Season 7 Episode 14

When Egrets Flap Their Wings

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 17, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • The end of a mystery arc

    During this Arc, I was enjoying how this mystery was played. This Arc is a Mystery and therefore should be looked as a mystery. Most mystery books and movies always have plot twists, betrayals, and a handful of action among suspense. For those who review the episode based on animation, you have to understand that there are different animators for different episodes. So while one episode looks good and the one after looks subpar, this means that there's the one animator that needs improvement.

    Look at Dragon Ball for an example of multiple animators. Piccolo Jr's appearance changed a lot throughout the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Super Saiyan Goku's hair especially is a result of animator differences.

    Back to the episode at hand, I thought this was a nice way to end this. Everything is solved and Toki becomes Daiymo. The fight with the Ronin was pretty ok. Naruto being scared of ghosts cracks me up. XP
  • *snore* Is it over yet?

    It is pretty bad when the worst episode of an arc is its ending. An arc should always end strong and this was just terrible. Carrying on from the previous episode is the absolutely dreaded animation quality and choppy animation execution. Actually, it was a lot worse in this episode. The techniques in Naruto usually carry with it an awesome stigma to it. The ones used in this episode were just so bad to look at, nothing was cool about them at all. And then the typical Hollywood sacrifice of a person taking a bullet for someone, Naruto's deus ex mechanica of coming back to life because of a supernatural force, etc. Bad ending.
  • A great ending to a great filler

    Wow, this filler went out with a BANG! OK, so "Sagi" has just revealed himself to be Toki, and has decided to take her revenge on Mosu for murdering her father and twin brother. Mosu reveals himself to actually be Ooki (Haha! What a stupid name! :P), head of those ninja guys who copy other people's jutsu, like Gaara's, and Shikamaru's, and Sasuke's, and Ooki even copied Naruto's multi shadow clones! Anyway, Ooki ends up kidnapping Toki (as usual), and Naruto must save her. (Again, Naruto ALWAYS has to bail the damsels in distress out!) He takes her out into a boat in the middle of a lake, and hypnotizes Naruto like he's on Angel Dust or something. Shishima tackles Naruto and snaps him out of it, and Ooki throws some pointy things at him and "kills" him, almost like how Haku "killed" Sasuke back in the Land of Waves Arc. In the words of George Lopez, "'Member? You 'member!" Anyway, Ooki almost drowns Naruto again (What else is new?), and he sees the ghost of Toki's dead brother Sagi! Sagi tells Naruto to tell Toki that she totally needs to stop being all like, mean and stuff. Like, oh my gosh! Can you like, believe it? Like, totally! OK, OK, sorry, that's the Valley Girl in me talking... >_> Anyway, so Naruto goes back to the surface where Toki has just given up her will to live and Ooki is about to kill her and Naruto totally owns!!! XD And so the day is saved, Naruto makes another one of his queer speeches, Shishima doesn't die, Shishima and Toki fall in LOVE, Kakashi developes a crush on Toki, and Naruto, Kakashi, Neji, and Tenten all go home to be yelled at by Tsunade just for grins. :P 300 words!!!
  • hi

    after oki traps naruto with his genjutsu, shishima wakes him up but thentoki throws shuriken at naruto but shishima goes in front of naruto to block the attack, then he passes out. oki uses a water jutsu and naruto gets trapped under wate. then he sees sagis ghost. it tells him to help lady toki and make time move for her again. so naruto jumps out of the water and knocks oki out with an uzamaki barrage. then the next day toki becomes daimyo and vows to make the land of birds peaceful again. end of the land of birds arc. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!
  • The end of the Land of Birds-Cursed Warrior arc.

    Naruto has fallen for Mousou's trap. Shima comes just in time and snaps Naruto out of his trance. Naruto fights off Mousou and he and Shima look for Lady Toki. They see her on a boat with Mousou. Mousou reveals his true identity. He is Oki, leader of the Watari (wandering) ninjas. Oki throws some shurikin at Naruto but Shima uses his own body to shield Naruto. Naruto vows that he will defeat Oki and save Lady Toki. Oki uses a water jutsu and knocks Naruto out and proceeds to kill Lady Toki. As Naruto is in the water, the ghost of Sagi appears and begs Naruto to save his sister....
  • The end of a great filler arc.

    So, this was the end of the great filler arc. Judging by the episode itself, it wasn't that good. I mean it was a peaceful ending and everything but not that exciting. But the whole filler arc expansion, was very nice. Lots of plot turns and twists. Suspense and drama, a ton of that stuff. Like a ninja soap opera ( in a good way ). So it was really good. I wonder why Kakashi blushed when he was Toki though. Pervert. And I guess it will be left unsolved if Naruto really saw Sagi or not. Too bad. Nice filler.
  • The conclusion to the Ghost mission arc was, while not exactly exciting, a nice ending to a good arc.

    There were a lot of things i liked about this episode. The fight between the guy (sorry I'm too lazy to look up exact names) and Naruto was rather anti-climatic, I mean you knew the guy didn't have much skill. But I did find it a bit surprising that he also used the same shadow clone technique as Naruto. I'm not sure I've seen that yet. It was nice how Naruto finished it off all by himself and with his usual life-changing epiphanies he gives to basically every character he's encountered. What I really liked was Kakashi's face when he saw Toki all dressed up. He blushed and everything! "She's so beautiful." Priceless. As was Naruto's reaction to there really being a ghost. Guess that's his one fear.
  • Nice ending of this arc.

    I liked this episode. Well Ooki has shown his true form and I was a bit surprised. I thought Shima was dead, but he came back. Naruto saves the day with his Kagi no Bushin Honestly i'm getting tired of it. Naruto has no strategy what so ever as a ninja, but the show is named after him. It was funny to know that Kakashi has an attraction to Toki. From boy to girl in one night. Its actually funny because Ten-Ten mentioned that earlier a couple f episode's back that Sagi was hot. in actuallity they are the same person. (in form)
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