Season 7 Episode 14

When Egrets Flap Their Wings

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 17, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • A great ending to a great filler

    Wow, this filler went out with a BANG! OK, so "Sagi" has just revealed himself to be Toki, and has decided to take her revenge on Mosu for murdering her father and twin brother. Mosu reveals himself to actually be Ooki (Haha! What a stupid name! :P), head of those ninja guys who copy other people's jutsu, like Gaara's, and Shikamaru's, and Sasuke's, and Ooki even copied Naruto's multi shadow clones! Anyway, Ooki ends up kidnapping Toki (as usual), and Naruto must save her. (Again, Naruto ALWAYS has to bail the damsels in distress out!) He takes her out into a boat in the middle of a lake, and hypnotizes Naruto like he's on Angel Dust or something. Shishima tackles Naruto and snaps him out of it, and Ooki throws some pointy things at him and "kills" him, almost like how Haku "killed" Sasuke back in the Land of Waves Arc. In the words of George Lopez, "'Member? You 'member!" Anyway, Ooki almost drowns Naruto again (What else is new?), and he sees the ghost of Toki's dead brother Sagi! Sagi tells Naruto to tell Toki that she totally needs to stop being all like, mean and stuff. Like, oh my gosh! Can you like, believe it? Like, totally! OK, OK, sorry, that's the Valley Girl in me talking... >_> Anyway, so Naruto goes back to the surface where Toki has just given up her will to live and Ooki is about to kill her and Naruto totally owns!!! XD And so the day is saved, Naruto makes another one of his queer speeches, Shishima doesn't die, Shishima and Toki fall in LOVE, Kakashi developes a crush on Toki, and Naruto, Kakashi, Neji, and Tenten all go home to be yelled at by Tsunade just for grins. :P 300 words!!!