Nash Bridges

Season 1 Episode 7

Aloha, Nash

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 03, 1996 on CBS
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Aloha, Nash

Nash and Kelly are about to go on their belated honeymoon, when Nash gets caught up in chasing down a renegade FBI agent, on the Most Wanted List.

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      • (On the phone)
        Kelly: Remember me?
        Nash: Hi, sweetheart. Guess what?
        Kelly: What?
        Nash: I was just packing.
        Kelly: You were working, weren't you?
        Nash: Technically?
        Kelly: I don't want to know. The flight's been delayed, we're not leaving until 7:30 now.
        Nash: See there? Worked out perfectly, I hate getting the airport early, anyway.
        Kelly: I shouldn't have told you that, you'll probably go solve a double murder or something. (Nash laughs)

      • Nash (after he just got into a fight, and arrested someone, his face is dirty and bleeding): And uh, how was your day?
        Kelly: Not as good as yours, obviously.

      • Kelly: Well, look what the cat brought in.
        Nash (after he just got into a fight, and arrested someone, his face is dirty and bleeding): I- I uh, had a little problem with my bags.

      • Nash (to Rick, after he changed his clothes): I got two ex-wives and a teenager daughter and none of them have ever taken that long to change their clothes.

      • Rick (after he gets knocked into the bay after fighting with a suspect): Nash, Nash!
        Nash: What're you doing in there?
        Rick: I can't swim!
        Nash: What? Ahhh, man. Alright, hold on. I might as well save your miserable life, they got away.

      • Rick: My career is gonna be over, I mean, you know that, right? I was turned down for a job at the post office. The post office turned me down. What am I gonna do? I can't pump gas, I hate the smell. Oh, god, I'm gonna end up with a cardboard sign standing next to the freeway.
        Nash: Relax, Rick.

      • Nash: Oh, hey, Rick, I got a present for 'ya. (throws Wolfgang's book at him)
        Rick: What the hell is this?
        Nash: What happened to 'thank you'?
        Rick: As of 2am this morning, Nash, this was my case.
        Nash: Damn, I thought you'd be pleased, Rick.
        Rick: You know, nobody asked for your help. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot-- I forgot, it's Nash Bridges' world. Well, thank you so much for allowing the rest of us to take part in it with you.
        Nash (laughs): Damn, bubba, I had no idea that this has gotten that personal to you. (pats Rick's shoulder as he walks by)
        Rick: Don't touch me. Listen to me, hold on, of course it's personal for me. What are you gonna do? You gonna ride off into the sunset on your big white horse, go off to Hawaii. You know, I got my own contacts on the street, you know, I could've tracked down that book in 24 hours.
        Nash: You know, Rick, I think maybe you oughta start thinkin' about a vacation for yourself.
        Rick: Vacation? What the hell do I need a vacation for? I mean, you do all the work, right? What do I need to, you do everything, I don't need to be here.
        Nash (smiles): Aloha, Rick.

      • Nash: I'm here to pick up Wolfgang Hertzong's betting book.
        Whip: Wolfgang who? I never even heard of the man.
        Evan: German guy, very suave, now very dead.
        Nash (picks the book up off of his desk): What's this?
        Whip: What?
        Nash: This. This book.
        Whip: I don't know where that came from. Maurice, you know where that came from?
        Maurice: Uh, no. The messanger, maybe.
        Whip: Could've been the messanger, you know people put stuff on my desk all day long.
        Maurice: You know, it could've been the promo man.
        Whip: It could've been my executive assistant, Keisha. (shouts) Keisha-- Keisha get your ass in here.
        Maurice: She went to pick up the Thai food.
        Nash (smiles): Yeah, and it could've been Santa. So you don't mind if I take this with me then?
        Whip: Nah, I don't mind. I don't even know what's in there.
        Nash: Good. Oh, you know, now that I think about it, why don't you come over here and slip into (pulls out his handcuffs) these, I might think of a question or two that I wanna ask you.

      • Evan: I heard you set some kinda record within the department.
        Nash: For what?
        Evan: Uh, I heard Shimamura talking about it yesterday. Somethin' like 4,336 consecutive work days without a vacation.
        Nash: Yeah, man. I'm the Cal Ripken Jr of police inspectors, bubba.
        Evan: Are you sure you wanna go, man? You're gonna ruin your streak.
        Nash: I'm going.

      • Kelly: Did you wrap up your case?
        Nash: Nope, but Bettina's handling it. (smiles)
        Kelly: Good. And you are on vacation. Car is coming at four, the plane is leave at six, and I finally get my honeymoon.
        Nash: Persistant, aren't you?
        Kelly: Meaning?
        Nash: Well, I mean this honeymoon thing, usually a divorce kinda kills that concept.
        Kelly: Yeah, well, it's better this way, no unrealistic expectations.
        Nash: Yeah, and none of that pesky rice to pick outta your hair.
        Kelly: Exactly.

      • (Nash pulls Rick out of the bay and gives him a shirt to change into)
        Rick: I don't look good in yellow.
        Nash: How do you look dead?

      • Nash (about Wolfgang's betting book): You gave away the book?
        Rick: Yeah, at the moment it seemed completely logical. The guy comes in puts out his hand and says 'Agent Magnolia, FBI', you know, he shook my hand. How was I supposed to know that he was a renegade FBI agent?
        Nash: You gave the book away to a renegade FBI agent?
        Rick: Hired assasian. Okay, here's everything, here's everything. His name is Martin Flowers, he was one of Hertzong's gambling clients and he went deep into debt, and uh you were right, about Juan Carlos because ballistics matched proved that it Martin Flowers guy that had been workin' as Hertzong's hitman all a long. The good news is that we have his name and we know what he looks like because, um, (pulls of the Wanted Ad) he's #9 on the FBI's Most Wanted List.
        Nash: Have you reached the pit of abject humiliation yet?
        Rick: Not yet. But here goes... I'm begging you, Nash. I'm begging you to help me find this guy.

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