Season 9 Episode 2

Yakumo's Sealed Power

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto gets caught at the compound where Yakumo is being held after he breaks out of the window and changes from Kurenai to himself (He had used a transformation jutsu to get in as Kurenai). Naruto sees Yakumo on a balcony and starts to ask her what is going on when the medical ninja injects something in him and knocks him out. While Naruto is knocked out, he has a dream about Kurenai and Yakumo. He is at the academy and sees Kurenai talking to Yakumo. In the dream, Kurenai tells Yakumo that she will have to seal her jutsu since she refuses to give up being a ninja. Just as Naruto starts to approach them, he is awoken by Sakura banging on a pan. Naruto is disoriented at first and asks Sakura what happened and she tells him that he got caught sneaking into the safehouse in the mountains. Naruto realizes that he must find Kurenai before she leaves and takes off leaving an angry Sakura. He goes to Kurenai's dwelling and knocks on her door. Guy appears and tells Naruto that Kurenai left a while ago and that Naruto should join him for morning exercise. Naruto tells him no and that he has to find Kurenai. Naruto catches up to Kurenai in the woods and confronts her about Yakumo. She tells him a brief history, but loses patience and uses her genjutsu to knock Naruto unconscious. Meanwhile, the ANBU BLack Ops ninja and the two medical ninja know that they are under seige and an attack is imminent. The ANBU tells one of the medical ninja to send a message to the Hokage. He gets off the message just as all of them are captured in a genjutsu. Two of the enemy ninja enter Yakumo's room and tell her that they are here to take her away. Sakura is laying out papers to dry when the pigeon approaches. She brings the pigeon to Tsunade who reads the note. She summons Guy, Shino, Kiba, Hinata, and Sakura into her office and tells them that they must go to the safe house and get Yakumo. A little of her background is explained by Guy and they head off to the safe house. As they are running to the house, Sakura trips on something. It's a pair of shoes. She pulls on the shoes and pulls Naruto out from under a bush. She is angry and thinks that he fell asleep there. They find out, however, that he is actually under a genjutsu and Sakura wakes him out of it. He remembers running into Kurenai and Guy asks him if she was alone. Naruto tells him that she was and Guy tells them that he thinks that Kurenai is in over her head. Kurenai makes it to the villa and runs into one of the enemy ninja. He uses genjutsu on her to stop her but she turns the tables on him and puts him under a genjutsu spell. She enters the villa and finds Yakumo in her room with two enemy ninja who are unconscious due to genjutsu. Kurenai finds Yakumo and Yakumo acts happy to see Kurenai there (although her reaction at one point is suspicious). The other enemy ninja outside find their comrade that Kurenai used her genjutsu on and release him from it. The leader tells his men that Leaf ninja are on the way and that they must get rid of Yakumo at any cost. Naruto wonders what Kurenai has gotten herself into.