Season 7 Episode 13

When Time Stands Still

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 17, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

As the episode begins Sagi is determined to avenge his father and sister's deaths. Naruto remembers that that was what consumed Sasuke and tells Sagi that he will not let him do it. Sagi then realizes that he must do it alone and uses a trap door to get away and sets a trap to bury Naruto, Neji, Tenten, and Koumei under rubble and sand.

Meanwhile, Kakashi has been trapped in a SAnd Coffin jutsu. Kakashi easily breaks out of it and charges at a mound of sand with his Lightning Blade Killing the ninja inside. Naruto and the others open the trapdoor and get out of the temple to find Kakashi waiting on them. They know where Sagi will head next and take off to Mousou's house.

It is revealed that Sagi is actually Toki. She took her brother's place when he died and swore to avenge his and her fathers deaths. She puts on the armor of Noroimusha, the Cursed Warrior, and heads for Mousou's house.

Shishima is hiding in the brushes around Mousou's house knowing that Sagi (who we now know is Toki) to arrive. Toki arrives shortly thereafter and Mousou knocks her from the sky with the Firestyle jutsu. She throws off the burning mask and reveals herself to be Toki.She charges at Mousou but he easily deflects her attacks and traps her with a Shadow Possession jutsu. Naruto appears and cuts the lines that were controlling Toki. After a short battle, Mousou takes off with Toki. Naruto follows and is led into a trap.