Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 20

Change up

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2001 on CBS
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Change up

While trying to stop a bank robbery, Cassidy accidentally kills a bystander, which leads to a suspension and investigation. Nash tries to track down the people behind the robbery while Cassidy contemplates her future as a cop. Joe hires Betty Anne as an assistant, which drives Nash nuts. Antwon's sister comes to town and tries to get him to reunite with his ailing father. Rachel is forced to go to a wedding for her ex, and winds up drunk and sleeping over at Nash's.


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    John Haymes Newton

    John Haymes Newton

    Prentiss Coyle

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    Ned Vaughn

    Ned Vaughn

    Matthew Curtis

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    Claire Yarlett

    Claire Yarlett

    Meagan Fells

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    Suzanne Krull

    Suzanne Krull

    Betty Ann McCurry

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    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Betty Ann: I understand that we have to resort to acts of deception if the sarbithian race is to survive.
        Nash: You do?
        Betty Ann: Oh, yeah. And no one poses a bigger threat than Dominguez.
        Nash: Joe?
        Betty Ann: The most pernicious assasian in the galaxy.
        Nash: I'll say.
        Betty Ann: He'd like nothing better than to thwart our primary objective that newfarious insectoron scum
        Nash: Bastard!
        Betty Ann: Stay alert, Commander. Don't trust anyone. When the time is nigh, I'll come to you.
        Nash: Excellent. (she walks away and Joe climbs out from under Nash's desk)
        Joe: Alright, she'll be gone by the end of the week.
        Nash: Thank you, very much.

      • Cassidy (walks in): Grandpa! Where is he? Grandpa! Where is he? Is he home?
        Nash: Well, good evening to you too, sweetheart. He's bowling. Do you want something to eat?
        Cassidy: No, I wanted him to hear this. (she takes all her cop stuff out of a duffle bag and puts it on the table) I quit, okay. From this moment foward I am no longer a cop. You got what you wanted, Dad. (Nash is silent) I said I don't wanna be a cop anymore. Did you hear me?
        Nash (sighs): I hear you. But if you quit, I can't protect you.
        Cassidy: You mean, you can't control me.
        Nash: No, I mean if you quit, you have no chance of being exonerated. They'll call it a dodge, use you as a scapegoat. You'll lose all your rights with the union. That still won't stop the inquiry. (sighs) You'll be leaving yourself wide open. (Cassidy starts to cry) Sweetie. (he hugs her, and she cries on his shouler)
        Cassidy: Daddy, please tell me what to do.

      • Nash: Now, I want you to tell Lieuteniant Dominguez exactly what you just told me.
        Betty Ann: Regarding?
        Nash: Well, why don't we start with the fact that you think I'm an alien and that I may have trouble mainting human form.
        Joe: Maybe that's a middle-aged problem, Nashman.
        Nash: You're not helping.
        Betty Ann: I don't know what you thought I said but you must've misunderstood me.
        Nash (picks up the crystal): And I suppose I imgained this as well.
        Betty Ann: I've made no secret about the fact that I believe in the healing powers of crystals.
        Nash: Yes, but that isn't why you put it on my chair, is it Betty Ann?
        Betty Ann: I've got to get back to work. If I've confused you, I'm sorry. I'll try and be more careful. (walks off)
        Nash: I want her gone.
        Joe: We can't just fire her, Nashman. We need proof, corroberation.
        Nash: Gone.

      • Rachel: So... about last night.
        Nash: What about last night?
        Rachel: Did I, uh... you know like... Did I say anything?
        Nash (laughs): Ooh! You said a lot.
        Rachel: I did?
        Nash: You mean about your big secret?
        Rachel: I said I had a big secret?
        Nash: Yeah, you did. And you were dying to tell me.
        Rachel: I don't remember that.
        Nash; Well, tell me.
        Rachel: Now's not really a good time.
        Nash: Okay. You wanna tell me later?
        Rachel: Yeah, okay. I'll tell you later.

      • Harvey: What do you mean, you couldn't find her?
        Antwon: Well, I called her house, she wasn't there. I called her this morning and she was with Nash.
        Harvey: So you did find her?
        Antwon: Yeah, with Nash. At his apartment. Hungover.
        Harvey: I thought she was going to that wedding thing last night.
        Antwon: I don't know what went on last night but this morning she was with Nash.
        Harvey: Huh!
        Antwon: What?
        Harvey: Oh, nothing.

      • (Rachel is drunk at the wedding and calls Nash, and Nash goes and gets her and brings her back to his house)
        Rachel: Did you know that my birthday is next week?
        Nash: No, I didn't. Well, happy birthday in advance.
        Rachel: I bet you don't know how old I'm gonna be.
        Nash: Uh...
        Rachel: 31.
        Nash: 31.
        Rachel: Yep. I Rachel McCabe am gonna be 31 years old. That's 30 plus 1. That's-- That's a lot. 31 years old what do I have to show for it? I bet you're wondering. Well, I'll tell 'ya. I got four bridesmaids dresses, which I'm never gonna wear again, a friggin tin badge, and ... I don't know am I forgetting something? Ha! No. I'm not forgetting a thing, that's my point. That's it. That's all that I got for being 31. I hate that birthday.
        Nash (putting a trash can by her): Rachel, you know if you need to throw up or anything... right here.
        Rachel: I'm good.
        Nash: Okay. I'm just gonna-- (walks towards his room)
        Rachel: Hey, hey, hey. Do you want to know something? I mean, I have something that you may wanna know. Something big, something really big, really, really big.
        Nash: Only if you wanna tell me.
        Rachel: I'll tell you but it's a secret. I mean-- (Nash smirks) No, no it's a really, really big secret. You can't tell anybody.
        Nash: Alright. Hit me. (Rachel moves to say something, but passes out instead) You are gonna have one big hangover in the morning.

      • (Rachel is drunk at the wedding and calls Nash)
        Rachel: Hey, for some reason your number is the only number that I have programmed into my phone.
        Nash: Rachel?
        Rachel: And I lost my keys. My car keys, my house keys, all of my keys were in my purse, and I looked every where for my purse. I even looked in the bathroom... But ah, what the hell I can't even find my purse. Oh, I'm sorry.
        Nash: Where are you?
        Rachel: Oh, man. I lost an earring!
        Nash: Rachel, where are you?
        Rachel: Damnit! I'm at the fairmont. Remember I told you about the wedding? The stupid wedding of my stupid friend, to my stupid ex-boyfriend.
        Nash: Rachel...
        Rachel: You know, I'm starting to not feel very-- very good.
        Nash: Rachel, I want you to wait right there. I'm gonna come and get you.

      • Cassidy: You should have backed me.
        Rachel: Backed you up? What are you talking about?
        Cassidy: Yeah, I just talked to the union rep, and the reason that I got suspended was because of your statement, so thank you.
        Rachel: Listen, I told them what I saw, and how I saw it. It's not like I didn't back you up.
        Cassidy: Look, all I really wanna know is if there's some kind of conspiracy going on around here?
        Rachel: To do what?
        Cassidy: Get rid of me.
        Rachel (softly): Cassidy, the way you're acting, the only conspiracy is gonna be a self-fufilling one.

      • Harvey: Hey, do you still need an escort to this wedding thing? Because I am a ridiculously available, a semi-tall ruddedly handsome, incredibly charming chauffuer.
        Rachel (laughs): Thank you, Harvey, but you know what, I think I'm just gonna go with my short, cute, effervescent self.

      • Antwon (watching a video of the bank robbery): It looks like the guy was gonna shoot the hostage and Cassidy took him out. I would've done the same thing.
        Harvey: Me, too, man.
        Nash: Alright, go on. (they play the video a little more) Right there, freeze it. (they stop the video) How many times was Julia Curtis hit?
        Antwon: Twice in the heart. It was total chaos in there, maybe she just got unlucky.
        Nash: No, no, no. You don't get shot twice in the heart unless somebody's aiming at 'ya. I'm thinkin' that this was an assasination made to look like a bank robbery.
        Joe: That's gonna be hard to prove, man.
        Rachel: Especially when MCD doesn't know that they're trying to prove it.
        Joe: Nashman, you go out on a limb with an accusation like this right in the middle of an inquiry, man you're opening yourself up to-- (Nash waves him off, and walks away) Alright, let's do it.

      • Rachel: I have to go to this wedding tonight, and I was wondering, if you're not doing anything... I mean, I know, you're probably never not doing something, but um, and I'm not planning on staying late, so it won't be a late night thing, but uh, I was just wondering if you'd maybe wanna come along.
        Nash (laughs): Gee, I don't know if I've ever got an invitation with that may qualifiers. No, I'm just kidding, but um, tonight is probably not the best night because I feel that I need to be around for Cassidy. Be a father, you know?
        Rachel: Yeah, no, I totally understand.
        Nash: But another time. (Rachel laughs) No, I mean it. I want a raincheck.

      • Nash: Cassidy. I need your badge and your gun. (she hands takes them off and hands them to him, and gets up to leave) Cassidy.
        Cassidy: You want me outta here dad, and they're makin' it easy for you.
        Nash: This is not about you.
        Cassidy: Oh, you except me to believe that they're making you play politics? Now, even I'm not that naive. You could do something, you just don't want to.
        Nash: Hey, hey, Cassidy. If you would stop runnin' your mouth for a second, I'd tell you what I'm doing.
        Cassidy: Dad, I know what you're doing. You're trying to get rid of me. (storms out of the door)

      • Ray Urbanski: Matthew Curtis has just filed a 100 million dollar wrongful death suit with the city. Deputy Chief Pettit has convened a board of inquiry.
        Nash: It's a grab for cash, Ray.
        Ray Urbanski: Nevertheless, the Deputy Chief feels this is a perfect opportunity to get done what he's been trying to do for the past year.
        Nash: What's that? Put me on ice?
        Ray Urbanski: He's gonna start by suspending your daughter, with pay, effective immediatly, until the matters resolved. (turns to leave)
        Nash: You know, Ray... just like any other game, the ball won't always be in your court. You might wanna remember Deputy Chief Pettit that.
        Ray Urbanski: You better have a game plan, Nash.
        Nash: And you better decide who's team you're on.

      • Ray Urbanski: You know, it's unclear who's bullet killed Ms. Curtis.
        Nash: Um, I'd be careful there, Ray, if I were you.
        Ray Urbanski: We have a legimate question to consider here. Was Officer Bridges justified in drawing her weapon or did she do more harm than good?
        Nash: Let me give you a message to give your boss, Pettit. You guys say one word about that bank before we find out what happened in that bank, and I will bury him face down and you right on top of him. At least you'll be in a familiar place.

      • Joe (after Cassidy may have accidentally shot a bystander during a bank robbery): So what's gonna happen, man?
        Nash: Well, she's gonna have to tough it out through the inquest, and being my daughter isn't gonna help her any with M.C.D, I'll tell you that.

      • Rachel: So, yeah, basically my ex-boyfriend is marrying my best friend from college.
        Cassidy: Oh, man.
        Rachel: If you want to put the best spin on it, you could say that I was the matchmaker. They got together one year to throw me a suprise party, next thing I know they're engaged.
        Cassidy: I can't believe you're going.
        Rachel: I have to. I'm the maid of honor.
        Cassidy: Oh, jeez.

      • Joe (after he hired an assistant): Our days of being mired in paperwork are over, man.
        Nash (laughs): Isn't that funny? Before you got promoted to lieuteniant, I had no idea that I was mired in paperwork.

      • Nash: I'm beginning to think it was a mistake bringing her over here anyway. I should have never let her become a cop.
        Rachel: I don't know that you could have stopped her.
        Nash: No, I couldn't. She was so torn up and having such a tough time over Evan getting killed that I wanted to be supportive, even though this was never what I wanted for her. I'm beginning to think that she doesn't want it either. I don't know.

      • Nash: Betty Ann, I want my rolodex back on my desk with every name, every number and every card exactly the way that I had it.
        Betty Ann: But I must tell you that the cards between the letter headings were not properally alphabetized and it would be far more...
        Nash: Betty Ann. On my desk.
        Betty Ann: I'll reorganize it. It'll be back on your desk within a 120 minutes.
        Nash (pointing to his desk): Nope 120 seconds

      • (After Betty Ann got hired as a seceratary at the SIU)
        Joe: I can't fire her, man. It's a civil service job. You need just cause.
        Nash: Well, find one.
        Joe: Trust me, you won't even know she's there. It's gonna be fine.
        Nash: Do you see the hair standing up on the back of my head? Well, that ain't the wind.

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