro is and how much Gaara has changed.moreless
  • The fight between Gaara and Kimimaru comes to and end.

    Kimimaru has broken out of Gaara's trap using his Level Two Curse Seal. He charges toward Gaara who puts up a sand sheild, but Kimimaru breaks through it and knocks Gaara back. Rock Lee then tries to attack. Just as Kimimaru is about to deliver a fatal blow, Gaara uses another sand sheild to deflect the blow. Kimimaru realizes that his time is getting short and knows that he must end the fight quickly. He pulls out his spine and uses it like a whip and wraps it around Gaara who uses his sand sheild to delflect it from his body. Then Kimimaru forms a spear from the strongest bones in his body while Gaara uses another stronger sand sheild. Kimimaru begins his attack....moreless
  • The Death of Kimimaro

    The Death of Kimi has arrived to the shores of the US. What happens in this kind of sad episode of Naruto is recognizing the potency of Gaara's attack and the strength of his defenses, Kimimaro hardens a bone around his arm into the shape of a drill. With this, his strongest weapon, Kimimaro charges at Gaara, though Gaara's final defense proves too much and it shatters. Calling upon the sand in the ground, Gaara pulls Kimimaro deep underground, confining him there until his eventual death. As Kimimaro sinks, he creates a forest of bones to burst from the ground, which Gaara is able to help Lee avoid at the last second. As the two sit, completely exhausted but relieved to have won, Kimimaro appears from one of the bones with his bone drill for a final attack. His disease gets the best of him at the last second, and he dies before he can finish Gaara and Lee. Elsewhere, Naruto has caught up to Sasuke. Poor Kimi, but it was a good episode. Now the real fight begins: Naruto VS Sasuke! Strike of Thunder!!!moreless
  • Kimimaru grabs hold of Gaara with his spine and in return Gaara puts up his major shield to protect him from Kimimaru's peircing bone..but Kimimaru's life is coming short..

    lol! ok i might've put some of what happened here into my other review but i will say it again if i did..ok i loved this because obviously it was exciting and full of adrelin..just wanted to make u jump out of your chair! ok getting down..ok since Gaara's chakra was kinda going downhill, Kimimaru went into level 2 and grabbed his spine bone and got hold of Gaara but in return Gaara put up his major shield in order that would protect him from Kimimaru's peircing bone..then Kimimaru said like his peircing bone is the strongest and would go through Gaara's shield with no problem..but when Kimimaru tried, it didnt go through and his peircing bone and i think this is where i said it but then Gaara gets out of his hold and then grabs Kimimaru with his sand and starts to take him underground where he is gonna be forever..but thats where Kimimaru started to have his flashbacks of his earlier childhood and up to when he meets Orochimaru..(this was the sad part) :( and he tells himself he was put on this world for a reason and to serve Rock Lee thought Gaara really got him that time but Gaara wasnt so sure and then all of sudden thats when Kimimaru's last jutsu comes out of the ground and Gaara immediately takes himself and Rock Lee to safety by being the air by his sand..and omygosh that was soooo cool though all of Kimimaru's spikes were sticking out of the ground everywhere I MEAN everywhere that was soo cool but when Gaara wasnt paying attention Kimimaru was sticking out of his spike and was about to kill him but didnt get the chance because he died right there before he got the chance..i was soo sad when they showed Kimimaru's past..he couldve lived a better life..but otherwise..naruto and sasuke is next!moreless

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    • Kabuto: Can it be? Kimimaro...
      Orochimaru: No matter. He's of no further use to me. All that matters now is that Sasuke is coming, and of his own free will, just as I foretold.

    • Gaara: I will bury you two hundred meters below the surface of the earth under pressure so great you won't be able to move a finger, imprisoned there until the end of time.

    • Kimimaro: You obey or you die. Which do you prefer?
      Sakon: How about neither one?!
      (Sakon, Tayuya, Kidomaru, and Jirobo attack him only to be defeated)
      Kimimaro: Pathetic! Is that the best you four can do? Now then, I'll ask you again, which do you prefer (Sakon and Tayuya bow down in obedience) Very well, we are now the Sound Ninja Five.

    • Kabuto: You were able to save one from oblivion, the youngest and most gifted of all the Kaguya.
      Orochimaru: Yes, his powers were so great that his own clan feared him, so much so that they kept him imprisoned and isolated for almost all of his young life.
      Kabuto: Such a waste it would have been to let him die.
      Orochimaru: Exactly! To have lost that rare Kekkei Genki of his, imagine to posses a bone structure of such density that it's an almost impervious defense, and even better of such adaptability, in offense, it becomes a weapon of extraordinary power.

    • Orochimaru: Kabuto, how much longer can Kimimaro last, do you think?
      Kabuto: Oh, he should be good for a while yet. I did everything for him that I possible could. Of course I'd be more confident of his treatment if I hadn't been working in the dark. I would have preferred more information. His medical history or the bloodlines of his clan, but that was a dead end. There are no bloodlines. The Kaguya clan is gone, except for him. Whatever they were exists only in Kimimaro now.

    • Kimimaro: This bone is my hardest, it will bore through you, defenses and all!

    • Gaara: You're the last of your clan, eh? Then your clan perishes today.

    • (Kimimaro hits Lee with his tail, but Gaara's sand absorbs most of the blow)
      Lee: (Thinking) That might have been the end if Gaara had not intervened. My body is still too weak. I am only a burden to him like this.

    • Lee: He is not your only opponent! I am here as well!

    • Gaara: I should have been killed.

    • Gaara: To feel so strongly for someone you would fight for them...and die for them. He and Naruto Uzumaki have that in common.

    • Gaara: You have someone you honor and revere so much that every hurt inflicted on them is inflicted on you as well, and the closer they are to you, the greater the pain.

    • Gaara: Perhaps the companionship of even an evil person is preferable to loneliness.

    • Gaara: (About Kimimaro) A tenacious opponent, but this time it's over. We won't be seeing him again in this life.

    • Kimimaro: (Telling Gaara as he is about to strike) I am not his pawn. He is the one, the only one who ever gave my life meaning! But how could the likes of you understand that!?
      (Begins to strike Gaara. Stops suddenly right before he hits Gaara)
      Lee: (Silently) He is dead.

    • Kimimaro: Is that all you can do with your ultimate defense? Is that all? I'm very disappointed.

    • Gaara: Orochimaru's brainwashed you well, you sad little pawn.

    • Gaara: He's just like Uzumaki Naruto.

      ~Japanese version

    • Kimimaro: It's not brainwashing! It's my own reasoning! What the hell would you ever know about it?!

      ~Japanese version

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