Season 1 Episode 17

White Past: Hidden Ambition

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 31, 2005 on TV Tokyo



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    • Haku: No, that won't do. You're still holding back. If that is all the strength you can put into it, you will never keep your vow. Perhaps he didn't mean as much to you as you pretend.
      (Naruto hits him, but softer than Haku intended)
      Haku: That won't do...

    • Haku: Then Zabuza came along and looked at me, and his eyes were not full of hate and fear. He did not shun me for my strangeness. Indeed, my special powers were just what he wanted. He made me necessary again.

    • Kakashi: Poor Zabuza, see where your ambitions got you? You were always pushing things too far.

    • Tazuna: That dreadful noise, what could it be?
      Sakura: I don't know, and I am not sure that I want to find out.

    • Zabuza: But I warn you...friendship, comfort, encouragement...I do not need those things, nor should you except them from me.

    • Haku: He made me necessary again.

    • Haku: In all the world, there was no one who needed me. I was...unnecessary.
      Naruto: Just!

    • Haku: It was my father who changed. He killed my mother, and he almost killed me.

    • Haku: (Thinking) I can't...his energy is too strong!
      (Naruto punches Haku)

    • Kakashi: (Thinking) Ah! Could it be...the seal has been broken?'s been loosened and a glimmer of the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra has slipped through...but the seal still holds.

    • Haku: His chakra grows stronger every second...I must strike now!

    • Haku: The blood lust in his eyes...This is no longer a child!

    • Naruto: You'll pay for this...I'm gonna kill you!

    • Haku:: Go on. Strike. Kill me. Why do you hesitate?
      Naruto: (Backs away from Haku) That's the most ridiculous story I've ever heard! I mean, he treats you like a slave! You're a human being, not a weapon or a tool! How can you care about someone like that?!
      Haku: For that very reason. Does that seem so strange to you?
      Naruto: Well, yeah...a little.
      Haku: When he found me, I was without a purpose or reason for living. Zabuza gave me both. (Flashback to when Haku was running with a rabbit. The rabbit jumped out of his arms and into the bushes. Zabuza shows up with the rabbit. He gives the rabbit to Haku, and pats his head) But now, my usefulness is over. The only thing that gave my life meaning, it's gone. I am a broken tool, a blunted weapon, of no use to anyone. Go on, Naruto. Do it, for both of our sakes. Do it, quickly.

    • Haku: Why do you not strike? Did you not just vow to avenge your comrade's death by killing me? Or was that vow just empty words?

    • Haku: To show mercy to those who oppose the one you serve? To allow his enemies to live, when you could strike them down? This is not compassion, it is a betrayal of your life's very purpose. For what reason do you exist then? You're of use to no one. Your life has no meaning. It is mear existence. Day after day, the pain and struggle, signifying nothing.
      Naruto: Yeah, well speak for yourself!
      Haku: Are you really that blind little one? I am speaking of myself. This day has shown that I am no longer of any use to Zabuza.
      Naruto: Zabuza? Why that guy anyway?! To devote your life to a rotten skunk who doesn't know the meaning of the word honor! If he's the one person that really matters to you, man that's the sorriest thing I've ever heard!
      Haku: There were others that mattered to me. My father, and my mother.

    • Zabuza: My time here is done, Haku. Tonight, I cast aside the Land of Water. One day, I will return and seize this land and hold it in my hands. Many things must me done before that day comes, and you will help me to do them. But I warn you: Friendship, comfort, encouragement. I do not need these things, nor should you expect them from me.
      Haku: I understand. I am yours, Zabuza. I am only an instrument of your will. Think of me as a weapon to be held at your side and used as you see fit.
      Zabuza: ...Well said, child.

    • Haku: I have failed you, Zabuza. I am like a weapon that has been broken and is of no further use.
      (Haku slowly approaches Naruto)
      Haku: Naruto... Kill me.

    • Kakashi: I won't allow you to kill Tazuna! He's a brave man with a noble dream! The bridge he's building is the hope of this land and all its people! You're like a disease: by attacking one, you infect all! You don't care! That is not the way of the shinobi!
      Zabuza: You're right, I don't care! These useless little people with their petty little dreams. Why should they matter to me? I have a dream, of my own!
      Kakashi: But to have a dream, you need to have a future. You don't!

    • Kakashi: Alright, Zabuza, time to finish this, but it won't be with Sharingan, imitations of some other ninja's tricks. No, it's time I introduced you to... my own jutsu! Lightning Blade!

    • Kakashi: Aah, the mist is finally clearing. And do you know what I see? Your death!
      Zabuza: Talk, talk! Do you mean to talk me to death?!
      Kakashi: In a way, yes. Right now my hounds are just playing with you, but one word from me and they'll tear you apart!

    • Kakashi: I realized that if I couldn't see you, I'd have to smell you out. That was a Summoning Jutsu. I was calling forth my ninja hounds. They can track a sent anywhere. When you attacked me, I let you get past my guard. I wanted you to cut me. You see, it's the scent of my blood on your blade that led them to you. Surprised? Looks like I'm not the only one who was blind. Falling into my trap. You disappoint me, Zabuza

    • Haku: Zabuza, I am no match for this boy. Master... I have failed.

    • Kakashi: Zabuza, I don't mean to spoil your fun. I know how you like to stretch these things out, but how about we put an end to this now? Come on, whaddya say? We're both busy people.
      Zabuza: Hmm...tempting. I'm curious to see how you intend to back up such brave words! Show me, Kakashi!

    • Haku: Why'd you stop? I murdered your best friend, can't you kill me?
      (Naruto looks at Sasuke and punches Haku)
      Naruto: Damn!

      ~Japanese version

    • Kakashi: You're too dangerous! The man you're trying kill is this country's hope, and the bridge you're trying to stop him from completing is this country's dream. That's not what a ninja's supposed to do!
      Zabuza: Who cares? I'm doing this for my own ideals, and I won't stop!
      Kakashi: I'll say this once more...Give up, your only future is death!

      ~Japanese version

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