Season 7 Episode 13

When Time Stands Still

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 17, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • It didn't end yet? Darn!

    In this episode, we are finally told the entire scheme of Musou's plan as well as his identity. The story was decent, but the execution, like the other episodes in this arc, is pretty damn bad. Pacing, like always, is bad, but that's not the worst part. The animation was choppier than usual, and the movements were pretty mechanical. The fight scenes, which there weren't a lot of, were so bad to watch that I thought I was watching an old 1960's cartoon. The worst part of this episode? It's not the end of this filler arc, there is still another episode left -_-
  • Didn't see that coming...

    OK, maybe I did see that coming, since I had looked it up. :P But if I hadn't done that, I would have NEVER guessed that Sagi was actually Princess Toki!!! Hey, can anyone tell me if Johnny Young Bosch was voicing "Sagi"? I was listening to him with my eyes closed, and I pictured Ichigo, and they sounded a lot alike... Anyway, "Sagi" begins to get restless, and decides that "he" is going to take his revenge on "Mousu". Oh gee, I don't remember much of this, other than the part where "Sagi" takes off "his" hat, and a ton of hair falls down, revealing that "he" is actually a girl, and also the one Naruto saw taking a bath in the hot spring. :P Princess Toki recalls how her father was murdered, and all she had left was her brother, Prince Sagi, and he was killed too. She assumes by Koumei, but it is actually Mousu who done it. Blah, blah, some other stuff happens, and Shishima awakes from his coma.
  • Sagi is not who he says he is.

    Naruto attempts to stop Sagi from carrying out his vengeance, when Sagi escapes through a trapdoor and attempts to trap them in the building. Naruto, Neji, Tenten, and Koumei escape through the trapdoor that comes out at the temple where they have fought the Cursed Warrior before. They find Kakashi waiting for them after he had defeated the ninja he was fighting. They head to Mousou's house in order to stop Sagi. Meanwhile, it is revealed in a flashback that Sagi is in fact Toki (Sagi's sister). She puts on the warrior costume and heads to Mousou's house. Mousou is actually waiting for everyone and has a trap ready.....
  • Sagi is Toki.

    Wow, another plot twist. So, Sagi was really Toki all along. I have no clue how she made her voice so low so it seemed like her brothers. And Mousou was really that guy that fought Kakahsi all along as well. Things never stop changing round these parts do they? Surprise surprise. That Mousou guy really was weak then I guess, cuz he always used other things besides real jutsu. I figured that when he tried to use Shika's shadow possesion jutsu, but the shadows were touching only, so... yeah well it was a good episode right when I thought everything was cleared up turns out that there are still things left un done.
  • The mystery gets deeper.

    Wow, i never expected Sagi to be a girl. I know that Musou was a shady character, but not to be a boss of the wandering ninja. Its so funny how everyone nows Kakashi. I never knew he was that famous. I believe that this revenge thingis getting ahead of Toki, but Musou deserves a beat down.
  • I loved this episode, and the twist that i kinda saw coming

    Usually Naruto episodes always keep me on edge becuase things dont usually go the way i want them to or the way i woukd predict, but this one was different. I had a hunch of who the true villian might be, and who was actually the ghost, and to my surprise, i was right, i'm not including any details though for those of you who have yt to see it, thats what recapse are for. Anyway, i think this ep deserves a higher rating because i found it funny and entertaining... and it had Neji Hyuga in it, yay Neji!