Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 21

Cat Fight

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2001 on CBS
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Cat Fight

The SIU try and locate two women who commit robberies. Betty Ann finds some discrepancies in the paperwork, leading Nash to believe there is a mole in the SIU. Boz and Antwon work a case for Joe, trying to find who stole a master copy of a tape from a record producer. Joe gets offered $350,000 for Mr. Woody, but decides to stall, hoping to get more. Rachel celebrates her birthday.


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    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.

    Mr. Switch

    Guest Star

    Conor O'Farrell

    Conor O'Farrell

    Tom Brooks

    Guest Star

    Jill Ritchie

    Jill Ritchie

    Leia Brooks

    Guest Star

    Suzanne Krull

    Suzanne Krull

    Betty Ann McCurry

    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

    Christian J. Meoli

    Christian J. Meoli

    Boz Bishop

    Recurring Role

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      • (Nash is taking Rachel to see Mr. Woody)
        Rachel: Okay, now I'm totally baffled.
        Nash (laughs): And you call yourself a cop. (they get out of the car and walk up to the stables, a guy brings Mr. Woody out)
        Rachel: Oh, come on now. There's now way that you... actually--
        Nash (laughs): No, no, no. I didn't buy you a horse. (laughs) I couldn't even afford the feed for this guy. He belongs to my father, Nick. But he said you could ride him anytime. He gave me permission.
        Rachel: Really?
        Nash: Yeah.
        Rachel: Oh my gosh, he's beautiful. What's his name?
        Nash: Mr. Woody.
        Rachel (laughs): No, really, what's his name?
        Nash (laughs): I swear that's his name.
        Rachel: Are you kidding?
        Nash (laughs): I didn't name him.

      • Rachel: Hey, you wanted to see me?
        Nash: Yeah, I need you to do something for me.
        Rachel: What's that?
        Nash: Turn around and blow out the candles. (Rachel frowns, as Cassidy, Joe, Harvey and Antwon, rush towards her with a birthday cake)
        Rachel (smiles): Aww, you guys I cannot believe you did this. I told you I wasn't a birthday person--
        Nash: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blow out the candles.
        Joe: Yeah, we got a forest fire goin' on here. (Rachel blows out the candles, they cheer)
        Rachel (seeing the little plastic horse on the cake): Oh! And you got me a horse.
        Nash: And she's a mare.

      • Joe (about the buyer for Mr. Woody): He's up to $400,000 man, I made $50,000 by just not listening to you.
        Nash: That horse is worth $250,000 at best.
        Joe: So?
        Nash: Well, what are you gonna do when someone tells him this while you're doing your strategic stall campaign?
        Joe: If that was gonna happen, it would've already happened, man. I got this guy on the line, I'm just waiting to set the hook.
        Nash: Mmhmm. You know, I get this... feeling in my stomach. (the phone rings, Joe answers, talks to them, then hangs up)
        Joe: That was Boz an Antwon.
        Nash: There is goes again.

      • Joe (after finding out about the mole): Well, we gotta do somethin'.
        Nash: What do you suggest?
        Joe: I dunno, but we gotta ferret out this guy somehow.
        Nash: The problem is, if we make a move, any move... he knows.
        Joe: Well, we can't just do nothing.
        Nash: Well, actually we could. We know he's here, and I have to assume that he doesn't know that we know. That gives us the edge, for the moment.
        Joe: Make me a promise, when we do find out that you'll let me pull the trigger.
        Nash: You got it.

      • Joe (while they are reviewing what Betty Ann found in the files): I don't get it. I mean, nobody's stolen any money. What do they have to gain by making it appear like we stole it?
        Nash: We've been set up, bubba. We got ourselves a little mole.

      • Joe: You know Boz is all over me to give him a shot at this gig.
        Nash: Are you comfortable with that?
        Joe: Well, it is the hip-hop world. I mean, he'd blend in... a lot better than me.
        Nash: Well, who's gonna supervise him?
        Joe: I will.
        Nash: How's that gonna happen? I can't have you doin' legwork on that gig. I need you here.
        Joe: I got an idea. ... Antwon. He asked me last week if we had any work, you know, he's tryin' to move outta his apartment and buy his own place.
        Nash: You would wish Boz on Antwon?
        Joe: You don't think Antwon can keep a rein on Boz? C'mon, man, it's the perfect match. It's perfect.
        Nash: I'm gonna remember that you said that.

      • Boz: Nash-ville! Joe D! Sit down 'cause you ain't never gonna believe what I just done.
        Nash: You taught a monkey how to answer our phones.
        Boz: I will ignore that conflagorative remark, for I know you only say it in jest.

      • Betty Ann: Captain Bridges is an extremely charasmatic leader. And given our femimne natures, it's easy to allow our emotions to overcome us. However, it is his stated policy not to date co-workers.
        Rachel: Well, thank you for that clarafication.
        Betty Ann: You must resist.

      • Nash: What'd you turn up at the love nest?
        Joe: Uh, these. Two tickets to 'maur-eet-us'....?
        Nash: Mauritius.
        Joe: Mauritius.
        Nash: It's an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It's a popular place for European tourists and not a bad place for felons to run. No extradition.
        Joe: You know, you oughta get out more, there's more to life than being the smartest man in the world, you know.
        Nash: If I was the smartest man in the world, I'd know why Tom Brooks is lyin' to me.
        Joe: Maybe he's just protecting his daughter.
        Nash: Maybe.

      • Nash: Hey, I hear somebody's has a birthday.
        Rachel: Not me. I don't celebrate birthdays.
        Nash: Oh, yeah? Since when did you start that policy?
        Rachel: You didn't get the memo? It starts today.
        Nash (laughs): Too late.
        Rachel: Seriously.
        Nash (laughs): We already ordered the cake, it's too late. So just acted suprised.
        Rachel: Oh, Nash.
        Nash: By the way, what do you want?
        Rachel: Forget it. No.
        Nash: I didn't say that I was gonna get you anything. I said 'What do you want?'
        Rachel: A horse.
        Nash: A horse?
        Rachel: Yeah, when I was a little girl it was a pony so now I guess it's a horse. A chestnut mare.
        Nash: Okay, got it.

      • (Arriving at a nice house)
        Harvey: You know I almost bought a house like this...
        Rachel: Oh, yeah what happened?
        Harvey: I decided to be a cop instead.

      • Nash: Who wants to buy 'em?
        Joe: Elroy Barrnet Thomas.
        Nash: The book guy?
        Joe: Only the fourth biggest seller of thrillers in the country. This guy's got two dollars more than God.
        Nash: Now, wait a-- What did he offer?
        Joe: 350,000 American dollars.
        Nash: For our Mr. Woody? The Mr. Woody with the emotional problems and the bowed tendon?
        Joe: Hey, he still can race, you know.
        Nash: Really? Then why hasn't he in the last year?
        Joe: Well, because all of my cash is tied up in the remodel from hell. It takes money to enter these stakes races, dude.
        Nash: My advice to you is to call Mr. Thomas back before he comes to his senses.
        Joe: I haven't discussed it with Nick yet...
        Nash: I'm- I'm speaking for Nick. Sell. Cash the check.
        Joe: When he says '350' what he really means is 425...
        Nash: Joe!
        Joe: Watch this. (Nash throws his hands in the air, what else can he do?)

      • Ray Urbanski: You want out? I put you in the SIU, and now you're telling me, you have reservations? Well, I'm very sorry, about your personal crisis of conscience, Inspector. But you are not bigger than the job. He's gotten to you, hasn't he? Bridges. He's confused you, hasn't he? ... What did you tell him?
        Rachel: Nothing.
        Ray Urbanski: I went through a lot. I emphasize a lot to conduct this investigation. Bridges is a corrupt cop, and the department wants to rid itself of such elements. We're almost done here, Rachel. And when we're done, you'll get your re-assignment and your promotion. And when it comes time to remember what team you played on, you won't be forgotten.
        Rachel: You never told me that I had to sell out people I respect.
        Ray Urbanski: You want respect? Don't quit on me. Not now. ... You will finish this assignment, Inspector.

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