Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 11

Bear Trap

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2001 on CBS
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The SIU work with a Canadian Mountie to try and track down a ring of poachers who are illegally selling bear gallbladders, which are supposedly valuable as medicine and as an aphrodisiac. Rachel is asked to do a report on Cassidy. Rumours start spreading about Nash and Rachel's relationship, which is not helped when she fears she may be pregnant. Nick gets into a physical altercation with a fellow fisherman over a fishing spot.


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Tod Thawley

Tod Thawley

Jeremiah Fong

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Thomas F. Wilson

Thomas F. Wilson

Jack Noon

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Julia Nickson

Julia Nickson


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Ronald Russell

Ronald Russell

Officer Ronnie

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    • Joe: So have you guys heard the latest?
      Nash: Uh, you found your leak?
      Joe: Well, Jack found it and Dov fixed it. But this is even better.
      Nash: What?
      Joe: That you and Rachel are gettin' a new house together.
      Nash: What?
      Joe (laughs): Well, the story goes somethin' like this. One night you and Rachel go out for a beer, and one thing leads to another, the next thing you know, you guys are doin' the horizantal mambo, (Nash starts laughing) and her ex-boyfriend comes in and fights you over her honor. Uh, he gives you a black eye. (points to Rachel) You try to intercede and you get your finger broken. (Nash is still laughing)
      Rachel: And you heard all this?
      Joe: Oh, yeah. Of course, this leads to the inevitable shotgun wedding, and new house, because you're gonna need more room for the new baby.
      Nash: Wow.
      Rachel (smiles): That's amazing.
      Joe: Ah, well you know, cops and gossip. You guys wanna go get a beer?
      Nash: I would love to. But we gotta get to the store before it closes, don't we, Rachel?
      Rachel (playing along): Oh, yeah. The store closing in a half hour.
      Joe: What's closin' in a half hour?
      Nash: The baby store. Shall we?
      Rachel: Yeah. (they walk out of the SIU smiling, leaving Joe standing there confused)

    • Rachel: Here you go. (puts Cassidy's report on his desk) For better or for worse.
      Nash: Thank you.
      Rachel: It was a tough one, you know.
      Nash: I've been thinkin' about what you said.
      Rachel: Mmm.
      Nash: Hell, I didn't want Cassidy to be a cop in the first place, I had much bigger plans in mind for her.
      Rachel: You sound like my parents.
      Nash: Well, at least you tried somethin' else.
      Rachel: Yeah, but trust me, delayed rebellion is worse, and way more expensive.
      Nash (laughs): Well, so tell me, am I gonna like what I read in there?
      Rachel: It's fair.
      Nash: Oops, sorry. Old habits die hard.
      Rachel: Y'know what, Nash. You did your job, she's gonna be a good cop.

    • Joe: So, uh, who popped 'ya?
      Nash: Nick. (laughs) It's a short story but too long to tell.

    • Cassidy: So you wanna tell me what's goin' on?
      Rachel: Nash wants me to write your 20 week evaluation report.
      Cassidy: And what you don't think I'm doin' a good job?
      Rachel: No, I think you're doing a good job, Cassidy. But... you know, you're an intern, you're not a resident. You're way ahead of where you should be. And... we both know why that is.
      Cassidy: Look, I never asked my father for any help. I mean, what do you want me to do? Turn down a chance to work at the SIU?
      Rachel: No- No. I hear you.
      Cassidy: Look, if you don't think that I'm performing to the best of my ability, and better than most I can live with the consequences. You write with what you gotta write.

    • Rachel: I thought you should know, before I write the Cassidy's report, that you know, there are certain people here who have issue with the fact that she's at the SIU, basically working at almost an Inspector level, instea out on the street, in uniform patrol with all of her fellow rookies.
      Nash: Mmhmm. And one of those people would be you.
      Rachel: No, actually I-I don't have a problem with her.
      Nash: Except?
      Rachel: I don't treat her the same way I would if she were a seasoned partner. I mean, I'm sorry that's just the way it is.
      Nash: And?
      Rachel: And... sometimes I resent having to be responsible for her. And as good as she is, I don't know if in the long run, that it's a good idea for her to be skipping over all these basic steps.
      Nash: You know what the problem here is Rachel? You're having a problem, and you keep tryin' to make it my problem. I don't have a problem. Either she's doing the job or she isn't, and if she isn't doing the job then I'll deal with it. Okay?
      Rachel: Okay.

    • Joe (about Jack): Since he's not down here on offical Mountee business, they haven't really been picking up his expenses, I mean he's been living out of his car for the last week.
      Nash: Oh, so out of the goodness of your heart, you've invited him to stay at 'shea Dominguez?
      Joe: Well, lucky for him Inger and Ulla are visiting her sister.
      Nash (laughs): You mean, lucky for you.
      Joe: I'm just returning his hospitality. Remember when we were in Canada he invited us to stay with him...
      Nash: Oh, I remember that we stayed in a 4,000 square foot custom log house, that he built, you know he the guy that you cannot stand.
      Joe: Why do I get the feeling you're insinuate something here?
      Nash: Why don't you just admit that you're inviting him to stay at your house so that he can fix the leak that nobody can find?
      Joe: Okay, fine. I admit it.
      Nash: Okay, that's all I wanted. Meet 'cha at the car.

    • Nash: Cassidy's 20 week probationary report is comin' up and I want you to write it.
      Rachel: Why me?
      Nash: 'Cause you're her partner.
      Rachel: But you're her boss.
      Nash: Yeah. I'm also your boss. Have it on my desk by Wednesday afternoon.

    • Nash: Jack's a pain in the ass once in a while, but I like 'em. He's a good cop.
      Joe: Jack Noon is not a cop, he's a cartoon character.
      Nash: He's a mountee.
      Joe: I rest my case.

    • Jack: I wouldn't have survived the first night unless they found me.
      Joe: Who, the LaFootes?
      Jack: No, the LaFootes come later. A Canadian black, mama bear. She took me in and raised me like one of her own cubs. Until they showed up.
      Joe: Who? Goldielocks and Papa Bear?
      Jack: The Lafootes. They murdered my new mama, and her cubs. They brought me back to civilization, if you wanna call this civilized. Built me a hardwear store... I spent 25 years huntin' down the LaFootes. You wanna know what's drivin' me, Joe? That's what is drivin' me.
      Joe: That's quite a story.
      Jack: Yep.
      Joe: I had a similar experience.
      Jack: Oh yeah?
      Joe: I was raised by a burrito. I'll tell ya later.

    • (After getting a black eye Nash is wearing sunglasses in the SIU)
      Joe: So it's uh bright in here?
      Nash: Don't ask.

    • (Nash is breaking up a fight between Nick and some guy who keeps stealing his fishing spot. Nick takes a swing and accidentally hits Nash instead)
      Nash: Damn. Nice shot, Dad.

    • Harvey: So, you know that thing with Rachel, that girl thing?
      Cassidy: I think you should drop it, Harvey.
      Harvey: So it has nothin' to do with Nash?
      Cassidy: What?
      Harvey: Well, I heard that she an Nash were hangin' out, and I thought y'know, work place tensions, datin' the boss, bein' partnered with the boss' daughter...
      Cassidy: Oh, no, no, no. I don't what you heard or how you heard it but you're way off.
      Harvey: Fine. Forget it.
      Cassidy: No, this has nothing to do with my Dad. This is a girl thing... not a boy thing. Get it?
      Harvey: No.
      Cassidy: Oh, god. Harvey, come on. A girl thing, all right? Don't be so dense. Happens once a month, only this month it didn't happen. So she's a little emotional about it.
      Harvey: Oh, I get it.
      Cassidy: Ahh, yeah. You didn't hear it from me.

    • (Coming in from being out in the woods. Antwon is carrying his muddy shoe)
      Cassidy: What happened to you?
      Antwon: New mud bath treatment for my arches. (Harvey laughs) Don't you start.

    • (Still walking in the woods looking for Roger Lafoote)
      Jack: They're all around us.
      Joe: What?
      Jack Bear traps. It's like a mindfield. One wrong step and say goodbye to your leg, ey?
      Harvey, Joe and Antwon (same time and nervously): Ey.

    • (Out in the woods looking for Roger Lafoote. Antwon steps into mud)
      Antwon: Ah, Damn it. I just got these shoes.
      Harvey: Not a camper? (laughs)
      Antwon: Don't make me plug you.
      (Antwon gets his shoe back on and they walk a little more)
      Jack: Alright, stand back, ey. (Jack starts climbing up a tree)
      Harvey: What the hell is he doing?
      Joe: I don't know, Harv. Haven't you had the urge to climb a tree?
      Harvey: Not lately. No.

    • (During the interrogation Jack makes Michael stand up and runs him over to by the rail)
      Nash: Let's not drowned him. Let's not drowned him, now.
      Michael: Who is this guy?
      Nash: He's a friend of ours. He's canadian.
      Michael: Canadians are supposed to be polite, courtous, friendly. When I get outta here, I might just sue your ass, man.
      Jack: You don't tell us what we wanna know and I'm gonna kick your ass.

    • Antwon: What's up with Rachel? She's like on a warpath today.
      Harvey: Uh, girl thing according to Cassidy.
      Antwon: Girl thing? And that means what exactly?
      Harvey: You're asking me?

    • Cassidy (holding out a cup of coffee to Rachel): Here you go.
      Rachel: Ugh, no the smell of that coffee makes me wanna gag.
      Cassidy: What's the matter, you got the flu?
      Rachel: Trust me, I'm not sick. (Rachel takes some tums)
      Cassidy: Well, hun. You look a little sick.
      Rachel: I'm a little late.
      Cassidy: Oh! Oh, late, late.
      Rachel: Yeah, late. Late enough.
      Cassidy: Oh, my god.
      Rachel: Yeah. It would be a diasaster.
      Harvey (coming up the steps behind them): Hey, ladies. (they hear him and immediatly stop talking) Just, uh gettin' a little coffee.
      Rachel: Huh? Yeah, whatever. (Rachel walks down the stairs)
      Harvey: Well, excuse me for living.
      Cassidy: It's a girl thing. Don't worry. (she walks away leaving Harvey confused)

    • Joe (to Jack, the Canadian Mountie): I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite, eh?

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