Season 3 Episode 32

Your Opponent is Me!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 10, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Shikamaru tries to trick the three Sound ninja by transforming into Jirobo and taking the barrel Sasuke is in. He is found out because he did not act like Jirobo. Kidomaru passes the barrel onto the other two and takes on Shikamaru. Kiba, Naruto, and Neji try to attack him while he is focused on Shikamaru but are easily defeated. Neji then decides he will take on Kidomaru while the others go after the last two Sound ninja. Can he defeat Kidomaru and his spider-like ways?moreless

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  • Eh not much happened.

    Not really much happened in this episode, I'm amazed at how they accomplished so little in the span of twenty minutes. Way too much talking, a lot of the usual reminiscing, but to its credit there were a couple of interesting parts, such as the beginning when they tried ambushing the other Sound ninjas and how Naruto cleverly out thought Kidomaru, plus there was Neji prepared to destroy Kido with his sixty four palms before the episode ultimately ended. Though in the end there was just too much wasted time, a lot of filler in between important segments, and again I'd like to think that I have a memory bank and don't need to be reminded of every single flashback.moreless
  • Finally Neji's True Power.

    They catch up to the sound ninjas, and fight the spider ninja (Kidomaru) while the other two escape, but they all get caught in webs besides Neji, who can cut through them. So he is left to fight Kidomaru while the others continue to chase the other two.

    This is the beggining of one of my favorite episodes so far. The next two episodes continue from it. incase you're intested in reading it, I wrote what happens in the episode to give you an idea of how it goes, just cause i like to write detailed summaries. ^^

    Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji, and Kiba are continueing to pursue the sound ninjas. Neji looks for traps and comes to the conclusion that they have been underestimated by the sound ninjas. Then the sound ninja that fought Chouji early catches up with his companions, and is told to carry the barrel that Sasuke is contained in. But the spider ninja (Kidomaru) carrying the barrel accuses him of being a fake, and tells the other two to go on with the barrel while they fight each other. And Shikamaru transforms back from the sound ninja to himself again. But he gets attatched to a tree from the Kidomaru's web technique, so Naruto, with his shadow clones, attack but also get stuck in a seperate web. So Kiba and Akamaru attack with they're Gatsuuga, but miss and get stuck. Then Neji comes in but gets turned into a web cacoon. Then Kidomaru begins to get rid of the naruto clones attatched to the giant web, but they all end up being clones, then Naruto tries to attack, but gets counter-attacked, and Neji comes to the rescue by using his Juuken attack to break the web of chakra. Since he's the only one able to defeat him, Neji tells the others to go ahead, after some reasoning, they leave the battle to Neji. But Kidomaru doesn't want them to get away and attacks all of them, but Neji stops the attack. after some futile attacks from Kidomaru, Neji eventually gets caught, and is unable to get his hands free to use Juuken, but instead uses his body to produce a likingness of the Juuken effect just in time, and prepares to fight.moreless
  • Neji faces off against Kidomaru

    As Shikamaru's group follows the rest of the Sound Ninjas, Neji uses his Byakugan to see ahead and determin that the Sound Ninjas have not bothered to set any traps. Shikamaru decides to take them by surprise. The Sound Ninja are talking about how long it is taking Jiroubou to catch up when he appears out of nowhere. Kidomaru realizes that it's not really Jiroubou and tells the others to go ahead. He attacks and we find out that it was Shikamaru. Kidomaru easily beats off all attacks by the others. Neji tells Shikamaru that he will stay and fight Kidomaru because he is the only one who can possibly defeat him.moreless
  • Neji goes up against Kidomaru, but does he have enough to take Kidomaru down?

    The episode ends our focus on Choji and now with Neji. Neji uses his ability to control Chakra, as well as power of the Gentle Fist to his advantage. Kidomaru is powerful, but Neji will be able to take him down!...Will he? Well, lets just hope that the next episode 360 Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan's Blindspot proves that Neji can defeat Kidomaru. Well, unfortunately, thats all I have to say for this episode this time. Another 10 out of 10 for the Neji fight. GO NEJI! OK. That's it. Review over. Seriously, review over. WHAT!? You want me to say more!?moreless
  • The battle between Neji and Kidomaru start.

    Naruto, Shikamru, Neji, and Kiba try to steal the coffin with Sauske in it by Shikamaru transforing into Jirobo to steal it. Tayuya notices it is an imposter by Jirobo not complaing so Kidomaru starts attacking the 4 konah ninja. The 4 of them are over wellmed and defeated by Kidomaru by his spider like powers. He then decides to play darts with the Naruto clones but finds out non of them are the real Naruto. Then out of the trees is Naruto who attacks Kidomaru. It doesn't beat him but gave Neji enough time to figure out the strands of web are made out of chackra meaning he can break thru it and his teammates webs. Neji descides he is the only one who can fight a fair fight with Kidomaru so he tells the other three to go on with out him.moreless

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    • Kidomaru: (Thinking) How did he...?
      Neji: I suppose you want me to explain how I broke free. You see, it's not just my hands, there are chakra points all over me. I can emit chakra from any one. And now, as you would say, game over!

    • Kidomaru: That was way to easy. Once you figure out your opponents rule of engagement, games like this one are no longer amusing. It's only been a minute or so, and I'm already tired of playing with you.

    • Neji: Naruto, sometimes your eyes are better than mine. Wherever he is, Sasuke is in the darkness.

    • Neji: No matter what I do, this thread keeps sticking to me. This stickiness must come from combining his chakra with some kind of fluid. And it's strength is unreal. Even after he releases the thread, his chakra is still flowing through it, giving it power. Impossible! The level of this jutsu is out of this world. It's unstoppable! No, wait! I've got to calm down.

    • Kiba: I won't let you get away!
      Kidomaru: You stole my line, punk. You should look down at your feet.
      (Kiba and Akamaru are caught in webbing.)
      Kiba: You coward! Do you really think you can stop us that easily?
      Kidomaru: Why don't you shut up?

    • Tayuya: Listen fatso, don't slow us down so you can eat more! You see that coffin, you're the one who supposed to be carrying it. So do your job, you slob!
      Jirobo: Okay.
      (Long pause)
      Kidomaru: Well, well, Jirobo. Aren't you easy going today?
      Jirobo: Yeah, so what?
      Kidomaru: Well, it's just that I'm not going to be handing this coffin over to you, because you're not the real Jirobo.

    • Naruto: Those idiots, they think we're so weak.
      Neji: It seems you're right about our enemies, Shikamaru, and it's insulting to be underestimated like this.

    • Neji: It's been quite a while and we haven't encountered a single trap. Well Shikamaru, what's your assessment?
      Shikamaru: It looks to me like we've been underestimated. They're cocky. They think we're all dead now and their big guy's the only one following them.

    • Kidomaru: Ah man, I'm really itching to play with you. And we should play slowly, or the game is not as fun.

    • Neji: We're here because we're on a mission to bring Sasuke back. But that's not all... What we're pursuing and trying to protect is the bond as a ninja from the Hidden Village of Konoha.

      ~Japanese version

    • Neji: Naruto... You have better eyes than I do. Right now, Sasuke is in darkness. Hurry up and go! I'll catch up later.

      ~Japanese version

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