Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 12

25 Hours of Christmas

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 1996 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Cheech and Clarence are jamming it appears that Carmine Appice is playing drums, although the appearance doesn't appear to be credited.

  • Quotes

    • (After Nick accidentally gave Lisa, Whitney's gift)
      Lisa: I'll always have feelings for you, Nash. Including romantic feelings, I know that's not going to change. I often wonder, what if? But-- But Christmas is a deceptive time it stirs up all these nostalgic memories.
      Nash: Mm. Yeah. Uh...
      Lisa: I feel that Christmas alters our perceptions. So why don't we put these feelings on hold until after the holidays? And then we'll see how we feel.
      Nash: That's good. After the holidays.
      Lisa: You never fail to surprise me, Nash. That's one of the things I love about you.
      Nash: After Christmas.

    • Joe (about lingerie): You think Inger would like something like that for Christmas?
      Nash: I think you might like something like that on Inger for Christmas.

    • Nash: Last week it was chili in the backseat, and tonight I got some sort of sticky chocolate right here on the console. Simple rule, really. No food in the 'cuda. Now what can't you understand about that?
      Joe: It's a candy bar, man. It's not food.
      Nash: That would be food.
      Joe: There's no nutritional value in a candy bar whatsoever.
      Nash: No a candy bar would be food.

    • (After Nash and Joe kill a gunman that shot at them at a department store)
      Joe: Man, I heard department stores were murder this time of the year but this isn't what I had in mind.
      Nash: Yeah it's look a lot like Christmas around here, bubba. Only without the "good will towards men" part.

    • (During an interrogation Jackson still won't help Nash)
      Nash (sighs): You bad guys make me tired. Take the full hit, do the full term. What do I care?

    • (Joe wants to take Nash's keys so he can get the 'cuda detailed)
      Joe: So, you're gonna be around here for a little while, right?
      Nash: Yeah. I'm gonna be here, where the hell would I go?

    • (Joe took Nash's car to get it detailed and it got stolen. Nash wants to go to Lisa's)
      Nash (looking through the drawer for his keys): Where the hell are my keys?
      Joe: You want a ride? I'll give you a ride. I got my car outside.
      Nash: What's goin' on, Joe?
      Joe: Alright, you want the truth?
      Nash: That'd be nice.
      Joe (sighs): I borrowed your car because I was getting it detailed. You know, I wanted it to be a suprise.
      Nash (laughs): Well, that's very sweet.
      Joe: It's suppoed to be done by noon.
      Nash: Well, it's after 12. C'mon lets go.
      Joe: Well, it's uh...not done yet.
      Nash: Why?
      Joe: Um... Alright, you want the whole truth?
      Nash: I don't know.
      Joe: Um... I was gonna get n-n-new tires for it.
      Nash: Tires?
      Joe: Yeah. Four new tires.
      Nash: Why are you doing this?
      Joe: Hey, man. You're my best friend. It's christmas. Come on.
      Nash (laughs): Yeah, well that's good. (starts walking away)
      Joe (muttering): New tires...

    • Officer: Inspector Bridges, good news. We found the bank robbers.
      Nash: What bank robbers?
      Officer: The ones that made off with your car.
      Nash: The 'cuda?
      Officer: Yeah. We tracked them down to a warehouse in the Mission. They promised to lead us to your car. Unfortanly shots were fired, so we really don't know what condition your car's in, but my fingers are crossed.
      Nash: Yeah. Well, keep 'em crossed. Shots fired, huh? My car.

    • Officer: Hey, Bridges. Your car just arrived outside and from (hands him the keys) what I hear it's no worse for the wear.
      Nash: That's great news. Does uh, Joe know that the 'cuda's been recovered?
      Officer: No. Not yet. You want me to find him?
      Nash: No, no, no. I want to tell him in my own special way. (Nash walks by Joe's desk and drops the car keys on it)

    • (After Nash finds out the 'cuda was stolen and recovered but Joe doesn't know he knows)
      Nash: Joe.
      Joe: Hey, Nashman. Hi.
      Nash: Man, I gotta tell you, I'm really touched about this whole tires thing. You're awesome.
      Joe: Hey, man, think nothing of it. I mean you're my best friend. You know. I'm just thankful you let me hang around so long.
      Nash (laughs): Get outta here. Listen I'm gonna ask you a question it may sound a little funny. You know, uh...I'm kind of a nut. I'm a little practicular about what goes on that car.
      Joe: Yeah. On it, in it, and eating any where around it. I know.
      Nash: Well, good. I'm sure you've done research and you know the only tires I'd put on that car are F-60-15 polyglass GTs.
      Joe: Oh. Yeah. Sure. F-60-15 polyglass GTs. What else would I put on there?
      Nash: Well, you know, I just know that they're kinda hard to find.
      Joe: Oh. Yeah, um... well, what do you thinks been taking me so long? (they both laugh)
      Nash: And damn they're expensive. (Joe stops laughing)
      Joe: Yeah. Very expensive.

    • Nash: What you got in the truck?
      Joe: Your wish to santa has been granted.
      Big Barry: Skid in peace, man.
      Nash: I don't believe it! You got the tires!
      Big Barry: F-60-15 polyglass GTs. Is that correct?
      Joe: Absolutley correct.
      Nash: Where'd you get these tires?
      Big Barry: Listen, this is all perfectally legit. It's a long story but it's a holy night. Lets just save it for another time.
      Nash: Mmhmm. And what's in it for you?
      Big Barry: The return of my property. Several of months ago at a police raid, due to circumstances my saxophone was confiscated. Now, I've been cleared of all wrong doing, but my saxophone remains a prisoner in the Mission district property room. Now, I wanna cut the red tape and get it back.
      Joe: Well, step inside because your saxophone waits with in.
      Big Barry: Alright, man.
      Nash: I don't wanna know nothin' about this, ya'll are on your own. (they laugh) Go away.

    • Joe: Hey, Nashman. I need some inspiration here I still havent figured out what to get Inger.
      Nash: Joe, I'm workin' here.
      Joe: Maybe I can get her something for the new baby. Does that count?
      Nash: Yes it counts. It counts against you.
      Joe: What are you gonna get Lisa?
      Nash: A pair of heirloom pearl earrings. They were my moms. I found them when I was going through Nick's stuff. She's always loved them and I figured someday she can pass them on to Cassidy.
      Joe: I wish I had as good of relationship with my wife as you do with your ex-wife.
      Nash: Divorce her. (laughs)

    • (Harvey is drunk after his wife left him)
      Harvey: Hey, it's christmas everybody! Sleigh bells are ringing, man. Chestnuts are doing their thing. It's magical, wondreful...glourious be dumped, huh? (Everyone is staring at him and he tries to put a cigarette in his mouth and falls over and passes out. Nash and Joe stand up to look at him)

    • Nash: Now, I want you to go home and I want you to stay outta trouble.
      Angel: Not until I complete my mission.
      Nash: You want a misson? I'll give you a mission. Get your ass home. Now can you do that or is that gonna require some sort of mircle?
      Angel: I detect a note of sarcasm.
      Nash: No, sir. You detect a not of exasperation. Now go home.

    • (Angel wants to complete his mission of flying and is on top of the SIU. If Angel does jump, he'll land right in the water so Nash is encouraging him to jump)
      Angel: You're not gonna try to stop me?
      Nash: No, no, no. I'm not gonna try and stop you at all but I will give you one suggestion. If you're gonna do this, why don't you get a running start and um...(licks his finger and sticks it up) you should always check the wind.

    • Nash: I'm sorry you didn't get to spend time with your family.
      Byrn: Well, not my first family. But this one's pretty nice.

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