Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 17

Blood Bots

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2001 on CBS
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Blood Bots

After a robot robs a store and kills the clerk, Nash must track the elusive people behind it before their next gig. After Inger sells a painting that is said to have an original Declaration of Independence hidden behind it, Joe must jump through hoops to get it back. Nick is convinced that he will die on his birthday, which is fast approaching.


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    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.

    Mr. Switch

    Guest Star

    Louie Anderson (I)

    Louie Anderson (I)

    Richard Reynolds

    Guest Star

    Chad Todhunter

    Chad Todhunter

    Spencer Forrest

    Guest Star

    Tracey Walter

    Tracey Walter


    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Joe: I'm trying to buy a certain collectable Barbie so I can give it to the little girl next door, so she'll exchange me for the painting that her father bought at our garage sale. Which happens to have an original copy of the Declartion of Independence hidden in the back.
        Nash: Now... see, I didn't mean to suggest, that I even wanted to know, okay?
        Joe: What am I driving myself crazy for, man? It's just a copy. I mean, how much can it be worth? The original is hanging in Independence hall.
        Nash: Well, let's see. There were 11 original copies, 8 have been accounted for, so that... (Joe looks at him shocked) Oh my god, I cannot believe that just fell outta my mouth.

      • Nash: You know, bubba... I'm not fooled. Seven months of planning, changing your identity, get some doctor to change your looks... It was all so close to being perfect, wasn't it, Spencer?
        Spencer: Here, I'd like you to have this. (hands Nash a business card)
        Nash (reads the card): 'William Jones, President. Bay Cities computer consultants.' (laughs) Now, I'm convinced.

      • (After they pick up 'William Jones' who is actually Spencer Forrest)
        Nash: But you know who Spencer Forrest is, don't you?
        Spencer: Yeah, I sublet my apartment from him.
        Nash: That must've been a hell of a negotation between the to of 'ya.
        Spencer: Not really, I mean, we worked it out.
        Nash: I'll bet you did. You wouldn't happen to know where Spencer Forrest is, would 'ya?
        Spencer: Why? Is-- Is he missing?
        Nash: Well, no, actually I think he's very close by.

      • Joe (about Nick): You get what he's going through don't 'ya?
        Nash: I thought I did until today.
        Joe: So what are you going to do?
        Nash: Well, that's the good part. I don't have to do anything. He's got alzheimer's but he's not dying. Don't you think I'd know if he was dyin'?
        Joe: I dunno. Would 'ya? (Nash stops aburtly) What? Did I say somethin'? What are you doin'? (Nash reverses) What are you doin', man?
        Nash: I thought I saw somethin'.
        Joe: What?
        Nash: Angel, I thought I saw him.
        Joe: He isn't over there, is he?
        Nash: Why?
        Joe: 'Cause usually every time you see Angel somethin' significant in your life happens. It's....
        Nash: I probably didn't see him.

      • Nick: A couple of days ago, in this very apartment, your mother paid me a little visit. Now, I know you think the old coot's gone around the bend, but Nash, it's the truth. She was here. I was sitting in my favorite reading chair, and she was here.
        Cassidy: Well, Grandpa, maybe it was a dream.
        Nick: No, honey. It wasn't a dream. I know the difference between a dream and reality. She came to tell me something... You'll remember that she passed away on her birthday... And you're aware my birthday is coming up--
        Nash: Alright, stop right there. I already know where this is going.
        Nick: She came to inform me that I was going to die on my birthday. And that's going to happen whether you believe it or not.
        Nash: Alright, fine. But how about we see what the doctor has to say?
        Nick: Haven't you been listing? I'm going to die and I don't wanna waste my precious time in a doctor's office. And I don't want to waste my time arguing with you.
        Nash: I'm not arguing. You're going to the doctor tomorrow.
        Nick: I'm going to bed! Thank you for the dinner, Cassidy.
        Cassidy: You're welcome.
        Nick: And I wanna be buried in this suit.
        Nash: Well, don't do anything crazy and die before your birthday, how about that?
        Nick: Don't worry, I won't! (slams his bedroom door)

      • Inger: Joe, you know that lamp you hated? I got 35 dollars for it.
        Joe: That's great. Too bad, we paid 400 for it.

      • Joe (seeing Antwon taking apart the robot): Havin' fun yet?
        Antwon: This is why I never took up medicine.
        Joe: Mm. You could've taken psychology.
        Antwon: No thanks, I got pleny of nuts here.

      • Joe: Have you ever heard of a robot pullin' a strong armed robbery before?
        Nash: No, but I didn't hear about the internet until a few years ago either.

      • Nash (looking at the bot): Take it back to the SIU and do an autopsy on it.
        Antwon: Too bad for Harv. I'm gonna bet he's gonna be sad he missed out on this one.
        Nash: I'll bet he's glad he's in Cabo. How about that?
        Antwon: I'll save him the leftovers.
        Nash (laughs): Yeah, do that.

      • Joe (referring to the bot): What about the vaccuum cleaner?
        Nash: I unplugged it.

      • Joe; You know how many man hours it takes to run a garage sale?
        Nash: Is this a riddle?
        Joe: First you gotta figure out what you wanna sell, then you gotta organize it, then you gotta put up signs, then you gotta place ads, and then you gotta run the damn thing. And for what? I figure I'll make 400 bucks tops. You know what that works out to per man hour?
        Nash: I'll bet that you're gonna tell me.
        Joe: I'll make 3 dollars an hour, tops.
        Nash: A garage sale isn't about money, bubba. It's about Inger seperating herself from her possesions.
        Joe: She can seperate, she can wave bye bye to the good will truck as it pulls away.

      • (About Nick)
        Angel: Hello Nash.
        Nash: Angel, where'd you come from?
        Angel: I'm always here when you need me, you know that.
        Nash: No, no, don't you dare, Angel.
        Angel: There's nothing to be scared of, Nash.
        Nash: I just don't want him to go, not yet.
        Angel: We all have to go sometime.
        Nash: I know. A long time from now. Not today.
        Angel: You cannot resist the Natural Order of Things, Nash. We pass through this life but for a moment. The essence of our parents. And when our time is up, we leave our children the essence of us. He will go in his own time, Nash.
        Nash: I know. But just not today.
        Angel: Sometimes you have to let go, in order to hold on.
        Nash: What does that mean, Angel? Angel?
        Angel: Bye Nash.
        Nash: What does that mean? Angel?

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      • BattleBots have many refences in this episode, the areana where Rachel goes to is hosting a competition for bots. The arena manager is wearing a BattleBot t-shirt. And the bots themselves, are similar if not the same that appear on the BattleBot T.V show.

        BattleBots is an American company that hosts robot competitions. BattleBots is also the name of the television show created from the competition footage, and a nickname for the combat robots which compete. BattleBots Inc. is headquartered in Novato, California and holds most of its competitions in San Francisco.