Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 5

Apocalypse Nash

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 1998 on CBS
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Apocalypse Nash
Nash and Joe are arrested for the murder of three SFPD Investigators. Told in a non-linear style, we slowly unravel a conspiracy trying to frame Nash and Joe. Caitlin Cross is introduced, the newest member of the SIU and Nash's evolving love interest.

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    Carlton Wilborn

    Carlton Wilborn

    Paul Avery

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    Meagen Fay

    Meagen Fay

    Commissioner Debra Woods

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    Kimberly Quinn

    Kimberly Quinn

    Rebecca Taylor

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    Daniel Roebuck

    Daniel Roebuck

    Rick Bettina

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      • Caitlin: Ask Isley about those women. Ask him.
        Nash: Go with her, Rick.
        Rick: Okay. Lieutenant Isley these two women who came into the chambers here, you know them, don't you?
        Isley: Yes.
        Avery: Objection. He's stalling again.
        Debra: Make it quick and I'll allow it.
        Rick (points to a woman): Alright, the woman in the brown. Who's she?
        Isley: Gail Isley.
        Rick: Gail Isley? Uh-huh. Any relation?
        Isley: Yeah, she's my wife.
        Avery: Objection. Lieutenant Isley's wife is irrelivant to this proceeding.
        Rick: Excuse me. (walks over to Nash, Joe and Caitlin) This is relivant, isn't it?
        Caitlin: Ask about the other woman.
        Nash: Do it, Rick.
        Rick: Okay, okay. (points to another woman) And this young lady here, what is her name?
        Isley: Um, Sharon. Her name is Sharon.
        Rick: Sh-Sharon? No, lieutenant, this girl, right here, Sharon, what is her last name? Does she have one or doesn't she? (Isley is silent) Okay, okay. Fine. You wanna play it that way? I'll tell 'ya what we could do. We could invite her up here and help us figure it all out. Uh, Commissioner request your permission to invite Sharon what's her name up to sort this out.
        Isley: Okay. ... Okay. Sharon Isley.
        Rick: Isley?
        Avery: Commissioner--
        Debra: Mr. Avery, sit. Be quiet. Exactly what is your relation to Sharon Isley?
        Isley: She's my, um... She's my wife.
        Rick: You have two wives?
        Isley: Yes.
        Joe (to Nash): Two wives, two lives. Gonna take a dive.
        Debra: Shocking as this is, Lieutenant Isley is not on trial for polygamy. Inspector what else have you got?
        Caitlin (picks up black bag): Two pounds street grade heroin, $100,000 dollars in cash, both traceable to Pembroke found in the attic of Lieutenant Isley's Sacramento home. We believe they were supposed to be delivered to Pembroke, Bennett and Larson during the ambush.
        Isley: That's a lie. You're not believe this are you? It's totally manufactured. (to Avery) Tell me you're not buying this.
        Avery: I am not your lawyer, sir. If I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut.
        Debra: Take Lieutenant Isley into custody. (Isley is taken out of the courtroom) Captain Bridges, Inspector Dominguez it is by recommendation of this panel that all charges against you be dismissed by the D.A. you are free to go.

      • Caitlin: As much as it pains me to admit it, I may have been wrong.
        Nash: Well, I'm glad that your personal feelings haven't clouded your professional judgment.
        Caitlin: Never.

      • Rick (trying to stall at the hearing): I'm running out of ideas.
        Nash: Think Johnny Cochran.

      • (Joe is ripping a coupon out of the paper)
        Nash: I haven't read that yet. That would be the sports page, right?
        Joe: It's just a coupon, they're having a sale on tennis balls.
        Nash (sighs): Alright, that's it. This ends tomorrow. We could be in here for the next 25 years and you're worried about buying tennis balls. What's wrong with you?

      • Harvey: Isley's got an alibi for the time of the shootings.
        Joe: Oh, yeah? What's his alibi?
        Caitlin: He's got school in Sacramento. He conducts Internal Affairs seminars for cops around the country.
        Nash: You've gotta be kiddin' me.
        Evan: And apparently there were like, 50 cops there that can verify his whereabouts on that specific weekend.
        Caitlin: It's a matter of record.
        Nash: You say that there were 50 cops that can verify his alibi?
        Evan: Yes, sir.
        Nash: Talk to 'em.
        Evan: All of 'em?
        Nash: Every last one of 'em.

      • Avery: Lieutenant at the time Captain Bridges was conducting his investigation into Inspector Pembroke, M.C.D was conducting it's only investigation into Captain Bridges. Isn't that correct?
        Rick (to Nash & Joe): I didn't know that. Did you know that?
        Isley: Yes, it was the feeling of M.C.D. that Captain Bridges was using the allegations against Inspector Pembroke to cover up his own illegal activities.
        Avery: Please explain what Inspectors Pembroke, Bennett and Larson we're doing that day at the Bosnia projects, the day they were killed.
        Isley: Well, Pembroke had reported to M.C.D. that Bridges had approached one of his men. It was our feeling that under the circumstances we could lure Captain Bridges into a sting.
        Joe (to Nash): They set us up, man.
        Avery: If Pembroke hoped to sting Captain Bridges why wasn't he wired? Why didn't he have back-up?
        Isley: Bridges is smart. Pembroke knew he'd have to play it straight or he'd have no chance to get 'em. And unfortunetly Bridges was one step ahead of him.
        Avery: Which explains why Captain Bridges brought the rocket launcher to the meet?
        Isley: Correct.
        Avery: And why the drugs and money were found in Bennett's car. Bridges' attempt to further implicate Inspector Pembroke and his men and divert attention from himself.
        Isley: That's the only conclusion that I could come to.
        Rick: Objection. This is all inference.
        Debra: Sustained.
        Avery Lieutenant Isley are you aware of any other information pertinate to this case.
        Isley: Yes, um, several months ago, Captain Bridges' accountant committed suicide and Captain Bridges lost his life savings. In addition he is financially responsible for his father, and for his daughter who's in college.
        Avery: In other words, he had motive, means, and opportunity to murder Inspectors Pembroke, Bennett and Larson.
        Isley: Yes.

      • Joe: So, if we crash and burn here we still go to trial, right, Bettina?
        Rick: Uh, yes. But unfortunetly, Joe in any instance in which this panel recommended that charges be pursued the cops were convicted.

      • Avery: Very exciting story, Captain. You made yourself sound quite heroic. So, let me ask you somethin', do you make it a habit of going to meets, as you call them, so heavily armed?
        Joe: Oh, come on, he told you where we got the rocket launcher.
        Debra: Inspector, back in your seat.
        Avery: Okay, this man who you confiscated the rocket launcher from. Where is he?
        Nash: We've been lookin' for him but we haven't been able to ind him yet.
        Avery: Or maybe you don't wanna find him.
        Nash: That's interesting. Why would that be?
        Avery: Because then you would have to explain how two-bit, small time criminal allegedly got his hands on an AT-4 rocket launcher and it would implode the fantasy that you are trying to put over on this panel.

      • Joe (about getting to the 'Cuda for the rocket launcher): How do we get there?
        Nash: We can get there. One of us goes, the other one covers.
        Joe: You're the better shot. That means I go.
        Nash: No, no, no, no. If I'm the better shot, that means I gotta go.
        Joe: How do you figure?
        Nash: Look, it doesn't matter to me. Who do you want firing that rocket, me or you?
        Joe: Good point.
        Nash: You ready?
        Joe: Yeah. Are you?
        Nash: Listen, I'm gonna have to zig, so don't hit me on the zag.
        Joe: I'll be lucky if I can hit anything at all.

      • Joe: Why don't you show us what's in the bag?
        Hubie: No, I don't want to.
        Nash: Now, wait a minute, Hubie. Let's go over this again. See this? (points to his badge) This means that anytime we see some dimwit walking down the street with what looks to be a rocket launcher stickin' out of his dufflebag, we get to pull him over and check it out.
        Joe: Yeah, it's part of our job description.
        Hubie: I told you, man. It's dirty laundry. You wanna see my underwear?
        Nash (laughs): I can think of nothing worse.

      • (Rick is stretching making loud noises)
        Nash: Rick, what in the hell are you doin'?
        Rick: Eastern exercises. They relax me.
        Joe: Why don't you go back East and do 'em?
        Nash: Rick, I'm going to suggest very strongly that you apologize to Commissioner Woods today. Send her flowers, write her a note, whatever it takes. Because if I have to spend one more night with you, I'm going to ask for solitary confinement for you.
        Rick: Alright, alright. I'll do it.

      • Nash: Well, there's no reason for both of us to go down. You've got Lucia and Inger.
        Joe: What are you talkin' about?
        Nash: If thing goes south, deal me out.
        Rick: This is not going to go south. (takes off his underwear)
        Nash: What are you doing?
        Rick: What? I sleep in the buff.
        Nash: Not in here you don't.

      • Rick: So, how 'ya doin'?
        Debra: Do you have a legal point to discuss?
        Rick: Of course. I was, you know, it's been a while. I was wondering how you were doing?
        Debra: Rick, I-I'm married now. I think you should know that the time we spent together was the most humiliating year of my life. I am not that happy to see you. So if you don't have a legal issue I would suggest that you go back and do your best for your clients.

      • Nash: N.R.U is under my command. Pembroke is one of my guys now. I'd like to deal with it.
        Isley: That's not what we do.
        Nash: Yeah, I know. But here's the thing, Pembroke's smart. There is no way he's doing this without monitoring M.C.D. I know this guy.
        Isley: You're doubting security of M.C.D?
        Nash: I'm not sayin' it's comin' from your office. It could be a secretary at the Hall of Justice pulling status reports off the chief's desk. All I know is, three separate dealers filed complaints and all the paperwork is missing. If he find out M.C.D is involved in this he's going to smell it coming a mile away and we'll lose him.

      • Joe (seeing Caitlin approaching): Hey, nurse Ratchet.
        Caitlin: Just one question, Captain. Am I investigating this case or are your men investigating this case?
        Nash: I'm not gonna turn down anyone that's willing to help.
        Caitlin: Even if that help is gonna hurt you in court?
        Nash: I'll take my chances.

      • Rick: Objection. Irrelivant. Why does it matter who Rebecca Taylor dated?
        Debra: Overruled. Work place romances and the subsiquent interactions of the principles is relaivant, Inspector. I'm surprised you haven't figured that out yet.
        Nash (whispers, to Rick): Why do I get the feeling she has an ax to grind, Rick?

      • Rick: Inspector Dominguez, what happened when Inspector Bridges got his promotion to Captain?
        Joe: Well, at first Nash tried to turn it down. I mean, he didn't want to give up working in the field. It was only after the chief allowed him and I to continue working as part of the S.I.U that he took the deal.

      • Caitlin: Captain Bridges, Inspector Dominguez. I'm Inspector Caitlin Cross I'm going to be your investigator.
        Nash: Uh, who chose you?
        Rick: I did. She's on the department's list. I checked her out. Her reputation is stellar.
        Caitlin: He's right. It is. And I'm more than familiar with yours, Captain.
        Nash: Meaning?
        Caitlin: Meaning I know how you operate. But I just think it's best that you know from the get-go that I'm not going to let you operate me. Is that clear?
        Nash (laughs): I'll tell 'ya what, you just do your job and we'll get along just fine.
        Caitlin: If you're innocent then my job is going to be easy.
        Nash: And we can stop right there with the 'if' you're innocent business. We are innocent and that's the way you're going to approach this.
        Caitlin: No, I just told you I don't do pushed and I don't do bullied. Now, if you are innocent I'll be the best friend you've ever had but if it goes the other way my job is to see that justice is served. Got it?
        Rick: They got it, they got it.

      • Nash: What in the hell are you doing here?
        Rick: I volunteered to be your advocate.
        Nash: Fo-For what?
        Rick: For the police commission hearing.
        Joe: What are you talking about? We had an arraignment, we plead not guilty, we have a criminal lawyer. What do we need you for?
        Rick: What do you need me for? You need me to get you out of this without having to go to trial.
        Nash: No, no, no, no. What do you know about the law?
        Rick: I went to law school. You weren't aware of that, were you? Come on. Let's go.
        Nash: No, I wasn't.
        Joe: Did you practice?
        Rick: Yes, in Idaho.
        Nash: Idaho?
        Rick: Yeah. I had a little trouble with the California bar. It was biased against me.
        Joe: You didn't pass the bar and you're gonna represent us?
        Rick: Listen, I am licensed to practice in Idaho. And the other thing is, you don't even need to be a lawyer in order to be an advocate. Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
        Nash (to Joe): God help us. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse.

      • (Joe is fiddling with the toilet)
        Nash: What are you doing?
        Joe: Trying to adjust this damn thing. Didn't it keep you up all night?
        Nash: I couldn't hear it over the bed springs creaking. You always toss and turn like that?
        Joe: Man, that mattress is paper thin. I wonder who we can talk to about getting a new one.
        Nash: Oh, gee, I don't know. Let's see, call the concierge. No, no, no, no. Call the activities director. No wait, I've got it. You call housekeeping and you tell them to get you a new mattress up here right away.
        Joe: You don't have to be so grumpy.
        Nash: I'm not grumpy. I'm tired. Isn't that my toothpaste, there?
        Joe: Huh?
        Nash: Toothpaste.
        Joe: Oh, I ran out and had this really bad taste in my mouth so I used it.
        Nash: I had over a half of tube left.
        Joe: Sorry.

      • Nash: Well, it looks like you're going to be the new head of the MCD. Guess I'll have to be on my best behavior.
        Caitlin: Well, I guess you better be. Because I don't like the way you work. See, I don't think you're a good cop or the kind of cop we should have on the force. See, this time I was on your side. Next time, it's going to be a different story.
        Nash: Well, you sound fairly certain there's gonna be a next time.
        Caitlin: There's going to be if I have anything to say about it.
        Joe: Lemme guess - you're a big fan of Ken Starr.
        Caitlin: As a matter of fact, I am.
        Nash: Wow!

      • (After the charges are dismissed)
        Caitlin: Congratulations.
        Nash: Careful, you don't wanna be too nice.

      • Darren Isley: Bridges, Dominguez, I have a warrant.
        Joe: What?
        Darren Isley: You're under arrest for the murders of inspectors Pembroke, Bennett and Larson.
        Joe: There is no way you son of a bitch---(Nash motions to him to keep quiet and he does)

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