Season 9 Episode 2

Yakumo's Sealed Power

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Secret of the Mystery Girl

    (For Episodes 202-204)

    As a start for the new season, we get a new opening and ending. Both excellent as we see the crew in suits and stuff as if they were in high school or something. Gaara and Kankurou's especially. Naruto fights Lee and Neji in the opening credits too.

    Kurenai has decided that she has to leave behind Squad 8 to take care of a personal matter that now has become an issue for her. Naruto meets a talented artist that foretold the lightning strike of the Hokage Mansion. What is behind these acts? Who is this girl? Naruto gets in trouble with ANBU for sneaking, hehe, silly Naruto. Do not mess with these guys fox boy.

    Sakura also gets a mission too, she helps Team 8 along with Gai as a medic. Yay! And because this is a Genjutsu-based Arc, she's useful here as Naruto never learned to deal with this stuff and being Taijutsu-centric, hilarity ensues when he gets into trouble with Kurenai only to be woken by Akamaru ;) Good boy Akamaru x3 By the second and third episode, we learn about the girl Yakumo Kurama, who is a very talented genjutsu-user as we hear, but is sealed by Kurenai for what she says she was envious of her. But, can that really be true?

    Yakumo also gets attacked by her own clan members who were thought to be underground and dissipated. What can all this mean? What kind of ability does Yakumo have hidden within her? Why seal it? We won't find out until next week
  • Yakumo...

    Yakumo... She's really something, isn't she? I realize this review is really late, forgive me. Inuyasha records every night and Naruto does only once a week, and I need the space on my DVR. So I only got around to watching it yesterday. Anyway, Naruto repeadetly gets knocked out by the ANBU and Kurenai because he doesn't know when to keep his big nose out of it! And then there's the scoldings by Sakura... I kind ahad to make innuendos because my mom kept running the vaccuum the whole time I was watching this... Tsunade throws a squad together to go recapture the "kidnapped" Yakumo, I think...
  • The compound where is held comes under seige.

    Naruto gets caught trying to enter the compound where Yakumo is being held and sedated. He wakes up in the Leaf Village hospital and Sakura has been watching over him. He remembers what happened at the compound and takes off to find Kurenai to ask her more questions. He gets to her apartment and finds out that she has already left. Guy is there and tells him that she left a while ago. Naruto heads off to find her. Meanwhile, the compound where Yakumo is being held is come under attack. The ANBU and the medical ninja are captured, but one of the ninja are able to get a messenger pigeon off...
  • i really like this episode it showed lots of stuff...

    like for starteds i really like that its showed that team 8 teacher showed a differt kid and also what happen on saskura frist medical ninja mission that was something that you cant really miss that was really my favorite part that made the episode into a specail i think plus it was a good way to start season 9 i think but some people think the episode was bad for some reason i just dont really understand the next episode though well over all the show rules rocks and i hope that suskue comes back this season sorry about my spelling