Season 2 Episode 13

Last Chance

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 24, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

Worth Dwindling reappears to lure Stunts into a meeting with Rexton, who promises funding for the medical research Carlos' father needs if Stunts helps Rexcor win the final race of the season and by so doing, the Unlimited Series Championship. His back to the wall financially, Carlos agrees, and permits The Collector to take the pole in their joint time trial. Megan, who is again driving for Team Fastex, announces that Spitfire Racers will be disbanded after the race, but Zarina might as well already be back in a Rexcor uniform, for her true colors are apparent come raceday. She and Junker wreck Charger, who is badly shaken up by the crash and cannot continue even though Spitfire pushes his damaged machine onto his IMP.

Seeing the stricken son of his former racing friend shames Farrell Longstreet into revealing the phony nature of his own race injuries, leading him to take over as relief driver for Charger. Enraged over Longstreet's betrayal, Rexton orders Specter and The Collector to take Farrell out. Flyer manages to save Farrell from serious harm, removing Specter from contention in the process, but Longstreet is also forced back to the pits. Charger retakes the wheel of the 204 which is soon involved in yet another collision, thanks to The Collector.

Elsewhere, Tanker grounds Flyer with a wingshot from his cannon, then he, Zarina, and Stunts are ordered to finish Sharp off. Stunts spoils the plan, causing Tanker, Zarina, and Grim Repo to wreck. Meanwhile, Charger has chased down Owens, and with a page borrowed from The Collector's own book, prevents the last remaining Rexcor driver from finishing the race. Team Fastex takes the top four positions at the checkered flag, Flyer clinches the championship, and Stunts obtains a video taped "confession" from Rexton for NASCAR to use in their investigation of his race fixing scheme. To wrap up the happy ending, Flyer, Charger, Spitfire, and Jack all donate their prize money to the hero for the "Fastex Medical Research Fund."