Season 1 Episode 17

White Past: Hidden Ambition

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 31, 2005 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Continuation from the last episode where Kyuubi's Chakra was released from Naruto. Naruto rushes over to Haku and Haku tries to stop him by throwing senbon needles. It was useless though as the chakra deflected his attacks. Hake decides to move to a different mirror and tries to attack again but this time it hits Naruto in the back. Again Naruto uses the Kyuubi's power to force the needles out his body. Naruto attacks the mirror where Haku is at and breaks it. Suddenly, Haku appeared from the broken shards and attacks Naruto but Naruto was able to dodge. Haku tries to go back to a mirror but Naruto caught his arm. Back outside, Kakashi sensing the danger of Kyuubi's Chakra and the possibility that the seal could have been broken, asked Zabuza to end the fight. Kakashi then pulls out a scroll. In the mirror, Haku tries desperately tries to get away from Naruto and Naruto knocked Haku out of the mirrors with a powerful punch. Out of the mirror, Haku can barely stand and Naruto charges as he was about the end the match, Haku's mask came off revealing the boy he met earlier in the forest and couldn't bring himself to killing him. Haku requested Naruto to end his life as he is unable to realize Zabuza's dreams in the weak state he's in. Haku reveals his past, where he was born in a small snowy village in the Water Country. His mother have the same advance bloodline as he does but she tries to keep it a secret from everyone as those with advance bloodline during those days were feared and hunted down by the locals and killed. Unfortunately, it was exposed eventually and Haku was left to fend for himself, killed everyone including his father. That's when Zabuza found him and took care of him and pledge loyalty to Zabuza forever. Back to the fight between Zabuza and Kakashi, Kakashi used ninja art summoning, earth style fang pursuit jutsu to summon a pack of dogs which attacks Zabuza. Kakashi reveals to Zabuza that even during a fight where vision and sound is nil, there's still the sense of smell and those attacks Zabuza made on him earlier allows the dogs to track him. Kakashi then says that Zabuza has gone too far and this is the end for him. Kakashi reveals for the first time his signature jutsu...Chidori or known also as Raikiri (Lightning Edge). Haku keeps asking Naruto to kill him but Naruto refuses thinking that he can talk some sense into Haku. Haku then senses that Zabuza is in danger.