Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 1997 on CBS



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    • Tamara: Nash.
      Nash: Don't worry, we'll see each other again. You can't help yourself. And you know what? Neither can I.

    • Joe: So she gets away with her freedom and her money?
      Nash: Well, she ain't gone, so we're still in the game.

    • Nash: I can't make any sense of it.
      Joe: Hey, man, it's love. There is no sense to it.
      Nash: No, I mean, why did she decide to turn over the plutonium now?
      Joe: She had two options, man. She could split with the stuff and be a fugitive, until we caught her. Or she could turn it in and be free. You know, she tried life on the run so obviously, freedom sounded better.
      Nash: But if she was gonna turn it in, why ditch us at the bar? I mean, why the big game of hide and seek?
      Joe: So much for putting it out of your mind.
      Nash: She could've turned over that plutonium to Reynolds in the beginning. She could've come to me in the beginning.
      Joe: So it took her a little while to figure out what her best option was. I mean, whatever you said to her, apparently it had it's effect.
      Nash: Unless she figured out a third option.

    • Reynolds: You lost her. Explain how that happens at a simple meeting.
      Nash: There was no meeting. The whole thing was a bluff, sister. We've got a Pakistany we pulled out of the shoot out back there that told us that Milousch has been dead for three weeks. Presumably shot by Tamara Van Zant.
      Reynolds: And you believe this Pakistany?
      Nash: Well, I guess I do since he and the other Pakistanys were partners with Milousch in the plutonium smuggling. They all got jacked by Ms. VanZant.
      Joe: It's a big club.
      Nash: They chased her 8,000 miles for ripping them off.
      Joe: They knew all about the meet at the bar. They were just waiting for her to show up.
      Nash: For a little payback.
      Reynolds: But who was the guy with the plutonium here?
      Joe: The ship captain.
      Nash: Tamara arranged her own delivery via a Czech Republic freighter that pulled into San Francisco yesterday.
      Reynolds: So she was using us.
      Nash: No rust on you.

    • Nash: You've got five minutes.
      Tamara: It used to take you a lot longer than that, Nash.
      Nash: That just cost you a minute, sister. What do you want?
      Tamara: You finally have me where you want me, don't you?
      Nash: I don't know where you belong.
      Tamara (moves closer to Nash): Nash.
      Nash: Don't.
      Tamara: No games, Nash.
      Nash: Is that possible with you?
      Tamara: If the plutonium were recovered, if I were free to go, where do we stand? Any chance?
      Nash: Tamara, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. But you know the cruel thing about life? It has this way of twisting what's meant to be into what is. And you and I are about as far apart as we can get.
      Tamara: I've changed.
      Nash: No, you haven't.

    • Joe: Hey, man. Nobody walks on Loco Joe.
      Nash: Well, no one but Inger.

    • Tamara: Harvey, how long you been a cop?
      Harvey: Oh, about 18 years. You pondering a career change?
      Tamara: Hardly. Look, I don't have time to screw around. So, I need to run out for a little errand. You let me slip for an hour, I promise I'll be back.
      Harvey: Why would I do that?
      Tamara: Because I'll give you a little brown paper bag filled with a little bit of money. One hour, hundred grand. Our secret, Harv.
      Harvey: Can you keep a secret? I'm not that smart. A for effort though.
      Tamara: Alright, call Nash. Tell him I'm ready to talk.

    • Joe (about Tamera): Look, if it's any consolation she always made you feel miserable.
      Nash: Yes, I remember, thank you.

    • Nash (after Joe hands him a jar): What's this? (reads the label) Loco Joe's family style salsa. (laughs) Ah, the big secret.
      Joe: Yes indeed, man. Every time I make this stuff everybody says 'Joe, this is great, you should market this stuff. Joe this stuff will sell like hotcakes.' I'm gonna do it. I've rented a factory. A small little place, I've hired ten workers and I'm gonna do it.
      Nash: Well, that explains the loco part.
      Joe: Oh, no, no, no. Not this time. I have researched every angle. I know the whole field flat, you can't trip me up. Go ahead, try.
      Nash: Alright, where'd 'ya get the money?
      Joe: Investors provided the starting money in exchange for a percentage of the profits. Not a penny came out of my own pocket. Next.
      Nash: Alright, who's gonna buy it?
      Joe: The traditional snack enthusiast is our target market. Man, 80-8, little grandmothers, sports enthusiasts, man, everybody.
      Nash: How you gonna market it?
      Joe: Glad you asked. Mid-level, independent distirbutors. They control 80 percent of the family groceries.
      Nash: What's the I.F?
      Joe: Inger Factor? (Nash nods) I'm tracking it at about 4.3.
      Nash: Not bad, not bad at all. It sounds like you're really on top of this thing.
      Joe: Hey, man, you fall on your face enough times, you know, you gotta learn something.

    • Joe: What you think I'm trying to hide something from you?
      Nash: I know you are.
      Joe: Tactic number one.
      Nash: What tactic?
      Joe: Am I not entitled to have any little secrets?
      Nash: Well, of course you are, bubba.
      Joe: Man, what is this thing with you? Everytime I have a secret you try to pry it outta me.
      Nash: Pry it outta you. You sing like a canary on jump street.
      Joe: No, no, no. Only under extreme pressure.
      Nash: What? What pressure?
      Joe: Oh, oh, that's tactic number two.
      Nash: All right, don't tell me. I don't wanna know. You have all the sneaky little meetings and mysterious meetings you want.
      Joe: That's tactic number 3. Guilt.
      Nash: No, no, no. There's no tactic here. I don't wanna know, don't tell me.
      Joe: That's 3-a. That's just 3 with a little topspin.
      Nash: How best I convey this to you? I don't want to know your stupid little secret. Keep it to yourself.

    • Tamara: You know he doesn't mean anything to me.
      Nash: Does anybody?
      Tamara: You do. (Nash gives her a look)

    • (Nash comes home to see all these people and animals in his house for the commercial)
      Nash: Hold it! What the hell is going on here?
      Joe: Hey, Nashman. It's not really what it looks like. Uh, it's, um...
      Nash: You told me a few people in black tie. You said nothing about Marachis and chickens.
      Joe: I didn't mention chickens?
      Nash: No, no, you didn't mention anything about chickens.
      Joe: Marco's vision just kept growing and growing. (Nash turns to see Marco with a camera in his face)
      Nash: M-Marco's gonna lose his vision if he doesn't get that camera outta my face. (he moves the camera) Now... (turns around to see a llama) What does a llama have to do with salsa?
      Marco: It's a metaphor.
      Joe: Yeah.
      Marco: You wouldn't understand.
      Nash: I wouldn't understand. Well, why don't you explain it to me? Oh, no, no wait, don't explain it to me, cause I don't wanna know. Now--
      Joe: Nash, just come over here.
      Nash: No, no.
      Joe: And just try the salsa, come on it'll make everything worth it.
      Nash: Joe.
      Joe: Just try it.
      Nash: Okay, I try the salsa and everybody leaves right?
      Joe: Yeah.
      Nash: Perfect. (he trys the salsa and grits his teeth to talk to Joe) Oh, not bad, really good. Everybody goes now right? Bye.

    • Joe: Hey, Nashman.
      Nash: No.
      Joe: What do you mean "no"? You haven't even heard the question yet.
      Nash: That's the beauty of it. I already know the answer. (laughs)
      Joe: I need some place to do this commercial you know, and your apartment would be perfect.
      Nash: I have an idea... no. (Nash gets up, Joe follows him)
      Joe: The production is very small, man. We'd be there 2 hours, max. You wouldn't even know we were there.
      Nash: Exactly. You won't be there.
      Joe: Nashman, I'm not a young man here and if it was just my financial future at stake I wouldn't even ask you-- But it's, it's Lucia.
      Nash: Bubba, I love you like a brother. Hell, you are my brother. But everytime we go down this road together, I end up in a ditch. No.
      Joe: Okay, that's it. No commercial, no name recongination. Loco Joe's goes belly up. I knew it was too good to last. (Harvey walks over to Nash's desk laughing)
      Nash (to Harvey): Did you hear that? (Joe sits at his desk and sulks)
      Harvey: Shameless.
      Nash: He put every tactic he knows all in one move. Unbeileveable. (Nash walks over and puts the keys on his desk, Joe stops sulking and smiles) You get one drop of salsa on my pool table, I kill you.
      Joe: I love you Nash Bridges. (Joe pretends to kiss Nash's cheek)
      Nash: No, no don't do that they talk about us already.

    • Tamara: You lost your sense of humor.
      Nash: Only when it comes to you.

    • Evan: Tamara Van Zant. Number one on Nash's most wanted list.
      Harvey: Nash was romantically interested in that woman at one point. She was trapped in a relationship with a criminal, a union gangster. She went to Nash for help. And he took him down for her.
      Michelle: And what happened?
      Evan: Well, it turns out she wasn't so clean. Nash didn't know it at the time but it turns out she was involved in the shady business with her hubby, including possibly murder.
      Michelle: So, she just wanted to get her hubby outta her hair.
      Harvey: Correctamundo. As soon as Nash put him in jail she ran with 1.2 mill in dirty money.
      Michelle: And broke Nash's heart.
      Harvey: Ah, it's hard to know with Nash. I mean we've seen him get hurt over the slightest betrail and never think twice about the big ones.
      Michelle (seeing Tamara): Wow. Her?
      Evan: Her.

  • Notes

    • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Cassidy), does not appear in this episode.

    • Robert Rodriguez, who stars as Joe Dominguez's TV commercial director, is in real-life the successful director best known for his movies, El Mariachi, Desperado, and the Spy Kids triology.

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