Season 3 Episode 44

Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 29, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Kimimaru grabs hold of Gaara with his spine and in return Gaara puts up his major shield to protect him from Kimimaru's peircing bone..but Kimimaru's life is coming short..

    lol! ok i might've put some of what happened here into my other review but i will say it again if i did..ok i loved this because obviously it was exciting and full of adrelin..just wanted to make u jump out of your chair! ok getting down..ok since Gaara's chakra was kinda going downhill, Kimimaru went into level 2 and grabbed his spine bone and got hold of Gaara but in return Gaara put up his major shield in order that would protect him from Kimimaru's peircing bone..then Kimimaru said like his peircing bone is the strongest and would go through Gaara's shield with no problem..but when Kimimaru tried, it didnt go through and his peircing bone and i think this is where i said it but then Gaara gets out of his hold and then grabs Kimimaru with his sand and starts to take him underground where he is gonna be forever..but thats where Kimimaru started to have his flashbacks of his earlier childhood and up to when he meets Orochimaru..(this was the sad part) :( and he tells himself he was put on this world for a reason and to serve Rock Lee thought Gaara really got him that time but Gaara wasnt so sure and then all of sudden thats when Kimimaru's last jutsu comes out of the ground and Gaara immediately takes himself and Rock Lee to safety by being the air by his sand..and omygosh that was soooo cool though all of Kimimaru's spikes were sticking out of the ground everywhere I MEAN everywhere that was soo cool but when Gaara wasnt paying attention Kimimaru was sticking out of his spike and was about to kill him but didnt get the chance because he died right there before he got the chance..i was soo sad when they showed Kimimaru's past..he couldve lived a better life..but otherwise..naruto and sasuke is next!