Season 2 Episode 34

Village in Distress: A New A-Ranked Mission!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jan 13, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Orochimaru vs. Sarutobi, an overlooked match?

    A battle between two elite ninjas, how come this fight isn't talked about more? The jutsus that Sarutobi really had me locked onto my computer monitor. I mean, using the tiles of the building as shuriken? Making a mudslide while combining it with a fire attack? This is a truly elite battle between two powerful ninjas, fights of this caliber aren't going to appear again until Shippuden. Though other than that, like previous episodes this suffers from a lot of unnecessary kill time and filler. That whole side story about Konohamaru just seemed so out of the way, and the whole sequence about the coloured pencil breaking was just stupid.
  • The Hidden Leaf Village is under attack.

    Kakashi tells Sakura to wake Naruto and Shikamaru from the genjutsu that has put them to sleep. He tells her that this mission is going to be an A rank. She goes and wakes Naruto. Naruto sits up and a Sound Ninja attacks, but Gai knocks the ninja through the wall. Kakashi summons one of his hounds, Pakkun, to help them track Sasuke down. Sakura goes to wake Shikamaru and finds that he is faking. Pakkun bits Shikamaru on the leg to get him going. Kakashi tells them to get going through the hole that Gai made with the Sound Ninja....
  • A New Mission.

    Sakura releases the genjutsu off of Naruto but when she goes to do the same thing to Shikamaru, he is already awake meaning he knows how to release genjutsu but didn't want to get into a mess. I have said before that Shikamaru is clever. I don't know if I would have done the same thing. Orochimaru summons the First Hokage and the Second Hokage to battle The third Hokage who was Orochimaru's sensei. In general this episode went very well and to see that Shikamaru didn't want to get into a mess so he pretended that he was still in genjutsu was one of my favorite parts of this episode.
  • the a-ranked mission

    OH YEAH!!!! the new a-ranked mission since the land of waves thats so exciting and awsome this begins the leaf village vs sand and sound village saga lol, but realy this begins a whole new chapter for the naruto series and i love it i think all naruto fans will love this episode i realy love it cause i never knew that the sand village will betray the leaf village, i knew some day the sound village will do that but not the sand village i was real shocked when i saw this episode also so i give this episode a 10/10 AWSOME episode!
  • The 1st A-ranked mission since the Land of Waves!!!!!

    Sakura goes to wake up Naruto and Shikamaru. Shikamaru had been awake the whole time, like Sakura, he just pretended to be asleep so he wouldn't have to get involved. Kakashi summons his dog, Pakkun, to lead the trio to Sasuke. Elsewhere in the arena, Orochimaru battles his former sensei, Lord Hokage, or known to Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Lady Tsunade as Sarutobi Sensei. ANBU Black Ops watching call their moves "Kage Level Jutsu." Early in the fight, Orochimaru resurects Lord Hokage the 1st and 2nd. Of course, for this jutsu to be successful, human sacrifices need to be made. Orochimaru killed his own followers, Zaku and Kin. The deceased Hokages appologize to the current one for fighting him, as they are under Orochimaru's control.
  • awesome

    Konoha is under attacked, can they hold their own against two villages? we will see, Sasuke has just headed out to chase after temeri, kankuro, and gaara. Kakashi has just sent Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Pakkun. Pakkun is a tiny dog that Kakashi has summoned to lead the three genin to Sasuke. When they find him they are to hide until farther orders. While Kakashi and Gai defeat the ninjas at the stadium. Mean while the fight of Orochimaru and the third hokage is starting. Orochimaru was the thirds former student, will that effect the fight? Over all a perfect example of the best show "Naruto."
  • what a battle.

    i love this episode. everyone is fighting. also naruto,shikamaru, and sakura went to find saske. saske is looking to kill gaara. also on the roof the snake guy is fighting orochimaru. they are strong. good fight between them. also ther is a giant snake that is killing people. i like how this episode truned out to be. it is good. also the 1st and 2nd master ninja came back to life from the snake ninja jusu. i like this episode.
  • Orochimaru interrupts Sasuke\'s match with Gaara,signaling that it is time for the Sand and Sound ninja to get ready.Gaara\'s wounds are worse than they thought,so the mission is put on hold. As Sasuke chases after him, the others chase after Sasuke!

    Orochimaru and the Third Hokage kept the watcher on the edge of their seat; and Pakkun\'s irrestistably funny introduction kept us laughing. I was stunned. I could see a slow change in the characters\' personalities, too (minus Naruto and Shikamaru). We didn\'t seem to understand much about the mysterious Orochimaru before, and this episode at least lets us know who his sensei was. Here, we see student fighting sensei (like in Star Wars) and ally fighting ally. One might be have been little suspicious as to what the Sand Village\'s \"plan\" was, and this episode, along with the current one, reveals it all.
  • well its about time something happen fianlly........

    well this episode was about well befor i tell you let me tell you whats going on the sand village is attcking the leaf village and orchimora [sorry if i spelled it wrong] is holding the 3rd hokage in a trap force field tpye thing and everyone is knocked out execpt for some of the ninja now here whats going on naruto just woke up and the copy cat ninja[aka naruto suskae and sukura teacher i always call him that for some reason] send naruto sukura sukimuru and a talking dog on a mission to track down suskae and we leave off at them starting to look for suskae well that episode was good oh well over all naruto rules and thanks for reading my reviews
  • pakkun/ Orochimaru v.s Sondaime Hokage

    The plan to destory Konaha has been launced. Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru and Kakashi's summon Pakkun, have an A-ranked mission. It is to find Sasuke. Ninjas are following them. Meanwhile, the disgusting Orochimaru is fighting the Hokage. the 3rd uses shuriken shadow clone jutsu. Orochimaru summons a defense. Then Oro summons the first hokage and the second hokage. The former hokage are being forced aganist their will and fight the current. As the 3rd is puzzled Orochimaru is trying to get his chance. This was a great episode cotinuing the destruction of Konaha saga and the first finding Sasuke mission 10/10
  • Shikamaru,Sakura and Naruto tries to stop Sasuke from pursusing Gaara.

    Kakashi gives Sakura,Shikamaru and Naruto an mission.Which is stopped Sasuke from pursuing Gaara.Without Kakashi he summons Pakkun who will track down Sasuke.Orichimaru and the 3rd hokage the battle begin each other.However Orichimaru has something in store.Meanwhile Sasuke is still pursuing Gaara.The battle continues with ORichimaru and Hokage.Who tooked off his hokage clothing of course.Orichimaru has something more in store by summoning two casket of the former hokage.Altough the two hokage are an bit unwillin to fight with the 3rd hokage.So Naruto and the other two are being chased from the sound ninga.

    It was funny when pakkun bit Shikamaru! Altough Shino was the only one who wasn't asleep either.It seemed that Kakashi didn't relized that he was awaken.He could've gotten Shino to help.But looks liked Shino coming after them.
  • A dog?!?...An Anime King review.

    I this episode Gai and Kakashi are still fighting off the sand and sound ninja. But now it is time for Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura to go after Sasuke with enemy forces ahead. Oh yeah they also have a little companion to aid them-Kakashi's dog, the little one you know when he summoned all those dogs to defeat Zabuza. It's the littlest one but Kakashi said that he is all the help they need. Anyhow this has been an Anime King review.