Season 1 Episode 17

White Past: Hidden Ambition

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 31, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • kyubi-naruto and haku's past.

    this is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series! the animation in this episode is very good and fluid. we also see the past of one of my favorite characters! Sasuke is dead(not really) and Naruto is pissed. a red aura starts forming around him and he goes on a rampage trying to kill haku. just when he is about to land the blow naruto stops and sees the face he saw in the forest while training. Haku then tells of his sorrowful past. his father attempts to kill him after learning about his kekkei genkai(bloodline-trait). Haku manages to get away killing everyone in the process. Now an orphan he suffers everyday getting food anyway possible. Zabuza then takes haku as his apprentice,telling him to give in to zabuza's every whim. After listening to this,Naruto finally gives in and tries to kill him.