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  • NASCAR Racers is Awesome!!

    Don't let the title of the show sway you. You don't have to be a NASCAR Fan or even a gear head in order to enjoy this show. I sure wasn't and managed I fall in love with it because of the characterization, racing sequences and quality voice acting.

    The concept for this show combined the intensity of NASCAR, the spectacle of WWE and the science of VR Troopers. You mix it all together and it turned out to be everything that Power Rangers Turbo should have been. First off, I was impressed with the level of depth that the characters were embeted with as well as the self-destructed behaviors that they struggled with.

    For Example, one of the racers for Team Fastex, Steve "Flyer" Sharp, was veteran from the Air Force who struggled with PTSD (or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It was eye-opening watching this as a ten year old, to this character struggle with it.

    My favorite character from the show was Megan "Spitfire" Fassler. She drives for Team Fastex which is owned by her Father Jack Fassler. It was the first time that I developed a crush a cartoon character. It's almost like the creators combined the hotness of Scarlett from G.I. Joe with the hotness of Marian Martin from the Double Dragon. The fact that she was a genius engineer didn't hurt either. She had one of the most interesting arcs of the entire series. Some of them delved on loneliness to identity crisis to independence.

    I know that some of the nicknames that drivers had such as "Flyer" or "Spitfire" seem cheesy to some, but to me, Those nicknames encased what they're passions were. In turn, it helped the characters seem larger than life.

    The Second thing a loved about this show are the action/racing sequences. I felt that the show found a nice harmony between The level of CG that was used in the racing sequences as well as the hand drawn animation for the characters. It highlighted the Science Fiction part of the cartoon and convinced me to see Auto racing as a window into the future as opposed to just fast cars turning left.

    The Third and the most memorable quality of this show are the experienced Voice Actors such as Kathleen Barr (ReBoot, Double Dragon), Ian James Corlett (Double Dragon, Beast Wars) and Scott McNeil. Since they had worked on previous projects together, they seemed to have brought that experience to this show. A lot of the voice actors went on to work on an anime called Oban Star-Racers. Check it out on NETFLIX.

    Theme song for this show easily gets stuck in your head. I wish they would release the soundtrack for it, but they never did.

    The show so far has been released on two VHS Tapes. I love the theme song for this show. From the evidence I just presented, I felt that NASCAR Racers wasn't just a 30 minute Toy Commercial, that it's main goal was to entertain the audience and envelope them into a good running plot. For those who haven't seen it, I highly recommend you check it out.
  • a great show

    this has been one of my favorite shows for years. it has cool cars that go super fast. NASCAR has gone into the future with lots of high tech cars and zany tracks that challenge drivers to prove that they really are the best of the best. the show deals with the rivalry between team fastex and the evil team rexcor who is always cheating to win and coming up with new plans to destroy team fastex. their is wide variety of charecters in this show which makes it even better. though this show was not very popular I thought it rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • like i said underappreciated

    It is a racing series about these racers having to up against each other with trick out car from the future this show is really underappreciated and I recommend this show to any sci-fi fanatic. It's very cool to watch the racers beat the crap out of each other yea it had some bad parts but over all it was a descent show to watch. for a show in 2000 it had graphics that were above par i didnt realy get it at frist but then i started watching more to see if i could get the plot and ended up likeing the show
  • This show is underappreciated.

    It is a racing series about these racers having to up against some evil I think. What can I say this show is underappreciated I haven't seen enough episodes I saw a few on Jetix and it was amazing I love the animation and voices and the racers look like real athletes what bothers me is that Jetix moved to toon disney. I want to see every episode of this amazing series I sure hope my friends watched this show they might give me agrre points. I don't understand why most people didn't like it? I give this a 8.2 out of 10.
  • nascar racers is about the futuristic nascar world.

    nascar racer is about the unlimited series in which the driver have cars that have special features such as rocket booster ,and wings. the charecer's car power are based on their nickname. the show focus on the good buys team Fastex and the bad guys Team rexcor and also some other independt drivers. the driver compete in races in side domes in the desert and through the tundra. the show alos showcase the off track life of the drivers. one reason this show is so good is that female drivers have sucessful careers in racing. this is a very good show.
  • Don't listen to critics. This show has action and a very unusual storyline.

    I never really got into this show until the second season, and I watched it after Digimon every Saturday. It had some of the best graphics, and still does. It was in 2000! These 3-D animatics for the race cars were very cool, and I recommend this show to any sci-fi fanatic. It's very cool to watch the racers beat the crap out of each other on the track, and even though it's no Ninja Turtles or Digimon, it's a good show that will always be a syndication king.
  • Like Wacky Races ,only little more serious.

    If they created this show just to promote NASCAR ,I can see why it isn\'t so popular any more. What\'s the point of the entire cartoon? Winning a race? Big deal! Race ,shmace! Adding those \"cool\" adjustments at cars also ,didn\'t help it. On the contrary. Now ,every kid ,when he is watching real NASCAR is gonna ask his dad \"Daddy ,daddy ,when he is gonna start flying?\" or \"turn itself into a robot?\" . Really stupid! On the other hand ,animation is good ,but it\'s natural that some show ,if it\'s got good animation ,then plotlines are terrible. Music is also discusting. If you want to watch a cartoon abour races ,forget about this s**t and watch Wacky Races.
  • Who thought of this? Because I have to ask you, "What were you thinking?". Combining a cartoon about NASCAR with aspects found in a superhero show...that's a recipe for disaster. While the animation is great, not even a NASCAR fan could love this show.

    Who thought of this? Because I have to ask you, "What were you thinking?". Making a cartoon about NASCAR drivers and combining it with aspects found in a superhero show...sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Not even a NASCAR fan could love this show. While the animation is good, the terrible plot lines completely override any positive marks gained. If this show got rid of the bad storylines, it would actually be worth watching. The sound quality is right up there with animation style and make the show look gorgeous. It's just that with a ridiculous story you can't even sit and appreciate the great aspects of this show. All in all, a bad show with so much potential in the animation and sound department.

    My final review: If you are looking for good animation, check this out. However, if you actually want to see a good show, look somewhere else.