Season 1 Episode 17

White Past: Hidden Ambition

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 31, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Haku's Past.

    Naruto goes crazy with his nine-tails. Haku tries to fight back but it's frutile. Naruto is just too strong. Naruto then destroys Haku's jutsu (hidden ice mirrors) and goes to kill Haku. Naruto stops and then Haku has a flashback about his past. Haku's past was sad. I was pretty close to crying myself. Kakashi summons his ninja dogs to fight Zabuza. I loved them. I was happy as I got to finally see Kakashi's signiture jutsu: Chidori. It was really cool to see, as I have not seen anything like it. It really showed me how powerful Kakashi really was. I liked this episode.
  • Naruto unleashes some of the Nine Tailed Fox's power.

    Haku sees Naruto's chakra. It is the chakra of Kyubi, the Nine Tail Fox Demon. Haku attacks quickly because Naruto is growing stronger by the minute. All his attacks fail and Naruto grabs Haku and punches him through one of the mirrors. Kakashi senses Naruto's chakra and while worried at first, he realizes that the seal has not broken. He now concentrates on Zabuza. Kakashi summons his hounds to track and capture Zabuza which they do quickly. Meanwhile, Naruto charges at Haku and stops just short of hitting him. Haku says that Naruto doesn't really want to avenge Sasuke and kill him.....
  • Kyuubi Naruto!!!

    Finally the nine-tailed fox's chakra is put to good use. Naruto gets his first experience with unlimited power. He also gets some good fighting in with Haku too. It is Naruto's turn to fight back instead of trying to run away. All i have to say is it is about time he uses it. It is awesome the way he fight as kyuubi's chakra flows through him. He is practically unstoppable. I think there is too much talking before Naruto decides to kill him. I don't mind flashbacks but too many of them get anoying. Naruto totally owned Haku. He cooler when he uses kyuubi's chakra.
  • kyubi-naruto and haku's past.

    this is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series! the animation in this episode is very good and fluid. we also see the past of one of my favorite characters! Sasuke is dead(not really) and Naruto is pissed. a red aura starts forming around him and he goes on a rampage trying to kill haku. just when he is about to land the blow naruto stops and sees the face he saw in the forest while training. Haku then tells of his sorrowful past. his father attempts to kill him after learning about his kekkei genkai(bloodline-trait). Haku manages to get away killing everyone in the process. Now an orphan he suffers everyday getting food anyway possible. Zabuza then takes haku as his apprentice,telling him to give in to zabuza's every whim. After listening to this,Naruto finally gives in and tries to kill him.
  • Finally we get to see kyuubi in action.

    Finally the nine-tailed fox's chakra is put to good use. Naruto gets his first experiance with unlimited power. He also gets some good fighting in with Haku too. It is Naruto's turn to fight back instead of trying to run away. All i have to say is it is about time he uses it. It is awesome the way he fight as kyuubi's chakra flows through him. He is practiclly unstopable. I think there is too much talking before Naruto decides to kill him. I don't mind flashbacks but too many of them get anoying. Naruto totally owned Haku. He cooler when he uses kyuubi's chakra
  • they talk alittle to much, but this episode is awsome finnaly we see Kyuubi Naruto yay!

    this episode talks alittle to much too me but still i LOVE the episode we finnaly get to c Kyuubi Naruto! i love his new form its so cool. he could beat anyone with it! for real! :D lol but this episode is so cool its like one minute hes losing to haku in the last episode and another minute hes beating haku up. it would have been real cool if he knew rasengan that time cause if he did then he will use it for haku and i would love to see that but oh well Kyuubi Naruto is still realy realy cool
  • They really do talk too much. :P But I liked this episode a lot. We finally get to see Kyuubi Naruto. :D

    The animation in the beginning of the episode was incredible. There’s not too much of that style in Naruto episodes. (The episodes usually consist of talking and standing scenes still instead of fighting ones. :P) So it was a nice change. While Naruto and Haku are talking, the battle between Kakashi and Zabuza rages on. Kakashi realizes that he cannot defeat Zabuza with his Sharingan alone. He decides to summon his ninja hounds to hunt down Zabuza in the mist. (The little scene where Kakashi twirled the scrolls was so pretty and graceful. XD He should be in color guard or something. :P) The ninja hounds succeed in capturing Zabuza, and Kakashi prepares to use a special jutsu (Chidori/Lightning blade which is mainly concentrated chakra focused in the palm, right? :P) to finish him off. This episode revealed a lot about Haku’s past and why he’s where he is now. It’s so sad what happened to him. His father killed his mother, and nearly killed him. (But Haku accidentally killed him.) Then Zabuza took him under his wing. Even though he did that to use Haku, it shows that he has a heart, sort of. :P This was a really good episode.
  • Kyuubi Naruto!

    Its been a while since I've written a review, I sort of forgotten my rivalry for Empoleon64, for a while. But now I am back and ready to tell the tale of the day Naruto first unleashed his Nine Tailed Fox Hell! Okay previously, Naruto got all super mad because Haku just killed Sasuke with needles (watdafxup.) So he unleashes his Kyuubi power inside him and everyone notices, espesially Haku! Naruto goes off fighting and really beating Haku. Somewhere along the way, outside, Kakashi talks with Zabuza that, taht boy (Naruto) is the Nine Tailed Fox. Then he takes out a scroll. So after, Naruto beats Haku up, he shatters the mirrors and the battle leads outside. There he is about to finish Haku off when he takes off his mask and Naruto realizes that he was the boy he met in the forest. Since Naruto doesn't kill people (but the Kyuubi inside him does), he stops and Haku tells his background story. The story goes like this. Haku was once part of a nice family until his bloodline trait got him set aprt from the other people. His father was killed and him and his mother escaped to live a life where they wouldn't have to fear. But that life turned out bad and Haku was all by himself on the streets. That's when Zabuza found him and he trained the boy. Then the flashback ends and Naruto realizes how much suffering he's gone through. Meanwhile Kakashi finally summons his Ninja Demon Hounds. They grab hold of Zabuza and he can't move. Then Kakashi powers up his chakra for his signature move: Lightning Blade (Raikiri.) Haku keeps on telling Naruto to kill him because he is worthless now. Naruto won't and Kakashi is ready to attack with his Lightning Blade. But Haku is about to do something about that!
  • Naruto finally Kyubbi yessssssssss

    This episode starts with the theme song obvisouley haha but this episode really starts with naruto Kyubbi's form well if you count red eyes claws and fangs as a form then Kakashi talks about how the seal was loosened and stuff then Naruto comes in for a big punch at Haku then bam bam bam bam and Bam!!!! so Haku goes flying and then bam lands on the rough ground later Naruto finds out Haku is Haku and Haku says about when he was young and that people kill anyone with ninja blood line and that her mom was hiding her blood line but Haku used it and her father now knew the secret and killed his wife and almost killed his son Haku ran away and Zabuzza took Haku later Zabuzza and Kakashi fight and Kakashi talks about how Zabuzza works for whats his name TV-kid off
  • Naruto's Kyuubi and Haku's past. Oh snap.

    Well the most exciting part of this episode was when Naruto used his Nine Tail Fox to break through the mirrors on Haku and get revenge for "killing" Sasuke. First time and wow that was powerful. I also thought that it was good to show Haku's past before he died in the episode after this one, it was interesting to me because even from the very beggining Haku obeyed Zabuza without question. Still Zabuza did drive him to the point where if he was no longer "useful" than he might was well suicide(wow Zabuza is evil ain't he?) So yeah really good episode and such.
  • Chidori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well... this episode is simply perfect. Naruto finally finishes his transformation into a demon fox (at least partially) and to simply put it beats the ---- out of Haku. At the same time Kakashi uses another of his jutsu to track and catch Zabuza. After Naruto realizes that Haku was the boy he once mistook for a girl and thought as a gentle soul he seizes to try and kill Haku. after that we get to learn about Haku's story and how he ended up being with Zabuza. Kakashi finally catches Zabuza wth the help of the dog-trackers he summoned and demonstrates to Zabuza his true potential using his ultimate technique : Chidori (a raiton (lightning) element jutsu).
  • Naruto scary! (hides behind Shigure Sohma)

    Naruto is really mad at Haku for killing Sasuke, his best friend and rival. Kyubi the demon fox's chakra turns Naruto's eyes red and gives him fangs. Naruto punches Haku so hard that he flies and hits the ground with a thud and his mask cracks in half and falls off. Naruto sees Haku's face and realizes that he's the boy he met back in the forest. Naruto can't bring himself to kill him. Haku tells Naruto that the worst thing in the world is to be unwanted and useless. Haku was born poor to a farmer and his wife. Haku's mother had a special Kekkei Genkai, and Haku inherited it. Haku discovered this power and was playing around with it. His father saw him and killed his mother. Then he tried to kill Haku too, but Haku accidently killed him. Then he ran away and lived on the streets until Zabuza came along and took him in. Now Haku claims he is unnecissary, and his final request is for kill him.
  • one of the best episodes. naruto unleashed some of the nine tailed fox's chakra and complety destroyed haku.

    sasuke just died, well naruto thought so, and naruto got real mad and went crazy with the fox chakra. a part of the nine tailed seal was released and naruto started healing. then naruto got that crazy look on his face and let loose on haku. haku threw senbon at naruto and impaled him several times. naruto didn't feel them and he shot them all back. after that naruto started shatterring haku's mirror's and wasn't going to stop until he killed him. the mirror breaking and throwing back the senbon were the best parts. kakashi using the nin ken and trapping zabuza was pretty cool to. i was kinda mad when naruto stopped his attack on haku since he had meet him in the forest earlier. still one of the best episodes.
  • naruto!!!!9 tailed fox!!!!!!!!

    Naruto`s nine-tailed fox is destroying Haku with naruto`s madness and wildness and rage!SSSSSSSSSOOOOOO CCCCCCCOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!

    this is like the best episode in my mind!i think this episode is the bomb!!the blast!!!!!!so cool when naruto`s nine-tailed fox appears and is attacking Haku!insane episode!!!Haku has no power against naruto`s nine tailed demon fox!!!!this has got to be the best episode!(in my opinion)my favorite part has to be when the nine tailed demon naruto hits the ground and haku goes to naruto about to attack him until he does three awesome side flips and the bad Haku is down!!!!!Another part is when naruto destroys all the mirrors and takes haku down!also one of my favorite parts is when he takes all the weapons out of his body and gets angry and attacks!!!!!BOOM!!!!!!!!W AM!!!BANG!!!!!!SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  • Naruto episode 17

    The real reason that i love this episode so much, is because Naruto finally gets to show off the power of the Kyuubi. My favorite of this episode is everything hahaha. it is just that amazing. Haku should be a poet. His words are so meaningful and true that you cant help but listen to them over and over again (mainly the english because i like his voice actor more). This episode probably has the most amount of quotes of any Naruto episode, and most of those are from Haku. Overall, this episode is exciting and meaningful. One of my very favorites.

    Naruto takes out his rage with Kyubi's chakra for killing his rival/friend Sasuke on Haku, and he doesn't stand a chance. However, just before the finishing blow he can't hit him. Naruto realizes that Haku is the boy he met back at the forest. Haku tells Naruto the story of his past and how he was hated because of his power. He tells Naruto that the first thing in the world is not have a purpose or reason to live. This becomes a recurring theme through the series. Since he is unable to kill for Zabuza's dreams, Haku sees himself as a broken tool and asks for Naruto to do one favor for him. He wants Naruto to kill him.
  • This one of the best episodes of Naruto. Haku tells Naruto about his sad past and how if something is precious to someone, that person will fight to protect it with his/her own live. The ultimate cost of the battle on you is not important.

    This one of the best episodes of Naruto. Haku tells Naruto about his sad past and how if something is precious to someone, that person will fight to protect it with his/her own live. The ultimate cost of the battle on you is not important. The flute music that surrounds this episode is the powerful "Sadness And Sorrow" and the "The Raising Fighting Spirit" that can make one cry along to it and feel determend to accomplish their task. This is an episode that i could watch over and over again. This is what naruto is all about. the path to becoming a ninja and one day hokaga is to deal with pain and to use it to futher your success in battle and in life. This theme is also emphisized in Dragonballz and that is why i like that show as well--the music is also a big hit with me (e.g. "Gohan Fights Frieza" and "Episodic Trunks"). This is why i watch Naruto. Go Naruto!!! This is one of my all time favorite tv series!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Haku reveals his past to Naruto.

    As Naruto reveal the Kyubi power.Haku explains about his past and how everyone hated his powers.They had killed his mother and was going to kill him.But Zabuza saved him from that kind of predictment.He was there for Zabuza.He supported him in whatever and protect him as well from anyone that hurt him.But he asked Naruto to do one favor which is to kill him.Unfortunelly Naruto felt liked he couldn't kill him.Even if Haku begged him to kill him.Yeah this episode was mixture of both revealing and sad.I mean to find the truth about Haku and why he is so protective of Zabuza.
  • Kyubi Naruto crushes Haku. It's kind of funny

    After seeing Sasuke's death in front of him after he protected him from death Naruto grows with anger.Then Haku,stupidly, tells Naruto that seeing comrades dying in the battle is a way of shinobi. Naruto tells him to shut up and Kyubi's seal is loosened giving Naruto unexplicable power. Haku is suprised and can see the thrist for blood and evil in Naruto's chakra. Naruto heals immediately and transforms into Kyubi. On all fours he attacks Haku. Haku throws his wimpy needles but Naruto shakes them all off. Haku tries to escape back into a mirror but Kyubi is so fast he catches him and punches the crap out of him. All in all this episode proves how this misfit ninja is the best
  • Lots of flashbacks

    I liked all the flashbacks of Haku's past and of Zabuza's and how they met each other and why Haku became Zabuza's weapon/ servant. I liked the fact that Kakashi finally used an original jutsu, Lightning Blade. I thought it was amazing that Haku's father would kill him and his mother just because they had a weird inherited and powerful jutsu thing like Kakashi's Sharingan or Hinata's Byakugan. It's amazing that a kid that young would kill his dad out of fear and that he was able to survive in the cold winter weather until Zabuza found him sitting on a bridge.
  • Sad.

    With the Kyubi released within Naruto, he's able to defeat Haku and his Crystal Mirrors. He destroys his mask, and discovers that it was the same boy he mistaken for the girl in the forest. Naruto lost control of his Kyubi, and it went dormant again. Naruto then questions Haku's character, and he tells him his life story. He possesses a bloodline limit, and in the country of wave, those with the unique ability are killed for fear of being too much of a threat. After Haku's father found out his mother and him had it, he killed the mother, but Haku killed his father. Zabuza found him, and he wanted to be of use this world again. Kakashi decided that play time was done, and used his summoning technique to trap Zabuza using his dogs. He then starts forming his only original technique, the chidori.

    What I detest the most about Naruto's character flashbacks is the fact that they're always told during the fights, giving them an extremely awkward feeling. However, Haku's past was actually well done, and his personality was really unique. To think that his loving father actually feared him and his wife so much that he would kill them. While there's obviously more detail to the story, how it was briefly capped makes it much more emotionally involving. His flashback perfectly welded into his unique personality. I thought Haku wanting to be a weapon for Zabuza was just Kishimoto trying to be different for the sake of being different, but both his personality and flashback complimented each other so perfectly. Plus, not only did we get to see Haku's story, but Kakashi also revealed some of Zabuza's; of him failing in a mission and becoming an exiled ninja. This episode did a wonderful job of covering two character pasts, while including some excitement at the same time. It was really exciting how Kakashi summoned up his chidori. Just the fact that it's his only original technique makes it so much cooler.
  • Naruto Use Kyubi power

    Naruto Use Kyubi power the seal is not broken but loonse and beat up Haku and almost lost control. The stroy of Haku family and himself was sad. Kakashi's use Lightning Blade for the first tima and Kakashi's Kuchiyose no Jutsu Summoning Technique of his Dogs. Now tha battle to be countiue
  • It was really good, but the dub totally screwed the Chidori over.

    I loved this episode. I loved everything about it. I love how Kakashi whipped out that scroll and slicked his blood on it. I loved his "Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu." I loved how Naruto went totally ape-shit on Haku. There was just one problem. And unfortunately, to me it was a very large problem. "Lightning Blade?!" What the hell is the Lightning Blade?! Kakashi's technique is the Lightning Edge! In the anime it's called the "Lightning Edge." In the manga it's called the "Thunder Blade." Although I prefer "Lighting Edge," either of those would have been acceptable. But "Lightning Blade?!" C'mon! That's a Digimon attack! Not a ninjutsu!
  • Not what I expected...

    I liked how Kyubi was released in this episode. Sadly, Naruto only loosened the seal and it was not broken. It's also sad that Naruto unleashed Kyubi for a short while, I thought the whole episode would reflect on Naruto and Kyubi but, Haku's familiar face stoped Kyubi.

    I kinda liked the filler that Haku gave us about his family and why he/she joined Zabuza. I don't know why that kid was so foulish to say "I am your weapon, use me as you please". He/she has his/her own live. Use it the way you want it, not the way Zabuza wants it!

    It was kinda scary hearing about Haku's past. How his/her father killed her mother then she used her ice powers to kill her father. Scary...

    Now Haku wants Naruto to kill him/her and Zabuza and Kakashi are still fighting. I "know" that Naruto wouldn't "kill" Haku. It wouldn't be honorable of a Chunin.

    The fight between Kakashi and Zabuza was so-so. Zabuza was stupid enough to cut Kakashi so Kakashi could use his "Earth style: Fang Elite Jutsu" to bring dogs up from the ground and catch Zabuza. Now Kakashi can finish Zabuza off, with his own jutsu! Lightning blade!

    Very suspenseful with the Kakashi/Zabuza battle but with the Haku/Naruto battle, I know that Naruto won't "kill" Haku.

  • Power of the inner demon is unleashed.

    Naruto finally uses the power of the Demon Fox in battle. After Haku kills Sasuke, Naruto gets really mad. He breaks the seal holding the Demon Fox in him & unleashes a little bit of the Demon Fox's power. Best parts: Naruto shattering that crystal ice mirror with his fist, Naruto punching Haku into one of the mirrors & breaking it, & the chakra of the Demon Fox destroying all the other mirrors. I hope to see more of the Demon Fox's power in later episodes.